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Batgirl and Wonder Woman (Bi sex, Android sex, B/D, S/M, Torture, NC)

Part 1

Barbara Gordon just finished a heavy session of aerobics and collapsed
in a pile of sweat and exhaustion on her sofa. "Damn that Denise
Austin! That girl's got more energy than a one-legged man at a butt
kicking contest," she mumbled as she sat back and watched the
attractive girl bounce about.

"I wouldn't mind tying that bundle of energy down." Barbara thought to
herself as she watched Denise bounce up and down, coaxing her camera
audience on with her sickly sweat "C'mon, you can do it" voice.

"Now to the left... Now to the right... That's it.. you can do it..."
Debbie would repeat again and again with an incredibly cheesy smile and
patronizing voice that really said "You're a fat loser... I'm better
than you.. I am a goddess."

"It's almost like watching a big Barbie doll. I bet a good sized
vibrator could bang the spunk out of her. " Barbara said eyeing the
woman's firm rear and bouncing chest. Suddenly, Babs stopped and stared
down between her legs, noticing that she was rubbing herself with her
fingers and enjoying it.

"God I miss Selena!" she said rolling onto her side and rubbing a
little harder. She then sat up with a gleam in her eye and made her way
toward a secret storeroom she used to hide most of her crime fighting
gear. There, she grabbed a video tape cartridge from a box stored at
the back of the room and put it into the machine. She then stripped out
of her leotard and sat naked on her white sofa. With a click, she
started the mysterious tape.

The images of her and Selena's bound and gagged bodies came intensely
to life as the tape started. Apparently, the three stooges of crime,
the Joker, the Riddler and the Penguin, had taped her and Catwoman's
near demise, probably for their own sick enjoyment. It was lucky for
Barbara that she was able to snatch the tapes from the city evidence
vault before they were made public.

"Boy daddy would go NUTS if he saw what really happened. He always
thinks of me as his little girl." Babs thought as she rubbed herself
slowly and watched as she was forcefully gang-banged into submission by
the Joker's android henchmen. The scene then switched to the struggling
Catwoman as some hideously disgusting plant penetrated her bound and
helpless body. The screams and moans of desperation from both her and
Selena made her wet with desire and excitement. Being so close to
defeat, risking total submission was too exhilarating.

Babs stood up and ran to her bedroom, ejecting the tape and nearly
pulling the VCR along with her as she grabbed the cartridge. Flinging
the tape into her bedroom machine and turning it on, she quickly opened
her dresser drawer and pulled out several special handcuffs, a cloth
gag ,a large, black vibrator, a silk, black bikini and several other
items. She slide the silk G-String up her firm thighs and let it sit
low and wide around her legs as she tied the bikini bra into place.
There was something about being in a costume, even a costume as skimpy
as a bikini, that drove Babs wild with excitement. Being naked was
boring. Being nearly naked was everything. The final touch was a pair
of shiny, black 6 inch stiletto heels which she slipped on. Standing in
the mirror, she gazed at her muscle tone, curvaceous body and ran her
hands slowly over her breasts and rear.

"God! What a BOD!" she hissed slapping her ass and talking as though
she were someone else, someone who was in control, someone who was
crude, primal and dangerous. "You need a good FUCK!" she continued
groping her breasts.

Jumping on the bed she quickly cuffed her feet. She then inserted the
large plaything, which took a few erotically, agonizing minutes. She
the pulled her G- String up and into place, covering the toy,
preventing it from escaping. Using another set of special cuffs, she
clamped each manacle around her thighs just above her knees and then
clamped the manacles to each other, forcing her curvaceous legs tight
together. She then picked up a leather, bondage sock and pulled it over
her legs like a sleeping bag. From the back she zipped the sock up,
squeezing her legs tightly together and forming them into one shapely
mass. The top of the sock ended at just below her crotch and her full,
white thighs and buttocks slightly bulged out of the bondage accessory.

She then picked up a leather belt with several rings orbiting the
outside and affixed it around her waist. Picking up the gag, she placed
it over her mouth and tightened it around her head with more straps.
The gag was a specialty item that was made from a soft cloth pad
attached to a firm, leather backing and held in place by straps. The
pad snugly covered her mouth and muffled even the loudest screams. She
seemed to like this kind of gagging over a ball gag, which made her
drool and made her jaw tired. She also felt it was a lot more sexually

After gagging herself, she cuffed her hands behind her back and to the
ring on the back of her belt. She was now completely restrained and
felt absolutely wonderful. With a dexterous click, she pressed the play
button and lay back as the tape started and the low hum of the vibrator
began to build.

The images continued to bombard her as she remembered the experience.
Her naked, bound body surged and rolled about slowly as the sounds and
screams of her and Catwoman sent waves of erotic stimulation through
her. The vibrator also added to the tension, slowly building its
vibrations like it was designed to. Each scene was shocking and
exhilarating. Selena moaning, Barbara screaming, both women being taken
by the criminals that had captured them. Both women being pulled down
deeper into helpless submission. Barbara rolled about moaning and
surging as her climax grew closer and closer...


"Barbara honey, its daddy." called out Commissioner Gordon in a
patronizing, voice like and adult calling a little girl. Barbara froze
stiff in fright, almost crushing the vibrator inside her as she heard
him come in.

"Dear GOD!" she screamed under her gag as she flopped about on the bed
trying to get untangled from the bedding. Frantically she grabbed the
remote and, after pressing the forward and reverse a few times, managed
to stop the tape and turn of the TV.

"Barbara, I came to see if my favorite little girl wants to go to
dinner." called out the old man as his voice neared the bedroom.
Barbara sat up in sheer terror as the foot steps grew closer. "If only
daddy could see his little girl now!" Babs thought as she stared about
frantically for escape.

The door slowly opened. "Barbara, are you in..."


"Oh thank God whomever you are." Babs slunk back as her father turned
to answer the living room phone. As the old man talked, Babs popped to
her feet and made her way, like a female pogo stick, to the dresser.
Her large breasts bounced up and down causing her to lose balance and
plow into the cabinet. The keys she so desperately needed went flinging
back behind the dresser and out of reach.

"HHHMMMMMM!" Babs screamed in shock as she twisted around for some
other means of escape. "Lock pick's in my Batgirl utility belt in the
secret room. I can't get to it!" Then with a bouncing furry she jumped
across to her closet. Turning her back to the door she tried to grab
the knob but the mountains of coat hangers and clothes hanging on the
knob prevented her from getting a grip. Then her eyes bulged in shear
terror as she heard the phone hang up. In one last, final act of
desperation, she dove toward the floor and slid her bound and gagged
body under her bed. Her feet disappeared just as the door opened and
Commissioner Gordon timidly stepped in.

"Barbara. Are you in here?" he asked making sure he didn't walk in on a
half naked daughter. He was an extremely decent man and was embarrassed
at even the slightest amount of nudity.

"NO!" Barbara gasped as she suddenly realized the cord from the
vibrator ran out from between her legs, across the floor, and up the
side of the bed to the dresser where the dial control sat patiently
glowing. Groping desperately, she fished the cord off the floor with
her cuffed hands and started pulling the cord so she could pull the
remote off the dresser and down under the bed

"Got to... turn it off..." she winced as the low vibration made her
sweat with building sensation.


The hard plastic case of the remote hit the side of the dresser and
then the floor as it fell. Babs froze again but sighed in relief.
Commissioner Gordon was moving a chair at the same time the remote fell
and the noise was perfectly masked. Looking to her right, she watched
the small white box as she slowly drew it toward her. Then her eyes
bulged in shock as she watched the box jam itself between the dresser
leg and the bed leg.

"DAMN IT!" she huffed as she pulled harder and harder. The, with one
frantic yank, she twisted her body and pulled the cord as hard as she
could. Suddenly, a never before felt sensation of intense vibration
shot through her pelvis, sending Barbara bucking about in panic.
Looking across she could see the dial was broken and pegged past the 10
mark. She normally enjoyed a heavy workout of 4. The remote was broken
and the vibrator was now going hog wild with the full 120 volt setting.

Bab's hips rolled slowly and erotically as the toy drove her closer
toward an unwanted and uncontrollable climax. "Gett... ouutttt
ddddaaadddy." she thought trying to hold back the flood.

"Hmm... I guess she's gone to the library. What a dedicated girl but I
wish she wasn't suck a pig." he said picking up a pair of frilly, black
panties and placing them on the bed. "I'll just leave a note." he
added, sitting down at her vanity mirror and taking out some paper.
Like the methodical man he was, he slowly and meticulously wrote out a
note. Then, as he finished the note, the timer on the VCR expired and
the tape stopped. Apparently Barbara had only hit the pause earlier and
now the mechanism decided to stop the tape.

"What's this!" Commissioner Gordon asked as he turned on the TV and
picked up the remote. Under the bed, Barbara was now frantically
twisting about, struggling to keep quite as the sensation from the
vibrator and the act of being caught overwhelmed her.


"Damn pager!" Gordon cursed as he got up. Reading the display he headed
straight for the door. "Its the office! I've got to get back." he
barked as he shot out of the apartment and slammed the door. At that
same moment, Barbara screamed uncontrollably as her climax tore her
nearly apart. Her hips shot upward, pushing her mattress and box spring
off their frame and to the floor. The heavy, king sized bed collapsed
into a pile of mattresses, pillows and stuffed toys, entombing the
helpless heroine and pinning her. Babs continued to violently pound her
hips about as wave after wave forced her down again and again and panic
filled her desperate mind as she knew too many climaxes like this would
certainly dominate her.

                          * * *

The dazed heroine staggered from the bedroom, clutching her pelvis just
below her stomach and holding her head. It had been nearly two
agonizing hours since her father had left and she had spent the time
trapped under the collapsed bed, pinned and helpless as the vibrator
continued its relentless work. Her only saving grace was the fact the
toy was not designed to run at such a voltage and its poor internal
workings had finally seized.

Barbara was also "damaged" by the experience. The toy and the bondage
were too much for her and the unlucky heroine had succumb to its
effects. The constant climaxes had pushed her over the edge, beyond her
ability to cope or resist, and now she was dominated. She staggered
about, her mouth hanging open and her eyes glazed over with a veil of
haziness as she sauntered slowly into the living room. She dropped to
her knees, unable to comprehend or care about anything. At this point
she would have obeyed anyone without question, performed any act,
allowed anything to happen to her. She collapsed utterly defeated.

After an hour of sleep, the oppressive sensation lifted and Barbara
slowly got to her feet. She shook her head to clear it and walked back
into the bedroom, plopping down in the chair that sat in front of her
vanity mirror.

"Can't ever let that happen again." she mumbled as she clutched her
head. "I can't believe I lost to a vibrator." she winced as she picked
up the melted plastic toy. Dropping it on the table, she looked down
and noticed the note from her father.


I stopped by but you weren't home. You got a call
from some company called Frederick's. They said your
"special" won't be done for another week. I hope you
understand this cause I don't. I'll be at the office.

Love and kisses

"Damn, my new leather outfit's going to be late." she grunted picking
up a stuffed, pink bear and hurling it across the room and hitting
Charlie's bird cage. The bird squeaked noisily as the cage rolled

"Oh, I'm sorry," Babs said affectionately as she quieted the bird. "You
know how mommy gets when she doesn't get her TOYS!" she hissed.
"Anyway, daddy had to rush off to work and at this time of night it
could only mean its big trouble." Barbara said putting her hand to her
chin and staring intensely off into space.

"I think its time Batgirl got involved, don't you?" Babs said to the
bird, blowing it a taunting kiss as she strolled off toward the vanity.
Pushing a button she activated the secret room and popped inside. A few
moments later, the Batgirl cycle came screaming out of Barbara Gordon's
back alley.

                          * * *

"Batgirl! Saints alive! Are we glad to be seeing you." said chief
O'Hara as she walked up to the young heroine and stood in front of her
with a desperate look on his face. Commissioner Gordon got up from
behind his desk and his gloomy expression turned to sheer delight as he
escorted Batgirl into the room.

"Yes, chief O'Hara's sentiments reflect all of our feelings at seeing
you." said Commissioner Gordon.

"Why, what's wrong? Where's Batman and Robin?" asked Batgirl as she sat
on the corner of Commissioner Gordon's desk and crossed her legs. She
was wearing yet another new costume. This one was a two-piece
arrangement. The bottom was a pair of purple, spandex shorts that sat
low and wide across her shapely hips, just below her belly button and
riding along the curvature of her thighs where her thighs met her hips.
It was more like a swimsuit bottom than shorts and was absolutely skin
tight, hugging ever curve. The material was so shear and tight that
even the indentation made by her vagina would peek through now and
again as she crossed her legs. Her standard Batgirl utility belt sat
across her hips.

Her bottom was complimented by an equally tight and shear purple halter
top. The top covered her upper chest and neck, forming a nice, skin
tight turtle neck that stopped just below her chin. Her arms and
shoulders were bare and the only thing keep it up was a small, zipper
on the neck portion that zipped up behind her head. The top stretched
out tight over her large breasts and stopped just below her tits,
wrapping itself snugly around her rib cage. A small strap portion
continued around back and was again held together with a small zipper.
This arrangement left her back completely bare except for the neck and
lower strap.

Her legs were completely bare except for a pair of 6 inch, purple,
glossy calf boots that zipped up the sides. Her arms with the same way,
bare except for a pair of satin, purple gloves that stopped just before
her elbows.

She was wearing her regular, purple cowl with a free flowing, red hared
wig underneath. The wig was much more real and soft looking than her
older one making her look more like a red headed Cathy Ireland than a
stiff hared Mary Tyler Moore. To top the whole outfit off, she wore her
usual purple and yellow Batgirl cape.

"Saint's preserve us Batgirl, we just don't know." Chief O'Hara
stuttered in a panic as she waved his arms frantically.

"Its as though the Earth itself has swallowed them up completely."
added Commissioner Gordon ominously as both he and Chief O'Hara stared
in dread at the silent Bat phone. "We haven't been able to get a hold
of them at all."

"Oh brother..." thought Barbara as she rolled her eyes in disgust.
"What a couple of little boys. Well, I think a woman can handle things
just fine." she thought as she popped off the desk and arrogantly
strutted to the center of the room.

"What did you need them for?" she asked striking her usual Batgirl

"I'm afraid that Lord Easystreet has decided to make all of our lives a
lot more tense with his newest, wild party." Commissioner Gordon said
waving his hands in the air.

"You mean that billionaire is throwing ANOTHER wild party?" asked

"Sadly yes Batgirl. Even after last years fiasco with the heard of
rampaging elephants down main street, he still insists on throwing a
wild party every year." Gordon said

"Saints alive, a let me tell you clean up after a plethora of pacaderms
is no picnic Batgirl." added the chief.

"What's his theme this year?" asked Batgirl.

"A diamond hunt." replied chief O'Hara. "Of all the infernal things to

"Yes Batgirl, that scavenger hunt is going to attract every criminal to
Gotham city like flies to honey, seeing how the diamond is worth nearly
2 million dollars." Gordon continued.

"Two million! But even the hope diamond isn't worth THAT much!" Batgirl

"Yes, but this diamond is special. It supposedly is 99.9% pure crystal
and developed synthetically. The military and medical applications for
it in laser technology could be limitless." explained Gordon.

"Sure en be Batgirl and all year the crazy coot has been holding a
lottery to pick a bunch of winners to go out to his island estate and
play the game. The funny thing is, he only is allowin' women to join,
and beautiful women at that." added O'Hara.

"I see." said Batgirl stroking her chin. "Commissioner, is there anyway
you can get a ticket to this party?"

"Why yes, I had two but I have one left. Why do you ask?" asked Gordon.

"Well, I was thinking if we asked your daughter Barbara to go there,
undercover that is, and had her keep an eye on the guests, she could
warn me if anything bad was happening using this Batgirl transmitter."
said Batgirl as she pulled a small device from her belt and handed it
to Commissioner Gordon.

"I don't know... " hesitated Commissioner Gordon. "Can't we use an
undercover police woman?"

"All the master criminals in Gotham city probably know your undercover
agents. Besides, its a harmless assignment. There are dozens of guests
and probably nothing is going to happen." said Batgirl.

"You're right Batgirl." said Gordon. "I know she'll be safe with you."

"Good, I'll contact her tonight and I'll arrange everything and have
her keep you posted." said Batgirl as she took the transmitter and
walked briskly out of the office. As she opened the door, she turned
back to the two men. "By the way, what ever happened to the other

"Good thing you asked." said Gordon as he walked to his desk and looked
at a folder. "Apparently the IADC also wants to have an agent on hand
to make sure the diamond doesn't fall into some foreign power's hands.
I believe their agent's name is Ms. Prince."

"Good, I... I mean I'll have Barbara keep an eye out for her." Batgirl
said as she walked out.

As Batgirl left, Commissioner Gordon turned to Chief O'Hara. "Ah, its
so nice to know my daughter is in such capable hands."

"Aye, but don't you think she'd catch a cold in that outfit?" asked
chief O'Hara. Both men looked at each other and Commissioner Gordon
raised an eyebrow.

