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Awakened Lust by little miss blair

Awakened Lust

She heard the glass break at the back door.

"What was that?" her 15 year old daughter asked.

Carol didn't answer. She cautiously approached the door to the kitchen to investigate.

"Stay in the living room Kelly," Carol told her daughter. "I'm going into the kitchen."

It was Friday night and Carol and her daughter were watching television when the noise occurred. The noise was loud enough to put fear in Carol but she didn't want to show it in front of her daughter.

Just as she pushed on the kitchen door it swung outwardly against her. She caught herself from falling as the door forced her back on her heels.

She looked up. There stood a huge black man, his shaven head glistening from a night light above the door.

Carol screamed. She immediately turned to run but he quickly grabbed her arm in his vise like hand. She stifled another scream when she saw the knife being held to her chest.

"Shut up bitch or I'll cut you," he whispered menacingly.

She heard herself whimpering as he forced her back into to living room and roughly shoved her down on the couch. She was frozen in fear and didn't even hear or notice the screams coming from Kelly.

"Shut her up," he yelled at Carol. "I don't want to hurt no young white girl so shut her up now"!!

Kelly's sobbing subsided as she ran to her mother, hugging her, trembling in terror.

"Take anything you want," Carol pleaded. "Take the TV. I have some money in my purse. I have jewelry upstairs. Take it all. Just don't hurt us."

"I don't want your things bitch. I want you. I want your pussy. I watch you ride the 173 bus downtown everyday and I say to myself, that white bitch needs some cock. I see ya all dressed up in them short skirts and the sway of those big tits when you walk and I know you want some fucken."

"Nooo, please don't hurt us," Carol sobbed. "Please, you can't do this. I'm begging you. My husband will be home anytime now. If you leave we won't even call the Police."

"You ain't got no husband momma. I already checked. Nooo, you ain't got no fella doin ya. Nobody but me that is, he laughed. I got what you need. I got some big meat."

He cupped the bulge in his pants to show Carol his manhood. "See, look here momma. That's what I'm talking about."

Carol was beside herself. The bulge in the man's pants was huge. Terror gripped her as she thought what he might do to her daughter.

As if reading her mind the man stated simply, "I'm not going to touch the girl bitch if that's what your worried about. You got all the pussy I need."

He then ordered Kelly to move from the couch to the recliner. He took out one piece of rope and tied just her left wrist to the leg of a lamp table. He didn't seem to worry that Kelly would have one hand free.

He then turned to Carol.

"Take your blouse and bra off," he ordered.

This was too much for Kelly. She began sobbing hysterically. This man was going to rape her mother and she couldn't control her fear.

Carol made a move to console her.

"Get back on the couch slut," the man bellowed out at Carol. "And you better tell your girl to shut up or I'm going to start with her."

Kelly immediately began swallowing her sobs for fear of his threat.

"Get that blouse and bra off," he ordered Carol again. "Get it off now!!

"Couldn't you lock my daughter in her room upstairs," Carol pleaded. "I'll do what you want if you don't hurt her. Please don't make me do this in front of her."

"Ain't nobody going no place," he said. "Now get them clothes off."

Carol slowly removed her blouse. As she unclasped the bra her heavy, firm breasts fell into view.

"God, they're more spectacular than I imagined," he hissed. "Baby, you got the nicest tits I ever seen."

He bent down, grasped Carol's wrist, his lips attaching to one of her beautiful breasts. He sucked noisily feeling the nipple grow between his lips.

"Momma, these are nice."

He stood up, releasing her arms and told her to remove her skirt. Carol felt totally humiliated at the thought of undressing willingly for a man who was going to rape her. And in front of her own daughter.

As soon as the skirt was removed he began taking off his own shirt. Carol couldn't help but notice the big chest and arms, his upper body tapering down to small waist. He looks like a Genie let out of bottle, Carol thought to herself. As he unbuttoned his pants and lowered them Carol gasped.

"Please mister," she began begging again. "Please. I can't take that. It's too big. Please don't do this to me."

His cock, although fully erect, hung down from its own weight. Carol had no idea a man's cock could be so huge. She had never seen a cock so large. She was sure he wouldn't be able to fuck her.

He pulled her head forward pressing the head against her mouth. He was so strong there was no use to resist. She opened her mouth but it wouldn't go in.

"Just lick me up girl," he ordered. "Make it feel gooood. Lick it like you like it. That's right momma. Lick me up real good."

Carol sucked the head of the huge cock trying to satisfy him. Her jaws were aching from the strain of accommodating him.

He suddenly pulled away.