Part 2

The sun was high in the mid day sky as the small skid plane touched
down on the lake and pulled slowly into the dock. Lord Easystreet's
estate was on a large island several miles out and south of Gotham city
harbor. It wasn't exactly an island but a land mass that was sparsely
connected to the mainland by a series of bogs and swamps. It took 4
hours by boat and about an hour and a half by small plane to reach it,
making the island fortress very secluded. The island actually used to
house a small community back in the 50s and 60s. One half of the island
was devoted to a small lumber mill that was now completely defunct
seeing how you can cut only so many trees from an island before you're
out of wood. The lumber company kept up the maintenance of the roads
until it went belly up. Lord Easystreet had decided to cut the road off
all together, limiting access to the area to planes and boats only.
Even by boat the trip was hazardous since the water route entailed
traveling out to sea and along the island's steep cliffs and crashing
shores. The only safe route was to land a plane on the island's land
locked lake.

The center of the island had a sizable fresh water lake that was used
by the lumber company for log transport. This connected to the island's
only notable land mark, and a well visited landmark until Lord
Easystreet bought the island; Glouster falls. These falls stretched
nearly a hundred feet up a ridge of cliffs and came crashing down to a
grotto that wound its way out to sea. The company had created the falls
to send the logs over the cliffs to the grotto so they could be loaded
on ships for transport. The only things remaining of this less than
profitable enterprise were several abandoned building, rusted steel
hulks of equipment and the aqueducts that were used to keep the lake
from completely flowing into the sea. The estate had to open and close
them at times to regulate the water flow so these were the only pieces
of equipment kept in good repair.

Barbara Gordon was escorted out of the plane by a rather handsome
butler. He picked up her bag and walked her down the dock toward an
awaiting gas jeep. "Has there been many guests yet?" ask Barbara with a

"Not many madam. Maybe about a half dozen." the butler said without
smiling or turning to look at the young girl. The day was a typical,
blazing hot, summer day and Barbara was wearing a flowery summer dress
that hugged her body and made her look like a sweat country school
girl. She decided to play up this approach, dealing with any of the
Lord's estate personnel with a "Who.. little o'le me?" attitude of
innocence. "The more they think I'm harmless, the better I can do my
job." she thought.

The estate was the most out of place building she had ever seen. It was
as though some God like force had picked up an old, Victorian mansion
and plopped it down on this tiny piece of land. It sat looming over the
island at its highest point, overlooking acres and acres of rolling,
green grass hills, pastures and stables. The estate was actually a
series of large buildings. The main building seemed to be the oldest
and largest with five floor containing banks and banks of large,
Victorian windows, balconies and spiraling towers. It looked like it
contained at least 40 rooms with large areas for dance halls, studies
and gardens.

The other two buildings were much smaller and more modern with an
adequate attempt at maintaining the look and feel of the older house
but using modern construction. The first was a rec building containing
and Olympic sized pool, indoors and out, horse riding tracks and
facilities, weight rooms and various miscellaneous places for self

The second building appeared to be living quarters like the main
building and seemed to be where the butler was taking Barbara. The jeep
pulled past the huge mansion and around to the smaller house. The jeep
pulled up at the front and Barbara was greeted by a very attract blonde
woman wearing a white business suit and a very sexy Asian girl dressed
in a rather provocative French maids outfit.

"How do you do Ms. Gordon. My name is Tarra Rogers. I'm Lord
Easystreet's attorney and liaison for the party." she said shaking
Barbara's hand with a soft grasp.

"Pleased to meet you Ms. Rogers. This place is amazing and so huge. Any
chance of getting a tour?" Barbara asked, hoping she can let the tour
act as a scouting mission.

"We can arrange something but I'm sure your tired and you'd like to
freshen up. Let my servant show you to your room." Tarra said with a
cheesy smile as she motioned toward the newer building.

"Oh, I thought we were going to stay in the large building." Barbara
said innocently batting her "Lil' ol' me." eyes at the woman.

"Oh no. That's Lord Easystreet's personal house. I must warn you that
no one, under any circumstance, can go in there. The hunt will not
involve the main house and it is completely off limits. In fact, I have
some forms for you to sign agreeing to this and some other rules, just
a formality which I'm sure you'll understand. We wouldn't want someone
tripping and suing the old Lord now would we?" she said as the entered
the large entry way and walked to an old oak desk.

"Yup, she's a lawyer alright." thought Batgirl as she picked up the
forms and started to read them. Suddenly, she looked about and noticed
the women staring at her. Realizing they might think she was much
brighter than she appeared, Barbara quickly glanced over the forms and
then rocked her head from side to side as she gladly signed them.
"Like, I'm sure I'm not signing away my soul or anything." she said in
her best California beach bimbo voice.

"Oh no. The pen would be filled with your blood if that were the case."
the lawyer said coyly as she tore off the bottom copy and handed it to
Barbara. This was not a happy woman and Barbara could sense that

"You can relax in the main ballroom while we arrange room assignments.
We'll let you know when you can move about the estate and what areas
are off limits." she explained as she escorted Barbara through a long
hall, through a set of double doors and into a large room.

The room was decorated in an Elizabethan style with huge tapestries on
the wall and pillars with busts of long dead composers lining the
windows and corners. She half expected some royalty wearing powdered
wigs to come out dancing. Instead, she found the room occupied by about
a dozen young, beautiful girls sitting about ignoring each other. They
were expensively dressed and she felt extremely out of place in her
little summer dress as two women wearing sprayed on, latex, stretch
dresses walked by and snubbed her. She then felt a gentle tap on her
bare shoulder.

"Pardon me. Are you Ms. Gordon?" said the woman behind her. Barbara
turned and had to look up slightly at the voice talking to her. The
woman was noticeably tall and very "big". She didn't have the build of
a weight lifter but she was one of those women who was very large, firm
and very attractive. Basically the Anna-Nicole Smith variety but with
brunette hair. Amazon was the word that came to mind as she looked the
woman over. The funny thing was, this obvious grand specimen of a woman
was dressed in a dumpy skirt and shirt, a pair of low pumps, her hair
in a granny knot and the geekiest pair of big round glasses she ever

"God, she looks like Raquel Welch in a librarians out fit." Babs
thought as she took the woman's hand and shook it.

"Yes, I am." sweetly replied Barbara.

"Great, my name is Diana Prince. I'm with the IADC on special
assignment." the woman whispered, pulling Barbara off to one side
behind a huge, stuffed polar bear as she watched the room for anything

"I've been hoping to meet you. My father said you got the other
ticket. Have you found out anything?" Barbara asked.

"Only that they are real tight on security and the guest list for the
party is pretty weird." replied Diana. "Take a look around and tell me
if you notice anything odd."

Barbara scanned the room, looking the obviously beautiful guest list
over as she looked for anything unusual. "So, what's wrong?"

"No men. I managed to get a look at the guest list and every guest is a
woman, a beautiful woman. Mostly starlets, socialites and business
women." replied Diana.

"Hmm. Beautiful and ambitious. They all seem to be women that would do
literally anything to get what they want." added Barbara.

"Yes. If I miss my guess, this is going to be a major feeding frenzy.
Whoever this Lord Easystreet is, he probably into female conflict."
said Diana pushing her glasses back on her face. "From what I
understand, they're going to pair women up as roommates. I suggest we
room together." added Diana as she continued to scout around.

"You're right. If we work together, we might be able to..." started
Barbara but she was cut off by a 60 inch screen that came to life over
the huge bar at the end of the room. The image of an old man appeared
on the screen and everyone started to gather around it.

"Ladies, I am Lord Easystreet. I am so glad you could join me at my
humble estate. I have been looking forward to this party all year and I
know its going to be a bang, a really big BANG!" he said then he broke
into an old man's laugh followed by a chorus of hacking coughs. As he
spoke, the Asian maid came around with a small basket and started
handing something out to each girl.

"My servant is passing out the first of many clues you must first find
to find the diamond. The disks are a coded piece to a map of the
estate. Each marking on the disk is a code pointing to the next clue in
the chain of clues you need to find the diamond. Most of the chips
point to the same clues but in different ways. Only the smart and
clever will figure this one out an a well read girl is a rich girl." he
said with another spastic series of giggles and coughs.

"The rules are simple but they are firm and strict. You can win the
diamond in two ways, either find the diamond, or be the only girl
remaining at the end of the party." Both Barbara and Diana froze and
looked at each other in shock. "Remaining?" Babs whispered. Suddenly,
the monitor switched to the picture of a room that resembled some sort
of laboratory. The camera panned the room and showed a series of
Plexiglas, cylindrical tubes lining the walls. The tubes had various
hoses and other devices attached to them and they were all empty. Then
the camera started to pan across their bases.

"There will be many traps on the estate. Traps to ensnare and capture a
young lady. Patrols will walk the estate and, if you are found
incapacitated in anyway, you will be taken to the holding area and
placed in a tube." as he explained, the names of all the women appeared
on the name plaques at the base of each tube. Babs gasped slightly at
the sight of her name and Diana Prince's. The rest of the women began
to bustle and complain as they shook their heads in disagreement.

"Don't worry ladies. It is harmless. Its only a prop. You will simply
wait in the holding area until the next flight out where you will be
asked to leave. Its the spirit of the game that's important and people
need a little threatening incentive to make the game more fun. Also,
none of the traps are harmful. They are simply self locking rooms or
trip alarms. Just things to keep you on your toes." he explained as the
camera switched to him as he hocked up a huge lugey into a handkerchief
and continued.

"Now, you have two days to complete your task. If there is more than
one woman out of a tube, the game is forfeit. The losers will all
receive complimentary prizes, namely the home version of diamond hunt."
he said as he raised a board game box up to the screen. The box was
cheaply decorated and taped together and it was an obvious attempt at a
sick, humorous message, namely; you lose, you don't get anything.

"Great. The fur's really going to fly now." said Diana as she watched
the women in the room grow anxious as they stood about.

"This is worse than dropping two alley cats into a garbage can. These
women are going to destroy each other." replied Barbara in a low
whisper. "And I thought the Joker was dangerous." she thought to

"The rest of the rules are covered in the copy of the contracts you all
signed. Violation of any of the rules on the contract means you forfeit
your rights and gets you a one way ticket to tubes-ville. One big rule
you must follow. DO NOT ENTER THE MAIN HOUSE! I assure each and
everyone of you that the diamond is not in there. Please respect an old
man's privacy." he continued.

"Well! I'm not going to stand for this!" screamed a woman from across
the room. "This is absurd!" The woman was Tina Ferrari, one of Gotham
cities hottest swimsuit models. "If you think I'm going to let you get
your jollies off of watching me run around like a chicken with its head
cut off chasing after your stupid diamond, your SICK!" she screamed
spraying her long auburn hair about in a girlish tantrum.

"I'm sorry you feel that way my dear." said the old man. "You are free
to leave."

"Fine! And I'm not your dear." she screamed in a huff as she tossed
down her chip, picked up her bag and stomped out the door to an
awaiting servant. The door shut and the women could hear the sounds of
her high heels clicking off into the distance.

Her chip was immediately snatched up by one woman, only to have another
try and grab it out of her hands. Two more women joined in and a small
pile of sexy blonde, brunette and red heads began slapping and pushing
each other for the chip. Suddenly, two rather muscular women, working
in unison, pulled the others apart and took the chip. They then handed
the chip to a tall, slim, white hared woman. They then stood to either
side of her with their burly arms crossed like two pitbull body guards.

"Nobody Fucks with Victoria Madison. The rest of you ladies might as
well leave right now because I am going to win." she said holding up
the chip.

"Bravo!" clapped Lord Easystreet like a giddy school boy slobbering
over the whole incident. "Now that's the way to do things. Now, you can
mingle about and enjoy my hospitality but the hunt can only start at
8:00 PM. Before that, no hanky panky." he added striking one finger
across the other. With that the screen shut down and the women broke
off into little groups again.

"Now I know what Lord Easystreet is into." said Barbara as the two
agents left to go to their room. As they walked out. Victoria and her
two goons followed them cautiously, watching them as they left the

"We should nail those to first. Take their chips." whispered Victoria.
"They look like real wimps."

                          * * *

After eating dinner and arranging their room assignment, Barbara opened
the door to the bedroom and both ladies plopped down on their
respective beds. "God, what a nightmare." said Barbara as she opened
her bag and put it on the dresser.   "You're telling me. Finding that
diamond and keeping these guests safe is going to be a real nightmare."
replied Diana as she walked into the bathroom and examined the

"I think I'm going to do some reconnoitering." said Barbara as she
unlocked a small compartment under her case and pulled out a small bag
while making sure Diana wasn't watching.

"Good idea. I'm going to take a much needed shower. I'll come looking
for you if you're not back by 7:30." Diana hollered as she started the

Barbara tucked her Batgirl costume under her arm and walked to the
door. As she opened it, she looked to the bathroom and could see Ms.
Prince in the mirror. The woman was stripped down to her bra and
panties and Barbara stood in awe of the incredible sight. Her crotch
began to tingle slightly as she watched the IADC agent unhook her bra
and drop it to the floor.

"My goodness," gasped Barbara, "she's bigger than Catwoman. My God
they're huge!" she stared in admiration as Diana's huge breasts swayed
about as she stepped out of her panties and into the shower. "This
might be fun after all." Barbara said as she bounced out of the room
like am excited school girl. As she walked down the hall, a trio of
heads appeared from the other end, starring at the perky little

"Should we bag her?" asked one of the muscle women.

"No Nic. She doesn't look like she's carrying anything at all let alone
a chip. She's probably heading for the pool. Those chips are in their
room." replied Victoria patting her little love slave on her tush.
"We'll sneak in their and bag her friend. Then we'll grab both their

                          * * *

Diana sank her head under the warm water and let the water flow like a
water fall over the mountains and canyons of her shapely form. Unknown
to her, however, a camera hidden in the tile work spied her every
movement. From a control room with a vast array of monitors, panels and
controls, Lord Easystreet sat in his chair and spied the buxom avenger.
But what's this, the Lord is actually a little boy? Using a trick of
modern computer technology, the young billionaire was able to transmit
an image of an old man instead of himself during the party. Now the 14
year old Lord Easystreet sat slobbering as he watched Diana Prince's
perfect body showering before him.

"OOOOO! GOD! That's it, wipe yourself down. God you are gorgeous BABY."
he said in a dirty Benny Hill voice as he slobbered over the screen.
Diana picked up a bar of soap and lathered it. Then, with slow
meticulousness, she began massaging her own breasts, soaping them up
and making them shiny and wet.

"Whoa BABY. Ya don't get too many of those to a pound do ya. That's it,
they're soo dirty. Soap them up... soap them up." he salivated. For
several minutes he watched Diana mold her breasts into erotic mountains
of shiny sexual pleasure, squeezing and lathering them as she sloshed
them around. Then, taking a joystick he began moving the camera down.
The image shifted down her body, over her flat, defined stomach and
stopped at her wide, sexy hips and full, curvaceous thighs. She stood
with her legs together and the form was exquisite. He watched in awe,
staring at her smoothly shaven vagina and at her hips as they slowly
swayed from side to side as the woman washed her upper half.

Then, her hand came down, filled with soap, and it slid itself slowly
between her legs. Her fingers slid between her lips, in then out then
in then out, soaping up her pussy as she massaged it. He then noticed
that she wasn't stopping. "What's this... Are you..." he said as she
tilted the camera up to her face. Diana's head was bent back and her
mouth hung slightly open with her eyes shut. She was moaning softly and
cupping her breasts with her free hand as she panted slowly. "Oh you
naughty little girl. Oh and I bet you need a good climax too don't
you.." he said teasingly as he watched agent Prince stimulate herself.

Suddenly, a female hand shot into the picture and clamped itself over
the otherwise occupied agent's mouth. Diana's eyes bulged open and she
began to scream muffled cries as the picture became screwed up with a
flurry of activity. "What the hell..." stammered the boy as he played
with the joystick to zoom the camera back. Legs, hair and Diana's
breasts filled the camera. Then the image slipped away. Trying another
camera, the boy brought up the bedroom.

Out of the bathroom, three women carried the dripping wet, struggling
shape of Diana Prince into the room and onto the bed. One of the women
kept her hand over Diana's mouth at all times while the other two
produced a few rolls of duct tape. With the familiar squeaking sound of
tape being pulled off of rolls, the women proceeded to bind and gag
agent Prince. A big swath of tape was clamped down over her mouth while
several strips bound her hands behind her back and her long legs
together at the ankles and knees.

"Keep the bitch occupied while we search the room Nac." said Victoria
as the two other women got up and started rifling through Barbara's and
Diana's luggage. Diana lay on the bed, twisting a gyrating against her
bonds as Nac sat next to her, holding her down.

"My, what huge tits you have honey." said Nac as she leaned in and
roughly cupped Diana's right breast with her hand. Diana's screamed
under her gag and reeled as the woman began massaging the tit. Cupping
it from underneath, she began massaging it while pressing Diana's
nipple in with her fore finger. She then leaned in and started sucking
on the plump gland, biting down on Diana's ripened nipple as she
accosted the breast.

"Got em!" shouted Nic as she held up the two chips. The two women then
stood over Diana's bed, watching as Nac continued to suck on Diana's

"What should we do with her?" grinned Nic as she wet her lips. "How
about a nice little gang bang?"

"NO! We don't have the time." replied Victoria as she sat down on the
bed and slid her hands along Diana's full, smooth thigh. "I know. We'll
leave her tied up and come back at eight. Then we'll simple carry her
out to the main hallway and leave her bound and gagged. The rules say
anyone who is incapacitated will be asked to leave. They'll simply cart
her off the island like that bitch Tina Ferrarri." said Victoria as she
stared Diana in the eye.   "But first, we don't want her to get bored
laying here. Pick her up and put her on the rug." she ordered as she
grinned at Nic. Nic and Nac then picked up the struggling heroine and
placed her on one end of the rooms long throw rug with her body
parallel to the short end. Then Nic smiled back and opened her bag. She
pulled out a large, black vibrator which she handed to Victoria.
Victoria smiled at Diana and turned it on. The hum sent a cold chill
down Diana's back as she surged, knowing what was to come next. All
three women then piled on top of the amazon and held her down while
Victoria inserted the taming toy between Diana's bucking, resistive
legs. Diana screamed frantically as the implement made it way deep
inside her and she thrashed about wildly as the sensation sent shivers
throughout her body.

The three women then grabbed the end of the rug and began rolling
Diana's gyrating body up into it. They then picked up the rolled cocoon
and carried the twisting carpet over to the bed. With a swift push from
their legs, the three women kicked the rug and rolled it under the
beds, entombing Diana completely. They could barely hear Diana's
muffled moans and pounding body under the bed and the three women
parted, smiling as they left with the chips.

Part 3

"Good thing this place has broom closets." said Batgirl as she emerged
from the closet pulling up her spandex shorts. "My best bet is to go as
high as I can and look out one of the windows. I probably can see the
whole estate from up there."

After climbing two or three flights, the heroine reached the last
flight only to be stopped by a band of tape stretched across the
staircase. The words "OFF LIMITS" were repeated across the tape. "Not
for me it is." said Batgirl as she slid under the tape and walked up
the stairs. Little did she know she had broken a small eye beam as she
walked up the flight.

In Lord Easystreet's control room, the young man had just finished
watching Diana's demise with sad disappointment. "Damn, I thought they
were going to bang the bitch too. Oh well."

Suddenly, another monitor switched its image to the lovely form of
Batgirl slowly moving up the forbidden staircase. "What do we have
hear? Batgirl! Good, I knew the female heroines of Gotham city would
show up. I'm so glad its you my dear." he said rolling his hands
together in glee.

"You're way too good for the tubes sweet cheeks," he continued as he
watched Barbara's plump ass and shapely legs walk innocently past the
camera and up the stairs. "Being a heroine with a secret identity, I
bet no one knows who you are and that means no one would miss you if
you disappear. Perfect, just perfect." he cackled. "Oh, I've got some
nice plans for that pretty little ass, plans I bet you just weren't
counting on." he snickered as he pushed a few buttons.

Barbara made her way down a narrow hallway and reached a door at the
end. With expert skill, she picked the lock and slipped inside. The
room looked like it was partially painted with tarps over the
furniture, paint supplies along the walls and masking tape over the
trim. The only window was a small framed opening at the far end. She
walked carefully across the bare, wooden floor and looked out the
window. The summer sun was heading down toward the horizon as night
approached and beetles chirped as the sun heated up that section of the
house. She then heard some commotion from out on the grounds. Looking
down she must have been 5 stories up. Staring out, she could see the
garden and a magnificent shrubbery maze winding through it. She could
also see four of the guests stealthily moving through the garden maze,
talking softly as they searched about.

"I see the guests aren't even waiting till eight." said Barbara taking
her usual Batgirl stance. She watched as the four women split up and
head separate directions. Suddenly, a series of tentacle like straps
shot up from under one of the girls and coiled her. She twisted about
as the white bands tied and gagged her, fighting to warn the others.
Then a spray of blue gas shot up at her and the woman sank to the
ground asleep. Babs pressed against the window in a vain attempt at
watching. She then pulled the window up and looked out. Still not
getting a good view, she contorted and twisted her shoulders till she
could stick her upper half of her body out the window.

"One of Lord Easystreet's simple, harmless traps eh." said Batgirl
curling her lip as she watched another and yet another girl fall into
the same kind of trap. Then, from some hidden panels in the garden,
several unusual men appeared. They appeared to be completely naked and
made of some kind of smooth, white plastic with absolutely no body hair
at all. They reminded Batgirl of perfect bodybuilders without an ounce
of fat. They walked up to the bound girls and started carting them off
through the openings.

"Androids! So those are the patrols." Barbara whispered as she watched
the mass abduction of losers. As she watched, a wall panel slid to one
side and two male androids stepped out into the room. They were just
like the others with huge, muscular builds, smooth plastic bodies and
expressionless faces. Also accompanying them was the rambunctious Lord
Easystreet. With stealth, all three tip-toed toward the slowly swaying
form of Batgirl's full, plump rear as she stood hanging out the small
window. They reached the young girl and, for a moment, the young boy
held his hands over the curvature of he buttocks like someone warming
their hands over a fire making "OOOO AAAAHHH" facial gestures as he
watched her ass shift back and forth. Then, counting his fingers down
to zero, he pointed to the girl's elbows. Both androids reached out and
readied themselves.

"Hey! What the..." screamed Batgirl as two pairs of huge hands grabbed
her arms and pulled them inside the window and up behind her back. At
the same time, the window pane came crashing down, pinning the girl's
upper body out of the window with her hands inside and behind her. A
she struggled, one of the androids secured her hands together with a
pair of handcuffs. When they finished, they ran their huge hands down
the length of each of her shapely legs and then pushed her ankles
together. With another pair of cuffs, they clamped her feet together,
turning the heroine into a trapped, wriggling worm of soft, shapely

"Whomever you are, I'm Batgirl and I'm an officer of the law. I demand
to be released IMMEDIATELY!" she ordered as she rolled her shoulders
trying to escape. Lord Easystreet twiddled his fingers at her in a mock
"OOO, I'm soooo scared!" expression. He then slapped his hand hard
across her jello like rear. Batgirl responded with an erotic feminine
bark making her twist about in panic. He then grabbed her ass hard with
both hands and began massaging her buttocks like he was playing with
two big balloons. Her butt soared up, then around then from side to
side as she tried to shake her molester off in vain. His hands slid
over her bare cheeks, down her bare thighs, around the front of her
legs and back around to her ass. He then pressed his soft cheek against
hers and began kissing her ass with abandonment. As he did this, his
fingers would tease Batgirl by inadvertently slipping their way under
her tights at various, strategic locations. Batgirl responded with
erotic yelps and snarls as she felt the hands accost her delicate rear.

"OOOO BABY!" he thought making sure not to say anything. "Time for a
surprise." As he groped her, the young boy unzipped his pants and
pulled out his hardened erection. His size was in no way threatening
but he did what he could to get it harder by stroking it with one hand.
Then, gliding his fingers under the top of her shorts, he teased the
costumed heroine as he pulled slightly on the spandex material. Then,
with a quick yank, he pulled the shorts down over her ripe ass and
around her full, bare thighs.

Batgirl's eyes bulged in shear panic as she felt her shorts go down and
the air hit her bare rear. She tried to kick out but the two super
strong androids held her legs firmly in place. All she could do was
sway and shift her hips about and wriggle around desperately. Grabbing
her by the hips with one hand, the boy brought his erection closer,
stroking it with his other as he moved it into position.

"OH MY GOD! NOOO!" screamed Batgirl as she felt the rounded head of a
penis touch her bare lips. Her hips went wild and Lord Easystreet had
to shift his hips with hers to keep up. To normal men, Barbara Gordon
was rather a small, tasty scoop of ice-cream but, to Lord Easystreet,
she was a voluptuous, mountainous sundae ready to be scarffed. Matching
her twists, he final found his target and pushed his tiny penis inside.

"AAAAAGHHGG!!!" Barbara screamed. The penis was way too small to be a
threat but, the thought of someone penetrating her against her will
sent her into a flurry of desperate panic. She could feel the penis
slid inside her and the hips of her rapist pressing up against her bare
rear. For several minutes, the little man rode Batgirl in shear ecstasy
as he felt her vagina squeeze and stroke his penis as the heroine tried
to escape the inevitable. Barbara's heart then sank in her chest as she
felt her attacker begin pumping his hips back and forth. "NNOOOO!
Not... Not inside!" she hissed as she tried to push him off with a deep
thrust of her hips. This only excited Lord Easystreet more and the boy
sank his head back as the climax built.

His panting built in volume, which caused Batgirl to rock faster,
knowing what was to come. Then, with a massive sigh of relief, the boy
pushed his hips in as hard as he could, discharging deep inside
Batgirl. Batgirl responded with an animalistic scream that was more
from shock than from sexual ecstasy.

"How dare YOU!" she screamed. "OHHHH!"

The boy paid no attention as he slowly continued pumping. He then gave
her butt another swat and stepped back, putting his wet member back
into his pants. Pulling out a remote control, he started to reprogram
the two androids. As he stepped through the secret panel, he pressed
the activation button and snickered. "I think they oughta take some of
the spirit out of you." he laughed as the door closed.

The two androids released Batgirl's legs and one of them immediately
moved in behind her and grasped her bucking rear. She immediately
realized that a new attacker was behind her and this one was HUGE.
"OOOHHH! NOOO!! No, not again!" she winced as she felt another member
touch her lips. Where as Lord Easystreet was small and harmless, the
two androids were huge and merciless. Bloated, white and ultra firm,
the androids cock hovered ominously over her dainty, soft vagina. Then,
with a brutal thrust, the android's penis drove its taming point home,
sending Barbara reeling with overwhelming sensation.


Her scream was heard across the compound as the white member slid
slowly inside her. "My God! Its.... Its.... too big... can't....
UUUUGHH!!!!" Batgirl hissed and moaned as the android burrowed its way
deeper inside her. With a final, brutal push, it shoved the penis all
the way in, sending Batgirl's legs flailing about around the automatons
hips. It then began pulling the penis out, then inserting it back in,
then out, then in, relentlessly pumping itself in and out of Batgirl's
defenseless cunt. To complicate matters, it then reached around to her
front and began stroking her ripe clitoris with its large, firm
fingers. From the ground, Batgirl's upper body could be seen rocking in
and out of the window, her large, perky breasts sloshing up and down
and her hair sailing forward and back as she panted like a speeding
steam train.

"UUGH! UGGHH! UUUGH! No!... cuming... can't... let.." Too late. She
screamed uncontrollably as her climax sent her body seizing in absolute
erotic ecstasy. Sensing its victim's demise, the android began tensing
as well as it simulated its own climax. Obviously, Lord Easystreet was
a sick little boy who enjoyed hard, blatant sex and he had programmed
his androids to be just as disgusting. With an eruption of lotion like,
white cream, Batgirl's vagina began to ooze with the android's pudding
like cum. The creamy substance oozed out and down her legs and she
shuttered in disgust as she felt her vagina and thighs growing wet with
the discharge. Still pumping, the android removed its member and let
the substance pour out onto Batgirl's soft, white rear. It then took
its hands and began smearing the substance all over her ass like a
baker icing a cake.

Batgirl continued to gasp in exhaustion as the android accosted her.
Then she froze in terror. "NO! NOT AGAIN!" she screamed as the second
android moved into place. With the same zeal as the first, the second
android began to again pump its human victim with more unbridled sexual
stimulation. The tension rose higher and higher, the woman squealed and
yelled to no avail. Then, with another animalistic scream, Batgirl
collapsed from another devastating climax.

This time, the android didn't discharge. It pulled the window pain up
and pulled Batgirl inside to face it. It supported the frail girl as
she stared at it with dreamy, heavy eyes. Then with a firm hand, it
shoved her head down and pushed its cock deep into her gaping mouth.

This woke Batgirl from her erotic daze and she began to squeal like a
pig as the android violated her mouth. As it did this, the other
android came from behind and pulled her tank top up past her firm,
perky breasts. With its huge hands, the android began to callously
massage her plump breasts sending her writhing from the new
stimulation. Her whining was soon silenced, however, as its discharge
violated her pretty mouth. For a while, she was forced to swallow,
then, it removed the penis, only to let it spray the rest of its
discharge into her face. The cum slowly poured over her lips and cheeks
as she was coated with the substance. The first android then pulled her
back and the second android discharged all over her bare chest, wetting
her perfect breasts with the goo.

Suddenly, a plastic ball was shoved into her mouth and tied around the
back of her head. A white clothe was then draped over her eyes,
blindfolding the violated heroine. The androids then let the bound and
gagged Batgirl drop to the floor as they slipped back into the secret

Lord Easystreet sat at his console and watched in glee as the banged
and defeated Batgirl lay rolling about, bound and gagged, on the wooden
floor with her shorts pulled down around her thighs, her breasts
exposed and her body soaked with android cum. "AH, Poor little Batgirl.
Well there's much more in store for you. BWAHAHAHA!"

                          * * *

The rug slowly shifted from side to side as another muffled scream of
climax came out from the fabric. Suddenly, the whole carpet began to
roll. It rolled out from under the bed and a muffled clamp of thunder
rang out from the tarp. Then, with a burst of female energy, the carpet
exploded into strips of dusty cloth as Wonder Woman burst free of her
cocooned tomb. Her body was absolutely soaked with sweat and she sat
like a tossed rag doll on the floor panting and sighing heavily.
Slowly, she pulled the remainder of the duct tape off of her legs,
wrists and mouth and dizzily stood up. Her eyes then bulged in shock as
she immediately clamped her hand on her pelvis. Unzipping her costume,
she let it slide down as she removed the vibrator from her dripping wet
vagina. She then zipped the satin tights back up and sat down hard on
the bed holding the oscillating toy in front of her.

"Hera! That almost had me. A few more minutes of that and that would
have been the end." she said slowly, turning the device off and
plopping it on the bed. She got back up and started straightening
herself out in the mirror, fixing her headband and hair as she wiped
the sweat off her tan body.

Suddenly, the jiggling of the door knob put Wonder Woman on alert.
Looking at the clock it was 8:30. "Back for more ehh?" said Diana as
she readied herself. She then looked down at the toy on the bed and
picked it up. "Two can play at this game." she said readying the item
and standing behind the door. With a flick, she turned the lights off
and stood in wait.

A shapely figure slowly moved into the room. As she entered the center
of the room, Wonder Woman jumped her. Both women went rolling about as
they fought. "Victoria's goon is a pretty good fighter." Wonder Woman
thought but she knew she had the upper hand. With her lasso, she
quickly tied the girl's hands behind her back and her ankles together.
She could feel the girl succumbing to the lasso's magical effects.

"Now its time for a little revenge." Diana thought as she pulled the
woman's shorts down and began inserting the vibrator inside her. The
woman's hips surged wildly as they were penetrated and the tied woman
panted and moaned as she was deeply penetrated.

"How do you like THAT!" blasted Wonder Woman as she yanked on the
lasso. "Now, tell me who you are?"

"I.... I .... I'm Barbara Gordon." rasped the agonized female voice.

"Oh NO!" gasped Diana as she jumped up and flipped on the lights. For a
moment, however, Diana stared in utter confusion. On the floor was
Batgirl, wiggling about as she fought both the lasso and the vibrator's

"Batgirl? But you said you are....." Like a cash register, the total
added up and Diana let out a small smile. "Of course, its so simple.
Commissioner Gordon's daughter. That's how you always know where to
show up." Diana said sitting on the bed and crossing her legs as she
thought about the situation.

Batgirl as she rolled about.

"Oh! I'm sorry." said Diana as she untied the rope and helped Barbara
pull out the little toy. Running to the bathroom, she returned with a
glass of water, some aspirin and a wet rag.

"I could really do with a stiff Gin right now." said Barbara as she
quaffed the aspirin and water.

"I do apologize Bat.. I mean Bar... I mean..." stammered Wonder Woman.

"Well, I figure another heroine knowing my identity isn't that bad."
said Batgirl as she sat back and put the wet rag on her forehead. "By
the way, where's Ms. Prince..." but as she asked, the circumstance of
the room began to give away subtle hints as to Ms. Prince's real

"Um... Well, I feel its only fair that since I used my lasso unfairly,
I should share my secret with you. I'm actually Diana Prince." Wonder
Woman confessed as she stood up and stood in front of Batgirl in her
typical Wonder Woman stance.

"Well, I've got a secret for you Diana, the jugs are a dead give away."
Batgirl said as she stood up, put her hands out like two cups and
inflated her cheeks teasingly.

"I know." said Wonder Woman in annoyance as she sat crossing her arms.
"That's why I always down dress. Do you know how hard it is to hide
these?" she complained.

"Oh, I know. I have that problem with my look as well. The thing that
gets me though is no one really ever puts one and one together. My
father has seen me naked all my life and yet he doesn't recognize his
daughter wearing a suit like this." Batgirl complained.

"You said it. With breasts like these I thought I'd get discovered the
first time I saved someone." Diana added.

"What's even weirder is our voices are exactly the same as our alter
egos yet no one ever recognizes us. The first time I met a blind man, I
thought I was found out for sure." added Batgirl. "By the way do you
ever have a problem with chaffing?" she asked.