"Lay back on the couch and play with yourself," he whispered. Rub that cunt till your panties or wet. I want to see them panties wet. Hear me girl?"

She lay back submissively bringing her right hand to her cunt. She couldn't dare look at Kelly as she began stroking her pussy lips vulgarly.

He stood over her and watched as she lay there, eyes closed, moving her fingers faster with each stroke.

"That's the way baby," he said as he stroked his huge member. "That's what I'm talking about."

Kelly was totally mesmerized. Her fear forgotten, she couldn't take her eyes from the scene in front of her. The enormous cock, her mother stroking herself, the moans emitting from her mothers lips. It all seemed so un-real. Her own feelings of lust were immediately washed away by guilt.

Carol was now moaning to her own masturbating skills. Reality came back to her when the man suddenly ripped her panties off of her. She felt him crawl between her legs, forcefully spreading her thighs apart. She saw the abnormally, huge cock swing down towards her soaking pussy.

"Nooooooooo. You're too big mister. Please don't do this to me. Please. I'll do anything. Don't hurt me."

She screamed as the head of his huge cock entered her. Her swollen cunt lips were stretched beyond comfort, the pain acute.

He was surprisingly gentle for a moment, stopping until her pain subsided. Then with a grunt he thrust four or five inches into her. She felt the suction of her pussy lips as they hungrily grasped his cock trying to hold it in. Her shame of being fucked in front of her daughter was replaced by the depravity of wanting to be fucked in front of her daughter.

He thrust again reaching depths she never imagined. She heard the animal grunts from her own lips as her hips fought for more cock, for more of that lovely huge dick.

"UHHHHGGGGG," she groaned as he thrust again and more cock entered her womb. Now his every thrust was met with her own, her cunt grasping his dick when he withdrew.

Now her moaning became loud with the approach of orgasm.

"OH GOD," she cried out.

She heard her daughter yell. "Mom, are you alright? Are you alright Mommy?"

Carol opened her eyes and looked across the room. Kelly, still one hand tied, the other between her legs, her fingers buried in her little pussy, cum juice flowing out on to the chair.

The sight of her daughter's cum soaked pussy pushed another orgasm through her body.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG," Carol screamed as her cum juice filled her pussy, locked inside her by the man's huge dick.

Carol came again, again and again. Her pussy ached for relief, her body tiring.

Suddenly the man withdrew without cumming in her. His dick was still big and hard. Carol's pussy juice flowed from her, soaking the couch between her legs. Her body went limp as the last orgasm trembled through her body.

The big man stood, reached for his knife and walked across the room. With one swift turn of the blade he cut the rope from Kelly's wrist. He turned and walked back to the couch. As he sat there he slowly stroked his huge, hard cock. He spoke to Kelly.

"Come on baby, come on her and take care of Big Frank. I lied baby. I want some of that young pussy. Come here girl and take care of Frank."

Kelly slowly crossed the room. She stepped up on the couch straddling the man's dick. Slowly she lowered herself, grimacing with pain, as she forced her little cunt to wrap around the huge member.

Now Big Frank had his huge hands around her little waist. He slowly started lifting and lowering her on his huge dick like a toy girl. Kelly was blubbering, spit leaking out of the corners of her mouth, and a low guttural sounds emitting from deep within her throat.

Blood was running down Kelly's leg, everyone seemingly oblivious to such a small pussy stuffed beyond it's limits.

"Tell your little girl you liked my meat," Big Frank yelled at Carol. "Tell your little girl you liked being fucked by Big Frank."

Carol, seeing, her daughter impaled on Frank's huge cock, already had her hand inside her pussy.

"Yesssss, god yesssss. I loved your big dick."

Frank took one more big lunge and buried his cock in Kelly's little pussy.

"ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG," Kelly screamed as his huge member entered her stomach cavity.

"Fuck her, Carol screamed. Fuck her. Fuck her," Carol screamed again as even more cum juice seeped out of her.

Kelly's body stiffened. Her hoarse voice now screamed with pleasure as her first ever orgasm swept through her body. She hugged Big Frank, riding his cock as it pulsated to a giant orgasm. Frank's eyes rolled back in his head as the little girl's pussy convulsed uncontrollably around his rod.

As Kelly pulled herself from him, Big Frank, realizing the crime, dressed quickly. He watched as Carol slid off the couch and buried her face between her daughter's legs. Her mouth was filling with Big Franks cum as she lapped at her little girl's cunt.

As he started towards the kitchen to leave the way he came he heard Kelly call him back.

"You can use the front door anytime Frank, she said as she handed him a key. It's alright isn't it mom?"

Carol could only gurgle her approval.

author little miss blair

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