"Oh no, amazon's don't chafe. We have tougher skin. Though I'm always
worried about bruises and cuts. On a bare leg they really show up."
Diana replied.

"That's true but I down play my real identity so she doesn't wear
anything too revealing." said Batgirl. Both women then settled down to
a long discussion talking about heroine tactics, beauty secrets,
costume do's and don'ts and fashion.

"God, have you seen Supergirl. She looks like a cheerleader! What a
bimbo. And she's sooo sickly sweat." scoffed Batgirl.

"You know she's gay." replied Wonder Woman nodding her head. "At least
that's what I hear. I also heard she's into some major S&M."

"No, really!" squeaked Batgirl. Then both women began to laugh like two
college girls at dorm. For once, they had met someone else they could
talk to that they could trust and that shared the same experiences.

"So what happened here?" asked Batgirl smiling as she held up the
vibrator with her two fingers. "Supergirl drop by?"

"NO!" exclaimed Diana as she snatched the dildo away from Barbara and
tossed it on the other bed. "I got a surprise visit while I was taking
a shower. That bitch Victoria Madison and her two goons Nic and Nac
tied me up and left this to entertain me."

"Why didn't you just beat them up. You're supposed to have mega-
strength." asked Batgirl.

"I only have powers while I'm Wonder Woman and I wear my belt of
power." she said removing the belt. "See, now I'm as weak as a normal
woman. " she explained.

"I see. The belt holds your power?" asked Batgirl.

"While I am away from my home, yes." answered Diana putting the belt
back on. "By the way, what happened to you?"

"I got a nasty surprise upstairs." Batgirl replied rolling her eyes and
shaking her head. She explained the whole experience to Diana.

"Swear it was some little kid banging me." said Batgirl as she

In Lord Easystreet's control room, the young billionaire sat looking at
the monitor. "I know a secret.. I know a secret... da da dada da...."

In another room of the estate, Tarra Rogers raised her servants head to
interrupt the woman's magnificent oral skills. She and the Asian maid
Yumi were busy entertaining themselves in Tarra's room. Tarra knew Lord
Easystreet had the whole place wired and she had tapped into the kid's
monitors with a few of her own. She had been completely distracted by
Yumi's magical mouth and had missed most of Batgirl's and Wonder
Woman's conversation as she convulsed in ecstasy. Looking up at the
monitor, she shook violently to life as the image of Wonder Woman and
Batgirl gave her a start.

"BATGIRL! WONDER WOMAN! NO! What are they doing HERE!" she screamed
pushing Yumi to the floor and turning up the volume.

"This is bad. Real bad." Yumi said as she shook her head in disbelief.
"We're dead women for sure. There goes our shot at the diamond." she

"SSSHHHHH!" hissed Tarra waving her hands at the maid. Then her face
lightened up with a smile as she heard the fatal words from Diana's
mouth. "I only have powers while I'm Wonder Woman and I wear my belt of
power. See, now I'm as weak as a normal woman. "

"That's IT! Batgirl is easy to deal with but I thought Wonder Woman was
unstoppable." screamed Tarra.

"So, what does that have to do with us." asked Yumi.

"Don't you see, without that belt, she just like any other big breasted
bimbo. We can deal with her just like Batgirl and all the other
guests." Tarra said as she began cackling in diabolic laughter.
"Quickly, get Trisha and meet me outside. We've got work to do." she
said racing for the closet.

Part 4

Batgirl's plan was clever and quite simple. Victoria appeared to be
making noticeable headway in rounding up the chips. Wonder Woman and
Batgirl simply followed the trail of trussed up models, business women
and starlets until they found the three women tying up another guest.

"If we follow her, we can get the chips for ourselves." Batgirl

"OOOH! That's rotten... I love it." Wonder Woman giggled as they
stealthily trailed the three women through the building.

"Damn you BITCH! Where's the God Damn chip!!!" screamed Victoria like a
ranting child as she slammed a bound and gagged models dead on the top
of a coffee table. The three nefarious nymphs and the greedy, but hog-
tied model, were in a large study in the first floor near the servant's

"MMMMBBLLMMLML!" screamed the curly redheaded model as she crossed her
eyes in dizziness from the pounding. "MMM CMMIP MMIS NN MI MURSE!" she
mumbled under the thick tape gag.

"WHAT! What the fuck are you saying! ANSWER ME!" screamed Victoria as
she started to ring the girl's neck.

"Uh... Maybe we oughta remove her gag." sheepishly asked Nac half
expecting to get a whack across the face from her mistress.

"GAG!.....Oh... Yeah, I knew that." and with a quick yank she brutally
tore the tape off of the girl's mouth.

"YEEEEEOOOWWWW!! Watch it you BITCH!" screamed the girl as she puckered
her lips to get the feeling back into them.

"Hera, I hate duct tape." whispered Diana to Batgirl as they both
cringed when the tape came off.

"And I thought a bikini wax was torture." agreed Batgirl.

"You better start talking..." threatened Victoria between her teeth as
she shook her fist at the girl.

"I said, the chip is in my purse you fucking IDIOT!" the girl screamed

"Oh, I'm an idiot am I?" asked Victoria mockingly as she looked over at
Nic. Nic nonchalantly picked up a fireplace shovel and raised it.
"Nighty night chump. BWAHAHAHA!" laughed Victoria.


Batgirl turned away slightly and winced as she saw the young girl eyes
cross and watched her keel over unconscious from the shovel's blow.
"EEWWW! That's gotta hurt." she said peeking out of one eye.

"Oh, that's nothing." said Wonder Woman in a superior tone as she waved
her hand at the girl. "Heck, the cheetah hit me over the head with a
telephone pole once."

Batgirl looked up at the amazon and turned back to watch the scene. "No
wonder..." she thought shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

"I think its time we broke up this party." Wonder Woman said as she got
her lasso ready.

"I'm with you." Batgirl exclaimed as both women got up and bounded into
the room. With a quick flick of her lasso, Diana immediately roped
Victoria sending her into a slight hypnotic state with the rope's
magical effects. Batgirl dove at the two muscular body guards and let
loose with a barrage of Batgirl kicks. Nic went down immediately but
Nac was a little more resilient. She returned with a hefty south paw
that sent Batgirl reeling back against a table. She immediately piled
onto the smaller avenger and began choking her with both hands.

"UUUUGGH!!! Wwwwwonnnderrr WOMmmmannn. ANNNYY DDDAYYY NOWWWW!!!" gasped
Batgirl as she tried to fight off the feverish monster of a woman.

"Oh, sorry." said the preoccupied Wonder Woman as she matter of
factually walked over and gave the woman a slight karate chop on the
back of the neck. The girl immediately fell to the floor unconscious.

"So, what are we going to do with Ms. Madison." Batgirl said clearing
her throat.

"MMMM... I've got an idea." replied Wonder Woman with a devilish smile.
"You take care of those two and then meet me in the first servant's
bedroom down the hall." Wonder Woman said as she took the feisty but
restrained blonde along in tow and headed down the hall that lead to
the servants' wing.

"Hmmm... So much rope and so much to do..." thought Batgirl as she
stared down in slight excitement at the two unconscious body builders
on the floor. "I know just the thing." she said as she knelt down and
went to work with several coils of rope.

After 15 minutes of happily tying up the two muscular lesbians like
some demented housewife baking cookies. Batgirl came into the first
servant's room humming a happy tune. She then stooped and stared
slightly in curiosity at a refrigerator that had been unplugged from
the servant's kitchen and plopped in the doorway to the bathroom.
Batgirl slowly approached and peeked in. Wonder Woman had just finished
tying Victoria's hands to the shower's overhead spigot and removed her
lasso from around the blonde's waist.

"Wha... What's going on?" Batgirl asked timidly.

"Have you ever made Bitch Cake?" said Wonder Woman with a smile as she
opened the ice box and showed its contents to Batgirl.

"I think I remember the recipe." Batgirl replied as she got the idea
and picked up a carton of eggs. "I believe we start with these." she
said as both women picked up an egg in each hand.

"OHHH! YOU WOULDN'T!! HOW DARE YOU!" screamed the spoiled blonde.
Wonder Woman smacked the egg over the girl's head and spread its gooey
contents around in her hair as the blonde tried to kick back. Her legs
were securely bound together and to the bathtub faucet so she could
only stand and twist about as Batgirl unload another white gem on her
head. Another, then another hit her in the head and face. Then Batgirl
slammed two eggs into Victoria's perky breasts, making the girl scream
in disgust as Barbara began massaging the yellow, clear goop over her
chest. Then an egg was slapped hard between her legs making the girl
yelp in slight excitement and shock. Another egg hit her in the crotch,
then two more. Diana then turned the girl around and slapped some more
eggs up her ass, coating her perky rear with the goo.

"OH! I'll make you both pay for this!" she screamed. "NO one does this

"I think some butter would be good right now." said Wonder Woman as she
took a whole tub of Country Crock and shoved the scoop into Victoria's
threatening mouth. She then smeared the huge, remaining wad around the
girls face as Victoria spat out the huge chunk of lard making the
girl's face and hair all wet and greasy. Grabbing the rest of the
butter, Wonder Woman shoved the slab between Victoria's buttocks and
started spreading the wad around with a big frosting spreader, coating
the girl's ass with a thick, shiny film of lard.

Batgirl sarcastically opened a small bottle of vanilla extract and
added just a drop on top of Victoria's head. She then looked at Diana
and both girl's shrugged. "Better safe than sorry." Wonder Woman said.
Batgirl smiled and poured the whole bottle over Victoria's thrashing

Then the two heroines went hog wild. "Barbecue sauce on a cake." gasped
Batgirl jokingly. "How risqué‚." she said as the Open Pit was emptied
all over Victoria's greasy, yellow chest. Next came the Thousand
Island, then the A1, then a few cans of beer, "Oops, scratch the beer;
Diet Soda. We're on a diet." They emptied two six packs of diet soda
all over the girl, shaking the cans thoroughly before they unleashed

Victoria then screamed in absolute disgust as a bag of sugar and a five
pound bag of flour was emptied over her sticky, wet body. The gooey
substances underneath made the flour stick amazingly well to her skin
and she almost resembled a woman being tarred and feathered. "Oh! We
can't forget the brown sugar" added Barbara as she unloaded the bag of
brown powder all over the girl's chest and face.

Wonder Woman then handed Batgirl a can. "Cheez Whiz! I just love Cheez
Whiz!" Batgirl screamed as she shook the can and shot off a small
stream to eat.

"It goes good with whipping cream." grinned Wonder Woman as she held up
a can. Both girls then leaned into Victoria and began decorating the
girl with various swirls and designs. Barbara decorated Victoria's left
breast, putting two eyes above the nipple and a smiley face below.
"Look, is Mr. Bill!" Batgirl said as she leaned back to admire the
bouncing face before her. "Oh, I just love Mr. Bill." she said in a
heavy voice as she leaned in and started sucking hard on Victoria's
excited nipple.


"Mine's frosty the snowman." Wonder Woman said adding the finishing
touches onto a whip cream hat that sat at the top of Victoria's right
breast. Batgirl looked over and nodded in approval as she scooped a
small finger of cream off the girl's nipple. Diana then leaned in and
started sucking on Victoria's other breast, humming frosty the snowman
as she massaged the plump tit.

"Oh NOOOOOO! Its Mr. Hands!!!!" said Batgirl in her best Mr. Bill voice
as she slapped Victoria's right tit hard with her hand, spraying yellow
cheez whiz, egg, butter and flour goo against the wall of the shower.
She then began to grope the tit real hard, pinching and squeezing it as
she watched it balloon and compress.

The two girls then stepped back and stared longingly and deviously at
Victory as they slowly began shaking their cans. "Ohhhhh, No... Stay
back... No...." stammered Victory as some sixth sense told her what was
to come.

Like Beavis and Butthead, both heroines turned toward each other and
began to shake like they were holding back an explosion. "PUSSY
SUNDAE!!!!!!!!" They both screamed. Victoria bucked about wildly as the
two costumed avengers grabbed her thighs and plunged the tips of their
respective cans into her cunt. The hollow sound of the cans discharging
filled the bathroom with an ominous tenseness as both women continued
to unload their can's contents. Victoria stared down at the spectacle,
gritting her teeth, not in pain, but in shock and panic at the fact
that nothing was coming out. The cans were emptying but the thought of
where the stuff was going horrified her. Then, after several seconds, a
yellowish, white mixture oozed out of Victoria's vagina and plopped
down onto the shower floor in clumpy lumps as Batgirl and Wonder Woman
continued to empty the cans.

"UUUUUUUGHHHH!!!!!!" screamed Victoria in horror as she realized she
must be absolutely filled with the disgusting mixture of cheez whiz and
whip cream. Batgirl continued to empty her can as Wonder Woman walked
back to the fridge. Batgirl then stood up and wrote "FUCK ME" with a
little heart across Victoria's tummy with the remainder of the can. "I
love cheez whiz but I don't think I'd give you the satisfaction of
watching me lick your cunt clean." teased Barbara as she held the
girl's chin up with her finger and grinned.

"My pussy's too good for you anyway SLUT! You should be worshipping me
and that's just where you two bimbos will be, AT MY FUCKING KNEES!" she
screamed in futile defiance trying poorly to scare the costumed

"Oh MY!" gasped Wonder Woman as she stood in front of the fridge bent
over like a huge bimbo doll with her full ass in the air and her legs
locked. "Look what I found in the crisper." she said innocently as she
stood up and held up a cucumber. This was no ordinary cucumber. It was
round and full at one end but tapered to a narrow, bumpy point at the
other. It was the kind of cucumber most men would simply toss aside as
useless and most women would bulge their eyes at.

"My, I think the maid did the shopping this week," Batgirl replied with
a bimbo's gasp of sarcastic shock. "and such a naughty maid too."

"I wonder if this was meant for our salad?" Wonder Woman replied with a
raised eyebrow. Both women then turned and smiled at Victoria who
stared back with bulging eyes at the organic implement.

"OOHHHH! You wouldn't DARE!" she hissed as she gaped at the cucumber.
"NO! NO! Get AWAY...." she started to scream as the two heroines
grabbed her thighs and brought the vegetable ever closer.

"Remember what you did to Diana Prince?" asked Wonder Woman with a
gleam. "Well have a taste of your own MEDICINE!" she screamed as she
pushed the misshapen object hard into Victoria's resistive vagina. The
girl wailed and screamed uncontrollably as Diana twisted and pushed the
dildo deeper and deeper into her. Her hips and body twirled about like
a top dangling from a string as she tried to thrust and push the ever
encroaching cucumber out of herself.

"UUUUGHH!! AAAGGHH!!!! UUUGHH!! GODDD!!!" she panted and moaned like an
actress over acting a death scene in some cheap B movie. Her
articulations were no act, however, as the thought of being so rudely
penetrated drove her mad with ecstasy.

                          * * *

Nac began to awaken as the blow to her head sent throbs of
uncomfortable pain through her neck and back. Her eyes bulged in shock
as the scent of a wet vagina filled her nose and the taste of a sweaty
pussy coated her lips.

"What the..." she mumbled under the vaginal gag. She started to twist
about, trying to figure out where she was, and found herself tied, not
by herself, but to another woman. At that same moment, Nic began to
revive and an erotic sensation from between Nac's legs shot through her
as she felt the mouth of her sister begin to mumble. Nac screamed in
absolute disgust as she realized she was in a forced 69 position with
her own sister. She hated her sister and only tolerated her because
they worked together and because her sister was the only person as
underhanded as she was. To be tied to her like this was an absolute

"You stupid God Damn BITCH!" Nac screamed as loud as she could into her
sister cunt. Nic responded with a similar tightened, shocked convulsion
as Nac's vibrations sent a chill through her as well. Both girls then
began to roll about as they tried to free themselves from their
distasteful predicament. As they did so, they began to excite each
other with each twist and thrust.

"Stupid CUNT!"



"I hate YOU!"

They continued yelling at each other and wrestling with each other as
they fought for freedom. This greatly aggravated the situation,
however, as the erotic stimuli only sent them into a more enraged state
of struggling.

"I'll show you, you dumb...." and with that, Nic dug in and began
wildly licking her sister. Nac reeled back and slammed her face into
Nic's cunt and began to brutally respond with a volley of devastating
tongue lashes. Both women were now frantically blowing each other as
each tried to dominate the other in a desperate attempt at enforcing
their own sense of superiority over the other. The pecking order had to
be maintained and only one could win.

Nic rode Nac's desperately bucking hips as she kept sucking and
licking, holding onto Nac's plump, muscular rear with her hands. Nac's
ass tightened and jiggled like a slab of jello as the girl griped and
groped it, trying to induce her sister into the fatal, losing climax.

Nac was no slouch, however, and she wildly ate Nic in retaliation. With
her fingers, Nac parted Nic's muscular buttocks and she stuck her
middle finger into Nic's anus. With shear ruthlessness, she began
twisting her finger about callously driving Nic insane with sensation.

The two bound muscle women rolled about like two fighting cats with
their tails tied together as they wrestled for absolute dominance.
Slamming about on the floor, they rolled into tables and knocked over
chairs as they slammed each other about.

Their fate was more twisted than they had both realized, however, as
each girl grew closer to defeat. So evenly matched were they that no
girl could manage to gain a clear advantage. Panting and screaming they
both induced each other higher and higher until....



With the same odds of a coin landing on its side, both women exploded
in hip-pounding climaxes as they broke each other at the same time.
Panting for a few moments, each girl recoiled and buried their heads
back into their sister's cunt in hopes of catching the other off guard.
The wrestling match continued into round two as the muscle bound, duet
fought each other for total victory.

                          * * *

"Not again.... CUMING!!!...." Victoria screamed as Wonder Woman
inflicted another climax on the spoiled, blonde, brat . The young girl
finally collapsed in gasping exhaustion as both heroines stood over her
and stroked her.

"Ah, look. Our little girl is dirty!" Wonder Woman said is a sarcastic,
motherly voice.

"OOOO!!!" teased Batgirl as she struck her two index fingers together
in a "naughty-Naughty" gesture.

The two heroines then turned on the shower to ice cold and began
spraying Victoria with the shower massage on full blast.

"AAAAGHGHGHGH!!!" screamed the blonde as the ice cold water shook her
back to reality. The young girl yelped and screamed like an excited
puppy dog as the two amazons rubbed and washed her down. Diana coarsely
scrubbed her with a long handled brush, scouring her face, chest and
bare body with the stiff bristles, turning the girl's goose bumped skin
red with abrasion. Batgirl continued spraying and pouring bottles of
soap and shampoo all over the twisting girl, making her absolutely
shiny with soap.

After a bit, both women stepped back to examine their handy work.
Victoria lay slumped against the shower stall, dangling from her tied
hands, and she panted and snarled as she stared in despise at the two
avengers. Her hair was an absolute snarl and it lay across her reddened
face like the strands of a dirty, soaked mop.

"You fucking BITCHES! I nail each of you for this! I'll make you
both...GUMLLLBBMMBBLM!" Her doggy yelps of threats were cut off by a
small wash rag being stuffed in her mouth. A terry towel was then
pulled and tied around her head, holding the rag in place and
effectively gagging the enraged spitfire.

"You know, I think she's going to catch cold being all wet like that."
said Batgirl with her hand on her chin. "Lets dry her off."

Wonder Woman easily picked up the tired, but struggling girl, and
carried her off under her arm as she followed Batgirl down the hallway
and toward the laundry room. The room had 5 sets of washers and dryers
but these were the large, industrial devices used in institutions to
wash tons of clothes. Batgirl opened the door to a large dryer and
Wonder Woman stuffed the frantically kicking girl inside.

"I think fluff-no heat at 100 minutes will do." Batgirl said turning
the knob.

"Yes, we wouldn't want her to shrink." smiled Wonder Woman as she
watched the girl's panicked face begin to spin around in the little
window. The two women watched calmly as the girl's face, then ass, then
tits, then face then thighs rolled about and slammed around inside the
dryer and up against the little window.

"Now for those chips." said Batgirl as they both left.

Wonder Woman came bounding over the grassy ridge as she approached the
island's abandoned saw mill. Her huge breasts heaved up and down like
two massive, jiggling water balloons and her full rear and large
buttocks shifted from side to side as she rounded the top and headed
down the hill. She came to a stop behind a pile of old, rotted lumber
and crouched down to watch the mill. A few moments later, Batgirl came
chugging over the hill and barreled down the slope and into the pile of
wood breathing like an overworked steam locomotive.

"huh huh huh huh God... huh Where the FUCK.. huh huh can I get ... huh
huh one of those belts!!?" she gasped as she lay on the ground sweating
like an exhausted racing horse and pointing to Diana's power belt.

"Sorry, members only." Diana replied with a grin, patting her belt with
her hand.

Both girls spent several minutes scoping out the mill, looking for any
sign of activity. The sawmill was a series of dark wood buildings
interconnected via enclosed walkways. The buildings were hollow on the
inside and housed various sections of the wood processing conveyor belt
production line. They were arranged kind of like the view windows at a
car wash. The wood would enter from the river and flow through the mill
to the other side. Several smaller, dilapidated shacks and buildings,
along with the rusted remains of old 1950 genre construction equipment,
littered the landscape around the main installation.

"Now you're sure the chips point here?" asked Wonder Woman looking
sideways at Batgirl.

"Well, its only a hunch but, looking at the designs on the chips, the
just don't make sense. I'm a librarian and I've seen dozens of writings
and manuscripts and have gotten pretty good at deciphering them. These
things are totally bogus. The only thing is, one out of four of the
chips are made of wood, painted to look like plastic. Lord Easystreet
said one out of four chips were relevant so that tells me its what the
chip is made out of that's important and not what's on it." Batgirl

"I see. So you figured the lumber mill since the important chips are
made out of wood." said Wonder Woman touching her finger to her chin in

"That's right, and where else would you find wood chips?" asked Batgirl
with a smile.

"Incredible! That's brilliant!" complimented Wonder Woman.

"Oh that's nothing." shirked Batgirl rolling her eyes. "Heck, one time
I had to find Commissioner Gordon by sniffing around town for his
cologne, Wellington #5. Boy was that a shot in the dark."

"Well, I think we should split up. We can cover more ground that way."
said Wonder Woman as she got up. "Maybe you can scout out that small
cluster of buildings beyond those wood piles while I look in the main
complex." she added.

"Good thinking. We can get picked off better that way if we're alone."
Batgirl said with a smile as she winked at Wonder Woman. Diana shook
her head at the joke and started toward the main building.

Part 5

"SSSHHHHH!!" hissed Tarra as she looked out the second floor, dust
covered window as Wonder Woman approached. "Its Wonder Woman!!!" she
whispered turning toward Yumi. "Is Lord Easystreet's little toy ready?"
she asked crouching down in the window.

"Oh yeah! We cranked up the juice on it too. Boy is she in for it."
replied Yumi.

"Fine. Just don't fuck this up or we're in deep shit!" The two women
were dressed in black leather pants, black turtleneck sweaters and ski
masks. They slipped down the mills hallways and into the darkness as
Wonder Woman stepped through the main door of the complex.

The main area was a huge, wide open space with various pieces of
rusted, junk equipment strewn about. The heroine slowly walked inside,
looking about cautiously as she tried to take in the entire room and
all its details.

Suddenly, a shot rang out from deep on the other side of the room. Her
instincts and training paid off as she deflected the .45 round with her
bracelets. Then a series of shots rang out, illuminating a female form
in the darkness with each burst.

The woman was hiding behind several pieces of equipment that blocked
Diana's path, including a huge, rusted out truck that sat close to the
heroine. Deciding to take a non-direct approach, Wonder Woman put her
foot on the tailgate of the truck and gave it an immense shove with her
muscular leg. The truck took off, literally skidding across the
concrete floor. It crashed and slammed into equipment, posts, lumber
and other obstacles as it plowed its way toward the now shocked
shooter. Apparently Yumi was not ready for this tactic and she started
screaming as she ran toward a back exit as fast as she could. Diving
for her life, she barely rolled inside the door as the wave of junk
plowed up against the doorway.

"Holy SHIT!" screamed Yumi as she got up and ran down the hall.

Diana made a bee line for the pile and started chucking half ton
chunks of debris out of her way as she tried to clear the doorway to
get through. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all." grunted Wonder
Woman as she tossed an engine block out of the way with a hefty 'UMPH'.

Yumi came tearing down the hall, through a small, rectangular room and
through another door. Tarra stopped the panting maid as she started to
change her clothes.

"That fucking trap had better hold her!" screamed Yumi. "She's a lot
stronger than we thought!" she added as she helped Tarra get undressed
and slip into a skirt and suit.

"Don't worry. That pile of crap ought to slow her down. Just do what I
told you and she's ours." Tarra smiled as she messed up her own hair
and put on her glasses.

Wonder Woman finally moved enough of the junk to get through and she
started jogging down the long hallway after the female assassin. The
hallway ended at a small, rectangular room which was about 10 feet
square. Stopping at the doorway, Diana suddenly noticed that the walls,
floors and ceilings were now made of some kind of silver colored metal
instead of wood. In fact the whole hallway from the main area on down
was lined with steel and was completely out of place from the rest of
the mill.

"HELP! Wonder Woman!" screamed a female voice from across the room. On
the other side, the hallway continued. About 20 feet down, the masked
assailant stood holding Tarra Rogers at gun point. Tarra was tied with
her hands behind her back and she was a thorough mess. She stood
shaking and crying as the hooded gunwoman used her as a shield.

"Don't come any closer or I'll blow this fucking cunt's head off! This
whore bitch is going to get her brains splattered, what little brains
she has, if you try anything! Just stay back or lard butt here gets a
new asshole!" Yumi screamed at Wonder Woman as she roughly grabbed
Tarra with a choke hold and slammed her against the sides of the
hallway as she waved the .45 around.

"Do you MIND!..." hissed Tarra softly shooting daggers back at the
maid. "You're over acting!!!..." she whispered.

"Oh... sorry..." replied Yumi apologetically.

"Oh, I see." said Wonder Woman taking a confident pose and entering the
room. "I'm supposed to surrender, is that it!" she added, taking
another step forward. Looking behind the two women, she could see a
huge, steel door which looked very locked and very impassable.
Apparently the gun woman had boxed herself in and was extremely

"Why don't you just give me the gun and we'll all walk out of here
together. No one needs to get hurt. You're obviously trapped so there's
no need for this." calmly spoke the confident heroine.

"THAT'S IT! Now the bitch gets it!" screamed Yumi as she put the gun to
Tarra's head and cocked it.

"You better have switched the gu..." Tarra winced.


Tarra sighed slightly as a small tinkle of urine stained her panties.

"Oh dear. Oh my!" gasped Yumi "I-seem-to-have- run-out-of-bullets." she
explained in an over exaggerated acting tone as though she were reading
her lines off a cue card.

"OK, you're obviously out of bullets. Let's just put the gun down and
relax." coaxed Wonder Woman as she took another step forward.

"Bah to you Wonder Woman! Ney, I defy YOU!" she cursed shaking the gun
at the heroine.

"Ney, I defy you...???" whispered Tarra with a quizzical look as she
sneered back at Yumi.

"I read it in one of my brother's comics." Yumi whispered back. "These
heroine chicks go for it."

"Ney, I defy you...???" said Wonder Woman in a quizzical voice as she
rolled her eyes at the weird line.

Realizing she now had the upper hand, Diana arrogantly started across
the room and toward the hallway. Just as she reached the middle of the
room, Yumi pressed a button on a remote control in her pocket.
Immediately two 4 inch thick steel doors came slamming down, closing
off the exits in front of and behind Wonder Woman. At the same moment,
the floor split into several panels which fell away and formed two
steep funnels on the floor. Diana's bare, shapely legs slid on the
cold, steel floor and each one slid into a separate funnel. Instantly,
thick plastic seals inflated, pinning the avenger's legs into the

Wonder Woman stood alone in the room, her legs slightly apart and
buried up to her knees in the holes. She immediately began to twist
about, struggling to free her legs. The mechanism under the floor
whined and creaked as her immense strength strained the metal.

Suddenly, she heard a noise, like a cable being released above her.
With lighting reflexes, she reached up just in time to catch the
ceiling which came dropping down on top of her. This was not a ceiling,
however. It appeared to be a huge block that she was now supporting
with her amazon strength.

"Well, well, well." teased Tarra as she finished untying herself.

Diana looked ahead and could see a video camera and mic sticking
through a hole in the door that had slid down in front of her.

"I see we have our hands full now don't we?" laughed Tarra. "I hope
that multi-ton block of concrete and steel isn't too heavy." she added
like she was talking to a baby.

"Not as heavy as it will feel when I shove it up your ASS!" grunted
Wonder Woman as she continued to push upward. She was able to support
the block but it was close to her maximum strength level. If all she
had to do was lift it for a few moments, she probably wouldn't even
break a sweat but, having to hold it constantly was putting a severe
strain on her arms. The block would slip down slightly forcing Wonder
Woman to push it back up in a constant gravity tug of war.

"Well now, such a mouth!" replied Tarra in a mockingly surprised voice.
"I think I have something that will quiet you down a bit. Certainly
something that will bring you off your high horse."

In front of Diana, a two-foot square panel slid away from under the
camera hole in the door. Inside, an odd device similar to a small
satellite dish protruded forward. It tilted upward and then began to
glow slightly blue. Then, with an odd humming sound, a beam of blue,
pulsating light shot out and hit Wonder Woman's shoulder.

Wonder Woman reeled, not in pain, but from shock and sexual sensation.
A strange, vibrating wave of exhilaration ran through her shoulder and
arm, sending wild ripples of sexual excitement through the heroine's
straining body. If it were possible to fuck someone in the shoulder,
this is what it would feel like, only much better. The surprise from
the ray and the sensation were so quick and intense that she started to
lubricate slightly from the blast.

"How do you like it? A girl's best friend. Lord Easystreet had it
developed. Its what he calls an orgasmabeam." said Tarra as she watched
Wonder Woman's reaction and bit down softly on her lower lip.

"Its quite simple actually, it's a sonic, modulating beam that projects
waves of ultra high frequency sound. The sound waves are tuned to
specifically agitate and stimulate only a female's sexual nerve
endings. Basically it vibrates the hell out of any nerves it hits,
sending false sexual information to the brain. It's kind of like
shattering a glass with sound only it works on specific nerves instead.
It also stimulates the brain itself, sending specifically tuned
frequencies through you that effect only the sexual portions of the
female human's brain." Tarra explained as she watched Wonder Woman get
blasted again by the beam. "Heck the things way better than a



Wonder Woman rocked and swayed slowly, rolling her head back and around
as the beam fired another and yet another blast into her arms,
shoulders and bare thighs. As she moaned, the block slipped a little
more, shaking the avenger back to reality. She tried to push the block
away or jam it on one of its sides but, before she could concentrate,
another blast of blue ecstasy shattered her efforts, striking another
fresh part of her body.

"Those were non-sexual parts of your body Wonder Woman. Lets see how
those jugs really stack up." exclaimed Tarra as she redirected the

"Hera, NO!" Wonder Woman screamed as she stared down in panic at her
cleavage. Suddenly, the beam hit her left breast sending it rippling
and sloshing about as it vibrated the huge mammary.


The amazon moan was animalistic and deep as the shear intensity of the
sensation made her wet with excitement. The beam not only hit her
square in her already ripened nipple, it was now blasting away in a
steady stream, pushing the tit around like a fire hose pushing a huge
water balloon. She twisted and gyrated her upper body in a futile
attempt to avoid the devastating beam but this only heightened Tarra
and her cohorts sexual show.

"Wow, what a bod!" gasped Yumi as she rubbed herself. "Make her wiggle
some more."

The beam then switched to the right breast, causing Diana to let out a
high scream as the tender breast was decimated by the beam's
irresistible charms.

"Can't quit.... Hera.... Must not... surrender." Wonder Woman gasped
out loud as she rolled her head back and panted away. Her satin shorts
now had a noticeable stain as she began lubricating uncontrollably. As
her mind spun from the beam's intensity, the block slipped down some
more and Wonder Woman had to catch it with her elbows. She was now
supporting the massive stone with her upper arms only, letting it rest
slightly on her head.

"OOOWAAAA POOORRR BAAAABBBBBYYYY." teased Tarra as she reached around
Yumi and began massaging the Asian's soft breasts. "Is da wittle Wondie
Woman getting tired?" she mocked kissing Yumi's neck.

Both women then turned and started French kissing each other as the
beam continued to pound the most erotic moans, coos and cries from the
tortured avenger. Wonder Woman's sexual agony, and her vocal
repertoire, were driving the two villianesses wild with passion. In
moments, Tarra had pulled Yumi's sweater off and was happily sucking on
her breast as the show continued.

The two women then looked each other in the eye. "Let's finish the
bitch off." Tarra said with an evil grin.

"Guess what's coming next Wonder Woman?" said Tarra as she started to
aim the dish.

"HERA! NO! NOT THAT!" screamed Diana as the beam traveled down her
chest, over her stomach and toward the most devastating target of all.
Her hips went wild, twisting and writhing as she tried to avoid the
ever closing beam.

A long silence filled the metal room. Then, like a swelling, erupting
volcano, Diana's scream of uncontrollable ecstasy exploded from her as
the beam found its mark. There wasn't even a chance of fighting off the
climax. The only chance she might have had was to slow down the wave
after wave of multiple orgasms that pounded away at her body and mind
but, she had already lost that opportunity. Her vagina burst from
lubricant as her juices streamed down her legs and soaked her shorts.
The sensation was so intense that she broke into tears and began
sobbing as each climax tore her violently apart.

Then, a soft hissing sound started to echo through the room. From
dozens of small jets in the walls, a pink, misty gas began to slowly
seep in.

"Oh, by the way, that's Gyneform gas you hear," said Tarra matter-of-
factly. "It's a special anesthetic gas designed by Lord Easystreet to
sap a woman's strength, only if she climaxes. Pretty neat huh? You're
perfectly safe, just as long as you don't cum but, I don't think you
can avoid that."

Diana's looked about wildly, her panicked, tear stained eyes glaring
with fear as she watch the gas slowly seep into the small room.

"UUGGMM, UUGGH! Can't... think... No, I won't... won't be BROKEN! I AM
WONDER WOMAN! NO ONE DOES THIS TO....." she screamed defiantly as yet
another climax blasted through her. As she came, the gas went to work,
slowly sucking the strength from the surging avenger. Diana's head
began to swoon and swirl as the anesthetic slowly took effect.


Another climax tore away at her. The gas sapped her down even more.
Like a wild fire being dowsed by water, the gas smothered her spirit
and drained her of her strength. Her arms began to shake then her knees
began to wobble. Suddenly, with a loud scream, the heroine dropped,
bending at her knees and falling on her back to the floor. She was now
supporting the impending block with just her lower arms and chest as
she moaned and groaned from the gas's anesthetizing effects.

"She's DOWN!" screamed Tarra as she reached for the beam's controls.
Diana's crotch and hips were now flat on the floor, having moved out of
the beam, and the sex weapon was now steadily trying to make the block
of concrete have its first sexual experience. Tarra re- aimed the dish
and watched as the beam shot up between the block and Diana's spread

Wonder Woman was now in triple jeopardy. Not only was she falling
asleep from the gas, but the beam was hitting straight between her legs
and her hips were now pinned tight by the block. The massive stone
surged up and down as the buxom heroine struggled under the mass in
some desperate attempt to escape.

"Now to see what this thing can really do." smiled Tarra as she reached
for the intensity control and turned the knob from 4 to its maximum of

The block surged upward and froze as Diana's hips soared upward. The
sensation was beyond pain, beyond sexual stimulation, beyond ecstasy.
It was as though every muscle, every bone, every cell, every atom in
her body was being violently gang raped all at once. She couldn't
breathe, her eyes were streaming with tears, ever muscle was strained
beyond their limits as she tightened for the horrid finale. Then, Tarra
pushed her over the edge.

"And when we final have you, we're going to really gang bang you..."


The scream echoed like a wild animal falling from a hunters bow as the
amazon exploded from the sexual experience. The massive stone came
crashing down as her absolutely devastated body collapsed in one last
surge of resistance. With a final sigh, Wonder Woman was silenced, her
body and will broken and beaten.

Ironically, the stone didn't drop more than two feet above the floor.
It was made to stop short so it would not absolutely crush its victim.
The metal doors opened and Tarra and Yumi stepped in as the block
raised back up toward the ceiling. They stood watching in erotic
enjoyment at the heroine's unconscious, beaten, sweaty and glistening
body as she lay moaning and breathing heavily. Tarra reached down and
pulled off Wonder Woman's belt.

"Now we have her for sure. Take her and strip her. I want her tied up
nice and tight, the way she was meant to be." Tarra ordered as she held
the belt and examined it like a trophy of power. "This is just the
start Wonder Bitch, just the start. ITS PARTY TIME!"

                          * * *

Batgirl quickly sunk down behind a pile of old boards as she heard a
tremendous crash from the other end of the mill. "What in God's
name..." she gasped as she started to make her way back toward the
direction Wonder Woman had taken. Trying to avoid any obvious entrances
or windows, Batgirl scoured the main building, hoping to catch site of
what was going on. "I know Wonder Woman is tough but, I can't help
feeling something just went terribly wrong."

It had taken Batgirl at least 20 minutes to maneuver through the
darkness as she tried to avoid the mud, equipment and lumber. Four inch
stilettos looked great on her legs but were horrible in mud. She knew
this but their erotic feel made her wear them anyway. Then, like a
dying animal, a muffled, female scream of utter agony rang out from
deep inside the main building.

"Dear God! Diana!" Barbara whispered as she climbed the side of the
building to a second story landing. The second story windows were an
array of large, cross hatched windows that stretched along the length
of the building. Getting in was no problem seeing how most of the glass
had been broken out by kids or weather.

She slipped into the dark upper landing and moved slowly behind some
huge crates. Suddenly, several flashlights made a small dancing show of
lights as a group of women came out of a dark doorway on the first

"Tarra Rogers?!" Batgirl grunted, half knowing something like this was
probably right up that lawyer bitch's alley. The arrogant blonde came
strutting out, putting on her blouse and glasses. Behind her, two women
in ski masks and skin tight, black outfits were carrying a very
shapely, bound and naked body.

"Wonder Woman!" Batgirl gasped. Wonder Woman appeared to be unconscious
and completely stripped save her tiara and red boots. Her hands were
tied behind her back and her legs were tightly bound together. A thick,
cloth gag was tied around her mouth, completely covering the bottom
half of her head an pinning her fiery, brunette hair. The two women
were carrying her like a carpet, one holding her by her shoulders while
the other carried her legs.

"Now how the Heck did they manage that!" Batgirl said as she curled her
lips to one side in a half smile of semi-surprise. "I didn't think
those bimbos could count to two without taking their blouses off.
There's got to be someone else involved. Someone with a wicked, devious
mind." she mumbled as she stealthily moved down a wooden ladder and
approached the three women from behind several rows of crates.

"Boy, for such a well built bitch, she sure is heavy." rasped Tasha as
she and Yumi placed Wonder Woman on the floor to rest.

Batgirl removed her Bat-a-rang from her belt and readied it.

"Are you kidding, she's 90% tit." Tarra said with a smile as she stood
over Diana and rested the point of her stiletto, black shoe on the
avenger's huge breast.

Batgirl tied one of her bondage ropes to the weapon.

"I wonder if they're real?" asked Tasha as she leaned down and started
poking the other breast with her finger, trying to find any sign of an

Batgirl slowly stood up and raised the weapon, aiming it at Tarra's
long legs.

"If they aren't, I want her plastic surgeon's number." Tarra replied in
a laugh. The three women began to laugh maniacally as Batgirl drew

"Laugh this off you... HUMMMMBLMM!!!" Batgirl started to say but as she
was just about to let go, an ether soaked handkerchief came down hard
over her nose and mouth. The heroine dropped her Bat-a-rang and began
twisting about wildly as the fumes forced themselves deep into her
lungs. Her thrashing and screaming turned to swaying and moaning then
to dull twisting and sighing. Then, the plucky avenger dropped to her
knees and then the floor, her eyes rolling up into her head, as she was
heavily chloroformed.

The three women had stopped laughing and watched Batgirl's
anesthetizing. They then watched as a tall, sleek beauty slowly stepped
over the sleeping Batgirl from out of the darkness.

"Good work Catwoman." said Tarra as she walked up to the feline vixen.
Catwoman stood wearing a pair of high, six inch, black stilettos, thigh
high, black, fishnet stockings with garters, a French cut, bikini
bottom, a belt with various compartments, a string bikini top, arm
length, silk gloves and her usual cat mask that looked like a pair of
cheap, starlet 5 and dime sunglasses.

"Yes, my trap worked Perrrfectly." she said with a rolling purr as she
knelt down and started stroking Batgirl's full, round thigh with her
gloved hand. "They are both ours now. Let's enjoy them GRRROWL! You
three may have Wonder Woman. I have unfinished business with Batgirl."
she said as she pulled out some silk tie downs and several

"Yes, thank you Catwoman." said Tarra as she skipped back to the other
girls and ordered them to pick the amazon up. "I know just the place."
Tarra said slapping Diana's flat tummy as she escorted the two women
out of the building.

Catwoman continued to stroke Batgirl like she was a long lost pet. She
then flipped the heroine on her stomach and pulled her arms behind her
back. With the silk tie downs, she criss-crossed Barbara's wrists and
secured them with several knots, she then bound her elbows and upper
arms to her chest with a few more long straps. Turning the young girl
over, she pulled out a large, red ball gag and pushed it into Barbara's
mouth. With leather straps, she secured the gag in place around the
girl's head. Using several more silk straps, she meticulously secured
Batgirl's legs together at her feet and ankles as though she were
enjoying the whole bondage experience.

"Poor Barbara." sighed Catwoman as she stroked the girl's cheek with
her hand. "I told you I would get revenge for you spurning my
affections. I know you can be broken and I'm going to enjoy making you
my number one kitten." she continued as she gently ran her hand between
Batgirl's legs.

"Tom! Tabby! Morris! Get in here!" the vixen screamed. Three very
muscular and well built gentlemen wearing all black outfits and black
ski masks with their names sewn onto their chests came lumbering out of
the darkness.

"Pick up our little honey and take her to the cabin before the
chloroform wears off. I want her to wake up with a surprise." Catwoman
ordered. The three henchmen eagerly picked up the bound babe and
carried her out into the midnight darkness.

The light began to turn from a fuzzy ball into the light from an over
head lamp as the anesthetic slowly wore off. Batgirl moaned slowly as
she began to regain consciousness. She felt like a patient in a
hospital, the scent of the ether still heavy on her breathe and her
body feeling dull and numb. She shook her head to wipe away the cobwebs
and tried to sit up. Instantly she realized she was tied. Her hands
were anchored together at the wrists and to some kind of bed frame. Her
feet were apart and tied at the ankles to the base board of a brass

Looking about, she began to twist in panic. She had been stripped but
not just her suit. Her mask and wig were also gone. Batgirl was no more
and in her place, only Barbara Gordon, librarian lay.

"HMMMMMMBLM!" she cried out from under her gag. A silver, silk cloth
was firmly tied around her mouth, preventing her from crying for help.
She scoured the room and saw she was tied to a large, king sized bed.
The bed was in some kind of log cabin. She could see moonlight peeking
through a window over her head as she tried to get an idea of where she

Suddenly a figure approached from a table across the room. He was very
handsome, with an actors strong jaw and sexy hair. She could tell he
was very well built from the physique that penetrated his black suit.
He sat on the bed and looked Barbara over with eyes that almost seemed
to burn through her with expectation.

"I see you're awake." he said softly, cupping her face in his large
hand. "CATWOMAN!" he screamed.

Barbara seized in shock. "Catwoman, HERE!" she thought. Their break up
was less than cordial and she remembered the feline's intense threat of
absolute revenge. As Catwoman and the other two men entered the room,
Barbara began to writhe about in panic, knowing Catwoman's demented,
sexual mentality.

"Oh dear GOD!" thought Barbara in horror as Catwoman ran her long
fingers slowly over her bare, soft vagina. Her hips rolled slowly
upward and around as she tried to avoid the woman's tender touch.

"Perrrrfect, simply perrrrfect. You were always sooo sensitive."
growled the vixen as she leaned over and slowly pecked Batgirl's gag
where her lips would be. Batgirl was, of course, quite nervous at this
point. The cool night air, the kidnapping, the bondage and being so
helpless with no chance of escape was setting every nerve of her's on
fire with excitement. Knowing Catwoman, she knew she was really in for
some rough treatment. The worst part, however, was the fact that
Catwoman knew her sexually, including her fetishes and weaknesses.

"Let me introduce you to my new kittens. I decided to go all out with
my new gang. Tom, why don't you introduce yourself to the young lady."
Catwoman said as she stepped aside and the huge henchman approached. He
pulled off his ski mask revealing a well defined, surfer looking face
with blonde hair and deep brown skin. We was very handsome, no, almost
gorgeous. Babs had a hard time trying not to look into his deep blue
eyes and chiseled face. He then pulled of his black sweater to reveal
his bare chest. Barbara just stared in amazement at the man's rippling
stomach muscles and huge, broad shoulders. He was absolutely

He then slowly pulled off his black pants and boots, stripping himself
down to nothing more than a tight fitting G-String. And tight it was
too. His penis was incredibly large, almost monstrous as it bulged
outward from under the thin piece of cloth. It hung firm and tight
between his legs but it was not erect. It was like some huge snake,
waiting to burst out and strike at its victim. Barbara instinctively
rolled her thighs inward and turned her hips slightly away from him as
he approached.

"They call me Tommy the Tommy Gun." he said as he sat down and leaned
over her with his broad chest and sleek, muscular arms. "I've broken a
lot of women before but never a super heroine. This oughta be fun." he
said staring deep into her eyes as he pressed his forehead to hers.
Babs, shut her eyes and squealed slightly as he got up and walked over
to Catwoman who promptly wrapped her arms across his wide shoulders and
began kissing him.

"I'm Tabby but my stage name is Johny Logsplitter." said one of the
other men as he approached the bound heroine. He had already stripped
himself down most of the way while Barbara watched Tommy and Catwoman
French kissed. He tossed his last garment to the floor and stood over
the bed. He was almost the antithesis of Tom, having a body builder's
huge physique. He stood flexing his enormous arms and legs, tightening
every stomach, chest, arm and leg muscle as he stared down at the
gapping girl. He nearly resembled Fabio but had a meaner, more sinister
look to his eyes. Barbara moaned slightly and turned her head as she
saw his crotch. His nickname was definitely true as she stared in
horror at his enormous cock. Tommy's was long and slender but his was
shorter and way fatter. It hung like an enormous piece of meat between
his super tight, muscular legs.

"You're definitely gonna feel me, BITCH." he said as he roughly placed
his huge hand on her bare pelvis and slid it around over her lower
tummy. "I like 'em wiggling and ripe." he said with an evil smile.

The last henchman, Morris, pulled off his outfit and stood next to the
bed. His physique was similar to Johny's except he was a huge, dark,
black man. His entire body was shaved, including his head, which was
absolutely bald. Even his legs were smooth and bare. He just grinned
softly as his huge black hand patted her jumpy, white thigh. "Nice
piece- o-meat Bitch." he said in approval as he stepped away.

"These three gentlemen are all ex-porn stars that I managed to bail out
of the drink. You should feel honored my dear. There are women who
dream of having men like this. And to think, you get to have all three,
AT ONCE!" she hissed. "Tabby, Morris, soften up our guest while I get
in the mood with Tom." she barked as she grabbed Tom and began madly
kissing him.

Barbara began to scream wildly as the two muscle bound men approached
and climbed on the bed. She pulled against her binds, twisting and
kicking about as they grew closer. Roughly they began to put their huge
hands on her bare, helpless body, stroking her, petting her thighs and
hips as they gapped at the wiggling heroine before them.

Johny then reached up and pulled off her gag. Before she could let out
a scream, he smothered her cry with a deep, heavy kiss. Babs twisted
her head from side to side as she tried to avoid his mouth but he
clamped his hand under her chin and held her in place as he drew a
longer and longer kiss from her.

Her desperate coos and moans then turned to high shrieking as she felt
something long and wet between her legs. Morris's tongue slid slowly
between her lips as he sucked and massaged her vagina and clitoris with
his mouth. He grabbed her full, round thighs with his enormous arms and
clamped her rolling hips down as he forced his mouth on her. At the
same time, Johny let go of her chin and cupped her left breast with his
hand. It was like a huge adult playing with a small doll as he cupped
the relatively small breast and massaged it around in huge, erotic

She managed to twist her mouth free only to have him smile at her with
an arrogant grin. She gritted her teeth in panic as he moved down over
her chest and began cupping both breasts with his hands. Like a kid
playing with cookie dough, he began to wildly squeeze her 36s, molding
them and teasing them with his well skilled hands. He then barreled
down on her and pulled her chest upward, forcing her ripe, erect nipple
into his sucking mouth.

Barbara screamed in shock as he began to naw away on her bare breast.
The sensation of her nipple and tit being heavily sucked, along with
Morris's intense blow job was sending wild ripples of sexual sensation
throughout Batgirl's tender body. These guys were professionals and she
knew she had to do something before it was too late.

Then, like a pro, Johny rolled to one side of Barbara and moved himself
out of her line of sight. Morris sat up and inched his knees under her
plump rear. With one hand, he held her right thigh from underneath
while he pulled down his g-string and pulled out his cock with the

"OH DEAR GOD! NO! Catwoman NO!" screamed Barbara as she began to twist
about wildly. She watched in absolute horror as the muscular, black man
began stroking his enormous dick with his hand to get it hard. It grew
bigger and bigger, sending Barbara into an absolute frenzy. Johny
worsened the situation by holding the struggling heroine down and
forcing her head forward so she would have to watch. Morris then
grabbed her thigh with his other hand and slowly moved his penis





Barbara screamed in panic as she saw the tip of his penis pass by the
mound of hair between her legs and felt it slowly part her delicate
lips. Then, wailing and screaming, she gyrated her hips about
frantically as the man's erection pushed its way deeper and deeper
inside her. At first the going was very hard. The heroine put up an
enormous amount of resistance but the super hard member pushed its way
slowly past her defiant vaginal muscles at it sent waves of wild,
uncontrollable sensations through Barbara's bare body. Barbara's
screams were absolutely deafening as Morris moved his way deeper. She
was so tight, so tender, so sensitive. He looked down and watched as
his foot long organ pushed its way, like a piston, toward its target,
sinking deeper and deeper into her tiny pussy.


Batgirl's hips thrust about wildly as his penis continued its
agonizing journey. Every inch was a battle, every millimeter another
erotic wave of dominating pleasure and pain. Her vagina lubricated like
a broken faucet as the organ made its way toward her womb, disappearing
bit by bit inside the fiery heroine. She never knew she could quaff so
much. Even her vibrators at home weren't this big.

"UUUUGHH! Got to get free.... before I.... Can't let him take ME!"
Batgirl thought as desperation flew through her mind.

She then began to pant an moan deeply as his hips finally pressed
against hers and he slid is buttocks down into her lap. He had finally
penetrated her all the way and now lay over her, his hips slowly
pumping his huge organ in and out of her bound, defenseless body as she
wiggled slowly under his ominous form.

"UUGH! God this bitch is tight... so... fucking... TIGHT!." he gasped
cringing his eyes as the woman's vagina squeezed down hard on his
member. "God, she's so... ugghghn!"

Barbara pushed her hips around as she clamped her muscles in a vain
attempt at slowing Morris's progress. This was a sad mistake, however,
as the added tightness only served to heighten the man's already
excited state. Like an animal, he began to heavily bang Batgirl,
pushing his cock in and out of her with increasing frequency and





Moaning with each violent thrust, the wave of sexual excitement began
to build deep inside her. As her body was pounded by this huge man,
Johny leaned back in and began again to suck and massage her tits. This
time, however, he was much more ferocious, groping and squeezing her
relentlessly as his mouth sucked hard and deep on her delicate breasts.

Faster and faster Morris pumped. Batgirl's body was slamming about
violently now as the ex-porn star continued to quicken his pace. This
wasn't just some sexual flaunt with Catwoman. She was being raped,
viciously raped, and she was powerless to stop it. This was something
she had dreaded when she became a crime fighter. Being beaten up by
criminals was one thing but she was being taken, raped against her will
by Catwoman's thugs. Being so helpless at the hands of her captors made
her cry in terror. Selena had promised her revenge and now she
fulfilling her threat.

"Fuck her HARDER! Bang HER!" coaxed Johny as he cheered his buddy on.

"You fucking BITCH!" screamed Morris as he forcefully slammed his way
harder and deeper into her. Batgirl continued to pant and scream in
sexual agony and fear as his thrusts drove her higher and higher. His
cock was so huge, she was so helpless. Together, the sensations sent
her spiraling upward as the relentless pumping continued.

Then, the heroine's hips exploded upward, tightening with every muscle
in her body. At this point, Morris began thrusting inward, twisting his
pelvis around and forcing his pelvis bone against her surging clitoris
as he devilishly sent incredible waves of sensations shooting through
her. Her teeth gritted. Her breathing stopped. Her eyes clenched shut
as the climatic wave built inside her. Its pressure grew, expanding
past her will, past her control. She was like an ant at the foot of a
huge tsunami. So weak, so powerless. Every nerve, every muscle began to
explode with excitement. Then...


Her scream was that of utter sexual domination. Like the death throws
of some wild animal, Batgirl bucked and thrust about horribly as the
overpowering climax sent her spiraling down in defeat. At that moment,
Morris grabbed the girl's ripe ass and squeezed it hard as he tightened
his body. Gritting and hissing he shook and thrust as his climax
overwhelmed him.


He screamed as he exploded inside his victim. His pelvis continued to
pump away slow and deep as he discharged heavily inside the young
heroine. Batgirl was now panting and moaning loudly as the first rape
tore her mind and body apart. Her rest was only momentary, however, as
Johny's words shattered her serenity and made her freeze in shock.

"Its my turn now." he said as he let Morris slowly retract his soaking
penis and he moved into place.

Part 6

The bedroom door burst open and the three women carried Wonder Woman
under their arms and into the room. Wonder Woman had revived from the
ether and was busy struggling against her bonds and her captors. They
carried her gyrating body across the room and tossed her haphazardly on
the bed. Then with a flurry, the three women secured Diana to the bed.
They untied her legs and resecured each limb to a separate bed post
with a pair of extended chain handcuffs. Her hands were untied from
around her waist and her bound arms were swung up over her head and
tied to the headboard. The three ladies then climbed off the bed and
stood as they watched Wonder Woman twist about erotically on the bed in
a vain attempt at freeing herself.

The female hoodlums stood for a short while admiring their handy work.
Then, with a girlish giggle, they began to strip. All three ladies
removed their outfits and laughed as they watched Diana's reaction.
Diana was unsure of what was to come. She thought they were just going
to leave her bound and gagged on the bed like all the villains did but
the three naked approaching women told her otherwise.

The three vixens began to moan and sigh heavily now as they started
moving closer toward the now twisting Wonder Woman. There hands started
sliding forcefully over her body, groping and massaging her breasts and
legs as the three nymphs started to moan louder and louder. Tarra then
reached up and removed Diana's gag. The heroine let out a snarl of
fiery resistance.

"How DARE YOU! I demand to be released at ONCE! You women are all sick,
I can help you if you just let me go." Wonder Woman stated arrogantly
as she tried her usually rhetoric on the three villainesses.


"Ah shut up ya CUNT!" screamed Tasha as she punched Wonder Woman across
the face.

"Yeah, you bitch. Shut the fuck UP!" Yumi screamed sending her fist
hard into Wonder Woman's muscular stomach.

The two women then began smacking and slapping the heroine in a
horrific frenzy. Wave after wave of punches rained down on the prone
and helpless avenger as the two vixens relentlessly beat her.

"You think you're so hot with these tits! Well, take THIS!" screamed
Tasha as she punched her fist as hard as she could square into Diana's
left breast. Diana's breasts were very firm and hard. Even after 5 or 6
blows, Tasha was only able to sink her fist in halfway to her wrist.

Yumi then straddled the amazon and began smacking the woman across the
face like some wild slapping machine, alternating hands as she sent the
heroine's head back and forth. Diana looked like a spectator at a
tennis match as her head rocked from side to side. Her brunette hair
sprayed about angrily like sloshing, black paint in a rocking bucket.

The two women then sat back and stood over the panting and now stunned
amazon. "That should shut your mouth!" smugly barked Yumi as she spit
on the moaning heroine. She then leaned into Diana and grabbed her
heaving tits.

"UUUGH! No... more..." moaned Wonder Woman. "Can't you see you all need
psychiatric help. Please let me help you..." The avenger pleaded half-

"I know, that rope of hers. Get it." Tarra ordered. Yumi got up and
quickly returned with the golden lasso. Tarra grabbed the rope and
wrapped it around Diana's waist. The overwhelming sensation of the
magical item sent her body rolling up and around as her mind was taken
over by the lasso's effects.

"Now, from what I understand, you have to obey us and do what we tell
you." asked Tarra as she held the rope tight around Diana's waist.

"Ye...yes... I must obey...." stammered the avenger as the words were
forced from her.

"Good, first, no more speeches! COMPRENDEE!" screamed Tarra between her


"Yes what!.."

"Yes.....mistress." replied Wonder Woman.

"Now shut up until we tell you to talk."

"I can't believe we fucking have Wonder Woman!" gasped Yumi as she
softly groped Diana's 40 DD breasts.

"Yeh! And that's gotta be worth something." said Tarra as she looked at
the other three women and began to smile as a wicked thought came to
mind. "I'll be right back." she said with a giddy chuckle as she
quickly strutted out of the room. Moments later, she arrived with a
tripod and video camera.

"OOOO! Yes!" exclaimed Tasha as she got up and helped set up the AV
equipment. "Do you know what a movie about Wonder Woman being GANG
BANGED would be worth, especially by three babes like US!" Tarra said
laughing as she turned the camera on.

"Dear Hera! YOU CAN'T" screamed Wonder Woman as she saw the little red
light come on.

"Villains aren't supposed to do this." Diana thought. "They just tie
you up and tell you their plans. THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!" she
thought in terror.

"No... UUMMPH!... NO!" cried Diana as the women started again to grope
her. Her enormous breasts sloshed about uncontrollably as the three
women's' hands caressed and stroked her naked body. They were growing
more turned on by the second and Diana began to grit her teeth in panic
at their obviously growing passion.

"Oh God!" screamed Tasha as she leaned in and started kissing Diana's
upper chest and face wildly. The three began going crazy, kissing and
massaging Wonder Woman like a pack of animals in a feeding frenzy.

"Oh you Bitch!" screamed Tasha. "OOOHHHH!!" she screamed again as she
masturbated herself while she stroked Diana. Then, like a wild woman,
she swung her leg over Diana's chest and straddle Diana's face with her
thighs and hips.

"Suck me you Bitch! Suck ME!" she screamed as she grabbed Diana hard by
her hair and slid her vagina down over the amazon's gasping, horrified
face. Wonder Woman surged and rolled about as Tasha began thrusting her
hips back and forth, wiping her vagina over Diana's beautiful face and
forcing the heroine's mouth into her wet, dripping cunt. As she did
this, Tasha started masturbating herself, rubbing her own clitoris and
massaging her own breasts as she forced herself on Diana. The lasso
compelled Diana to obey and the amazon began to lick the woman's pussy
as she was forced to pleasure her rapist.

"HUMMMBBLLLM! NNNNGHMM! NNNMMBBLM!" Diana screamed in shock and disgust
as the nymph's heavily lubricating vagina was forcefully wiped across
her face and mouth. Diana's body continued to surge about, clenching
and pulling at her reins as she fought to resist the disgusting act.

With a loud slap, Yumi whacked her hand across Diana's left breast
sending a jello like wave rippling through the enormous mammary. Then
with animalistic ferocity, Yumi grabbed both breasts with each hand and
squeezed them hard, long and mercilessly like a child plowing her hands
into two piles of soft, wet clay. With utter abandonment, Yumi began
massaging the enormous tits, sculpting them into plump, erotic canyons
of mountainous flesh as she pushed the large breasts about. First
apart, then together, then forward against Tasha's ass. Round and round
her hands went sloshing the avenger's breasts like huge slabs of jello.
Then, like a hungry vampire, she dove in and sucked Diana's bare, ripe
nipple deep into her mouth. With an angry bite she began sucking wildly
on the defenseless tit in some vain attempt at milking it dry.

Diana's chest rolled and twisted wildly as her breasts were accosted.
The pain, the sensations, the brutality were sending waves of shear
panic through Wonder Woman's mind and she began struggling violently to
get free, knowing that something worse was yet to come.

No sooner had the thought entered her mind than Tarra began sliding her
hand along the inside if Diana's thigh. "Oh you're such a hot Bitch
aren't you!" said Tarra teasingly. Then, with a vulgar sweep, she slid
her hand over Diana's shaven, bare vagina and ran her long fingers
between the avengers lips. "So hot and so Fucking WET!" she screamed as
she began wildly rubbing her hands all over Diana's cunt.

Wonder Woman let out a ferocious scream as she felt her crotch being
violated. Her hips bucked about wildly as the woman's brutality and
forcefulness sent chills and waves of uncontrollable eroticism through
the amazon's panicked mind. So helpless, so out of control.  She was
being raped. RAPED! This can't happen. Her mind raced with these
thoughts and the horror and totality of her predicament grew more
intense with each moment.

"Oh Yes, That's it Bitch! MMMMMMGGGLM!" Tarra leaned in and began
licking Diana's gyrating pussy, driving the amazon wild with fear and
sexual sensation. Her mouth plowed deep and mercilessly into Diana, her
lips sucking and oscillating like someone sucking spilled milk off a
table top. Diana's moans and screams of defiance continued sounding out
from under the frantically thrusting brunette as Diana's vagina was
viciously violated by this woman's devilish mouth.

Tasha continued sliding herself over Diana's face, pulling Diana's hair
as she rode the buxom avenger like a rodeo cowboy breaking a wild
filly. The sensations pounded into her by her three rapists were
driving Diana mad causing the woman to cry out uncontrollably from
under Tasha. "Oh Dear HERA! No... NOT THIS!... NOT THIS!" she screamed
in a muffled voice that was drowned out by the young girl's soaking wet

Yumi sucked hard and pulled her head upward as she stretched the large
fleshy mass of Diana's right breast as hard as she could. With both
hands she clamped down on the gland and squeezed it as though she were
trying to force the last drop of toothpaste out of its tube. Then,
violently, she plowed her face back down into Diana's surging chest,
burying her cheeks into the center of the huge tit. She then rose up
and grabbed the two tits with each hand and started giving them another
violent round of intense massaging.

With her fingers, Tarra began feverishly teasing and pinching Diana's
exposed clitoris. Her fingers pressed and pulled, flicked and rubbed
sending Wonder Woman's hips pounding about and twisting from side to
side like a fish flopping on a dry beach. Diana was frantic now and her
body was violently squirming about and gyrating as the vicious and
merciless gang rape continued.

"Oh I bet you want some more don't you. I bet you're a big, naughty
slut?" teased Tarra as she let up slightly and reached over to the side
of the bed. From a bag, she pulled out a long red vibrator and held it
ominously over Wonder Woman's thrusting hips. "I bet you love doing
this dirty shit don't you?" she said petting Diana's pussy like it was
some whimpering dog. "Do you want a little of this? HUUHH? Do you want
THIS?!" she said with a sarcastic force as she callously pushed the
dildo into the unsuspecting heroine.

Diana froze in shear terror, knowing instantly what the crude implement
was that was being forced upon her. She tightened up and surged upward
as she fought to resist its advance. Tarra continued to push hard,
inching it slowly and deeply into Wonder Woman's tight, defiant pussy.
With her tongue, Tarra licked and teased Wonder Woman's protruding
clitoris, forcing the avenger to loose control of her vaginal muscles
and weakening her already depleted resistance. The dildo moved ever
deeper, making Diana moan and roll about in shear sexual agony.

Then, with a deep, heavy "UUUUUUUUUGHHH!" Wonder Woman's hips collapsed
to the bed as the implement reached its deepest insertion. Instantly
she began writhing and bucking about like a wild, trapped animal. She
was frantic, desperate and the three ladies knew it. Violently, wildly
she tossed and turned trying to fight for freedom.

Tasha had to grab Diana with both hands, almost being thrown off the
wild filly by the avengers tantrum of desperation. Yumi bore down on
the heroine as well, clamping her arm around Diana's full chest as she
increased her sucking to a vicious, merciless pace.

Tarra pulled the vibrator back hard and the tightness caused it to come
back slowly. Then, with an intense effort she forced it back in, then
back out, then back in. Over and over she plunged it in and out of
Diana's defenseless vagina. Like a piston, the vibrator pumped Wonder
Woman higher and higher towards uncontrollable sexual devastation.

"You ARE a naughty BITCH aren't YOU!" screamed Tasha as she slapped
Diana's stomach as hard as she could and continued pumping the vibrator
in and out of the heroine. "Tell me you're a bad girl. Tell me you need
to be FUCKED. I order you!"

"I.... I'm a ... bad girl! Sooo bad. I need to be fucked. Teach me a
lesson. FUCK MEEE!" Diana cried out from under Tasha's impending pussy.
The order to say those things sent Wonder Woman into a spiral of total
humiliation. To have to beg to be raped by your enemy, this was

"Oh Yes, so BAD!" agreed Yumi as she switched breasts and started in on
the other one.

"SUCK ME CUNT! SUCK ME!" screamed Tasha again and again as Diana's
forced oral sex brought the young girl ever closer to climax. Then,
like a crazy woman, Tasha grabbed Diana with both hands and shook the
avenger's head frantically. "LICK ME CLEAN! LICK IT! LICK IT BITCH!"
she ordered forcing Diana's mouth even deeper into her. Diana was
compelled to obey and increased her licking, sucking and swallowing of
the girl's juices as she was taken.

"Oh you're so BIG! Look how big that cunt is!" Tarra teased as she
began twisting and rotating the vibrator in ever widening circles
inside Diana's vagina. The amazon began wailing in sensation as the
woman viciously bent and deformed the dildo inside her. "Oh yeah, so
big. I bet I could fit two of these in there." she added. No sooner had
the words hit Diana's ears than the second dildo began tunneling its
way underneath the first.

Wonder Woman went absolutely insane. Her hips started convulsing
wildly, pounding the king sized bed with each violent thrust. The whole
bed shook and rocked as the amazon princess was deeply and horribly
penetrated by the two vibrators. At this point Diana's muffled screams
turned to crying wails of desperate agony. The sensations were too
much, too overpowering. She was so helpless at the hands of such
uncontrollable sexual violence. They were raping her. Pounding her.
Tearing away every part of her decency and dignity. Crying and scream
she fought to resist what she could never hope to abate.

The climatic wave soared higher and higher as she tightened like a
swelling balloon. The three nymphs knew victory was growing near and
stepped up their brutal onslaught. Squeezing, pinching, teasing,
masturbating; every part, every erotic nerve was stimulated beyond
comprehension. Diana Prince surged upward one last time in a final
death throw of sexual defiance.


The scream would have echoed throughout the island but, the cabin they
were in was well isolated. Wonder Woman's violent rape went unheard and
unnoticed by the remaining guests. All alone, Diana was trapped in a
living hell and she was absolutely powerless to stop her violation.

The three nymph's didn't stop, however. With callous disregard they
continued their ruthless onslaught of Wonder Woman's virtue. No time to
think, no time to catch her breathe, Diana screamed in shear terror.
"HERA, NO! ... Multiple orgas....UUUGHHH!!" Her fear was realized as
the constant sexual attacks forced another and another and yet another
climax from the costumed avenger. For what seemed like an eternity,
Diana's firm, muscular body soared and stiffened, bursting with wave
after wave of overwhelming sexual bliss.

Diana's hips then collapsed in utter defeat as the women continued
accosting the amazon with total abandonment. Tasha, growing near,
stepped up her strokes, sliding her cunt harder and harder over Diana's
mouth and face. Then, seizing up, Tasha rose slightly and began
masturbating herself as her body tightened.


The girl screamed wildly as she climaxed long and deep. Her body
convulsed as the orgasm claimed her and she began thrusting her vaginal
muscles in reaction. A thick stream of female cum oozed out into
Diana's mouth and into her face as the young girl began lubricating
uncontrollably. She then slid her cunt back down onto Diana's face and
began wiping her juices all over the amazon. "Lick me clean. Swallow it
all." gasped Tasha as she sprayed herself on Diana. The amazon obeyed,
licking and swallowing the girl's discharge without hesitation.

"Let me try." cried Yumi as she pulled the dazed brunette off of Diana
and slid into her place. Diana, realizing a new girl was over her began
to thrash her head about again trying to resist Yumi's black hared
vagina. This was absolutely futile, however, as the young minx easily
slid her crotch into place and began forcing Diana to perform the same
horrid act on her.

"Did you like that whore? I bet that took the spunk out of you." Tarra
said as she pulled out the two vibrators and began licking them clean
like a little girl sucking on a ice-pop. Then, with her right hand, she
plunged all four fingers into Diana's soar, swollen pussy and slid her
hand about like she was molding the inside of a soft, clay pot. In
huge, circular motions, she reamed Diana's vagina with her hand,
sliding it around the inside of her cunt like it was a vase. "OH YES,
You're a fucking naughty BITCH! You like being fucked by big things.
That's why your cunt is so BIG!" she continued taunting Diana with as
much crude language as she could.

Diana surged and writhed about in shear agony as the woman continued
her brutal, finger exploration. "How's about this for size CUNT!" Tarra
screamed as she withdrew her hand and pushed her fist into the frantic
amazon. Using her knuckles and twisting her wrist, Tarra began
burrowing her hand into Diana's much too small vagina. Wonder Woman
retaliated by convulsing uncontrollable in a wild display of desperate
resistance. Both Tarra and Yumi had to clamp their bodies down onto the
violently bucking heroine to slow her struggling. The amazon's screams
turned into crying sobs and wailing moans as the young girl mercilessly
penetrated Diana with her twisting fist. Her hand didn't go in all the
way. Instead, her knuckles rode around between Wonder Woman's lips as
the girl twisted and rotated her fist trying to burrow it deeper into
the frantic amazon.

As the two women continued raping Wonder Woman, Tasha staggered over to
a dresser and pulled out a special leather belt. The belt was the
harness for a strap on dildo and she wasted no time affixing the
biggest dildo she could find to the front. The belt also had a brace
that attached to another dildo that she slid inside herself. As the
mounted one moved, her dildo would move as well, echoing the motions of
the first. She mounted the belt and walked back toward the mountain of
women on the bed. She tapped Tarra on the shoulders and the blonde
moved aside.

Grabbing Diana's knees, she pushed the amazon's long legs forward until
her thighs were perpendicular with her pelvis. Tasha then hung Diana's
knees over her shoulders and slid her vibrator toward its target. With
a few positioning shifts of her hips, Tasha aimed her weapon and...


Wonder Woman exploded upward as the head of the dildo punched its way
past her sore and swollen lips and deep into her aching cunt. For
several seconds Tasha twisted and turned her hips as she brutal sent
the dominating toy deeper toward its ripe target. After about a minute
of agonizing penetration, Tasha's hips met Diana's jiggling buttocks as
the dildo was fully inserted inside the amazon.

The three women then went to town. Yumi continued riding Wonder Woman's
face, forcing her to lick and suck while Tarra grabbed the princess's
huge mammaries and feasted on her enormous endowment. Tasha was
merciless as she twisted and shoved, pumped and pushed. The amazon's
hip reactions sent erotic waves through her dildo, into the belt and
into the dildo inside Tasha. The three women and the super heroine
formed a mountainous mass of erotic female flesh as Wonder Woman's
brutally gang banged body surged about helplessly under the vixens'
hellish onslaught. Then with another lunge of desperation, Diana's hips
shot upward and collapsed in another horrific series of climaxes.

Seeing Tasha, Tarra got up and grabbed a belt for herself. "Lets give
her our specialty." grinned Tasha as she helped Tarra with her strap
on. "Yes, the bitch tamer." Tarra grinned giving Tasha a wet, French

Yumi screamed wildly as she too climaxed over Diana. She dismounted and
the three women sat on the bed watching the buxom heroine moaning and
groaning from the horribly devastating experience. Uncuffing her feet,
Tasha remove Diana's leg cuffs and the three women turned Wonder Woman
on her stomach. As they did this, Tarra slid along side Diana and let
the two girls roll the amazon over on top of her. Diana now lay on her
stomach draped over Tarra, her arms tied and stretched out over her
head and her legs laying lifeless to either side of Tarra's hips.
Diana's eyes were heavy and foggy and she stared down in a glassy haze
at Tarra with her mouth hanging open dull and wide as she gasped
slowly. Tarra grabbed Diana by the back of the head and began French
kissing the woman madly.

"Poor, sweet Wonder Woman. Farewell" softly whispered Tarra in Diana's
ear. At that moment, Yumi grabbed Tarra's mounted dildo and helped
guide it into Diana's bare vagina. Wonder Woman reeled her head back as
the fat implement penetrated her and pushed its way ever deeper inside
her. Tarra grabbed the writhing heroine by her full, plump ass and
cupped each buttock as she pushed her dildo in and out of Wonder Woman.

At that moment, the giddy brunette slapped Diana's jiggling ass and
slid herself between the avenger's legs. Using her hands to part the
amazon's large cheeks, she carefully aimed her devastating toy and
plunged it hard into Diana's unsuspecting anus.

"UUUUGH! NO! HERA, Get it OUT! GET IT OUT! STOP!....." Diana screamed
feverishly as Tasha pushed the dildo slowly past her defiant anal
muscles and deeper into her ass. Diana twisted wildly as she tried to
escape the penetration. As she raised her hips, Tasha pushed her rear
back down with increasing pressure from the dildo. Wonder Woman was
nothing more than a flailing, helpless piece of she-meat in a diabolic
lesbian sandwich of sexual torture and her struggling only added to
everyone's sexual excitement.

The three women and the heroine began wrestling each other as Diana
tried to free herself and her tormentors tried to keep her in place.
Diana panted and breathed like a chugging steam train as both women
continued pounding her down. Then, suddenly, Tasha's body jerked
downward as her hips dropped several inches. Tasha's dildo had
succeeded in overcoming the avenger's resistance and it sank fast and
deep into the mountainous rear. Wonder Woman's head shot straight up
and her eyes bulged out in an unholy expression of absolute, sensual
overload as the dildo slipped inside. No scream, no shriek, no cry for
help. Her teeth clenched and her body shook as she lost all control of
her mind and her body. The climax was horrendous. It blasted through
her like a hurricane in a wind tunnel and the light faded from her
sight as she passed out from the devastation.

                          * * *

"GGLLMM...NOO!!!" screamed Batgirl.

The king sized bed was shaking violently now as all three men enjoyed
their captured prize. Johny was on his back, his huge arms clapped
around Batgirl's reddened, tender breasts and using them to pin her.
Johny's enormous cock was slowly burrowing its way deep into Barbara's
anus as the young heroine tried to wiggle her hips free. Tommy was on
top of the struggling heroine, his penis slowly pushing its was deep
into her sore vagina as he mounted her rolling hips from on top. Morris
was kneeling over Batgirl's face. His hands clamping her head still as
his cock moved past her lips and down her rasping throat.

"MMMM... I just love it when you're penetrated." teased Catwoman as she
sat on the bed and watch the erotic spectacle. "I want you gentlemen to
all climax at once. She needs to be fucked good and I want every part
of her inseminated." purred Catwoman as she started to slowly
masturbate herself. The villainess had stripped herself and was now
completely naked as she sat entertaining herself on the bed.

"OH GOD... NO! NO!... GOD..." Barbara cried out in her thoughts as the
enormous men moved deeper inside her plucky, little body. Each cock
sank deeper and deeper, disappearing slowly into their respective
orifices. The men were grimacing in pain as their members were squeezed
so tightly into the young girl's tight body.

It took nearly 10 minutes of agonizing penetration before the three
studs were completely inside Batgirl. Then the pumping began. Brutal,
intense, relentless and merciless. The poor girl's body was nothing but
a fragile doll at the hands of three huge gorillas as she was gang
banged. Her legs flailed about, her body twisted in terror. Three
enormous cocks so deep inside her. She was absolutely helpless and wild
sexual sensations raced through her erotically tortured mind, blotting
out all possible coherent thought.

The three then began to seize. There massive, muscular bodies tightened
and shook as they grew closer toward the devastating climax. Batgirl
was beyond climaxing. Her body was in a constant state of climaxing as
wave after wave of multiple orgasms continued to tear her will
violently apart. Her body was nothing more than a bucking, convulsing
female form as the men's insertions continued to blast her down.

After another few minutes, the gang tightened ever upward, pushing
Barbara's flailing body along with the unified orgasm. She screamed,
she cried, she groped and clawed. Nothing could stop them, nothing
could save her....




All three rapists exploded at once causing them to pump away madly into
the heroine's taken body. They grabbed and pinned her struggling form
as they pumped and forced every drop of their unwelcome manhood deep
into her helpless anus, vagina and mouth. For several agonizing
minutes, all Barbara could do was thrash about slowly as she was forced
to swallow huge amounts of Morris's discharge. The semi-white fluid
came out between her soft, red lips and trickled slowly down her chin
and over her cheeks. The other two men were deeply coming as well. Her
anus began to ooze cum as Johny's cock filled her ass with his fluid.
Tommy's discharge pumped deep into Barbara's unprotected womb and her
brown muff became soaked with sweat, lubricant and cum. The three
enjoyed their rape-fest, wildly banging Batgirl as the finished their

After about 10 minutes, the three moved aside and let Catwoman in. The
vixen had put on a belt with a strap on dildo and she slid her legs
between Barbara's as she moved in on top of the panting heroine.

"UUGH! NO... God No.. please, I beg you... Stop pleeeeaassseee.."
Barbara cried, her tears streaming down her face as her beaten and
raped body lay helpless under Catwoman's sexually turned on form.

"Not on your life sweet cheeks. You left me. Nobody does that.
Hssssss." The cat hissed as she moved the fat dildo into place an
plunged it into Barbara's sore and widened cunt. Batgirl's head rolled
back in sexual agony as she was again penetrated. The fiery cat twisted
and pushed her implement forward, relentlessly pounding it deep into
Batgirl's pussy.

As she did this, Catwoman began to pant wildly in erotic pleasure. She
was raping her ex-lover and her nemesis, she was taking the woman that
had scorned her. A woman that was an icon, a symbol of purity and
decency. Dominating, relentlessly dominating the only woman that had
ever beaten her. This bitch had to be taught a lesson and Catwoman was
nearly frantic from sexual bliss knowing she was finally going to put
the great Batgirl in her place, once and for all.

Both women were panting and screaming wildly as their female union
continued to grow closer and closer. Batgirl was utterly devastated.
This woman loved her, cared for her and now this feline vixen was
brutally raping her. It wasn't a matter of love or relationships
anymore, this villainess was out to totally and horrificly dominate
Batgirl and the avenger now knew the line had been crossed. Catwoman
had turned back into the old enemy she had fought so many times before.
This time, the horror of being totally dominated removed any thought
she had that she would get a chance to face her ex-lover again as
heroine and villainess. She was losing. BADLY.

Yumi was now on top of Wonder Woman, riding the frantic brunette as she
plunged her strap on dildo in and out of the restrained amazon. Diana
continued to shriek and cry out as the Asian pounded her will away. For
some reason Tarra and Tasha had left Yumi to alone entertain Diana,
saying they would be back. The heroine had tried several times to
escape but her hands were bound too tightly and the effects of the
orgasma beam, the anesthetics and being raped had taken much of her

Suddenly, the door to the cabin opened and a group of women entered.
Tarra and Tasha walked in escorted by... "HERA! NO!" gasped Wonder
Woman as Victoria Madison and her two cohorts Nic and Nac arrogantly
entered the room.

"Well, I had to see it to believe it. The great Wonder Woman, all
trussed up like a sausage." grinned Victoria as she sat on the bed and
grabbed Diana hard by the chin. "You and your little friend Bat-cunt
thought you were cute doing those things to me. Well, its payback time
BITCH!... Hey wait a minute!" she growled looking back at Tarra with a
suspect expression.

"What is this! This ain't Wonder Woman. Its that busy-body Diana
Prince." she hissed pushing Diana head to one side. Suddenly, a wave of
silence washed over the room as all six women stared at each other with
growing expressions of realization. Like cash registers they all rang
up $ALE at the same time.

"NO!.... UUUGH! NO!" Diana screamed as the six women loomed over her.

"Well, well. We now know the great Wonder Woman's secret identity."
gasped Tarra clapping her hands in absolute joy. "Its party TIME!" she
screamed. With that, all six women piled on top of the now frantically
screaming heroine and started again to pulverize her virtue straight to
the bottom of her already humiliated soul.

                          * * *

Batgirl screamed again and again. She came. She exploded. She burst
from shear sexual agony. Catwoman screamed with her, slamming her wide
hips hard and deep into the young heroine's already tortured lap. The
vixen was relentless, uncaring, cold and brutal. She was a true she-cat
in every sense of the word and the scratches across Batgirl's chest,
legs and face proved it.

Then, with one last forceful plunge, Selena nearly lifted Batgirl off
the bed as both women soared toward overwhelming bliss. Barbara's tear
stained eyes shot open, her fists clenched in agony so hard her nails
drove themselves into her palms. Her body seized like a cattle-prodded
heifer, then, she exploded like a cannon. She collapsed without a sound
to the bed, her glaring eyes slowly closing as the climax sucked away
the last of her resistance.

Catwoman panted and huffed as she leaned back and grabbed Batgirl's
chin with her hand. Running her index finger over the young girl's wet,
cum stained lips, she sprouted a devious smile.

"She's mine. MINE! The great Batgirl has finally been DEFEATED!"
Catwoman screamed jumping off the bed and throwing her arms around her
male kittens. "Quick boys, before she comes out of it, fuck her till
you're dry!"

With that order, the three hulks climbed back onto the bed and began
again to gang bang the now delirious and dominated avenger.

                          * * *

"Quick, bring it over here. Put it on the bed between her legs." order
Victoria as Nic walked in with a black, box. She set the Black-n-Decker
paint sprayer box on the bed and the two women proceeded to open it and
put it together.

It had been nearly three horrific hours since Victoria showed up. Diana
lay bruised, beaten and utterly devastated on the bed, tied spread
eagle and gagged with somebody's long ago discarded underpants. Her
lasso still kept her in check and a small part of her wished she had
burned the damn thing years ago. The other women had satiated
themselves and had set about drinking wine, tequila or anything else
they could find in the liquor cabinet. Victoria had other plans,
however, plans that involved lots of revenge.

Nic had put the paint sprayer's pump together and she callously chucked
the sprayer off to the other side of the room. The pump was all they
wanted. Taking the hose, which was about an inch in diameter, Victoria
pushed it hard and deep into Diana's immensely sore vagina. After
pushing it a few inches inside, she gave Diana a small love tap on the
belly and looked up at the slightly panicked avenger.

Diana's tears had all but soaked her face. Her hair was greasy and
slick from the huge amounts of female lubricant that was spread over
her face and head from the hours of forced oral sex she was compelled
to perform by her lasso. Her breasts were puffy and lifeless. They lay
beaten and pounded like two over-kneaded lumps of dough on her bruised
and scratched chest. Her stomach, arms, chest and legs were covered
with lumps and bruises from the hours of gang raping. Her vagina was
dripping and now lay with a long, clear plastic tube running deep
inside. The worst part was her rear. She had been brutally back holed.
Her anus had been stretched and spread by every conceivable implement
the women could find. She had never been widened so badly and the
curled opening lay spread and oozing with female lubricant.

"What shall we try first?" asked Victoria of Nic like she was a bimbo
cheerleader. "I know, how about some pudding?" replied Nic. "MMMM
Yummy." said Victoria with a sarcastic smile as she got up, rubbed her
tummy teasingly and smiled at Diana as she went into the kitchen.
"Everyone loves Jello." She quickly appeared with several six pack
tubettes of Jello pudding. Both women started opening the containers
and scooping their contents into the pump's paint reservoir.

Diana watch in horror and began to slowly slid her legs around in an
absolute vain attempt at escaping as she watched the two fill the

"Here we go." grinned Victoria as she flipped on the switched and
watched the machine. The pump hummed like a huge fish tank, air pump
sending tiny vibrations through the bed as it slowly chugged away at
the pudding. Then, the clear plastic tube began to slowly fill with the
brown fluid. The fluid rose slowly through the tube toward Diana,
twisting and twirling along its path like a super slow roller coaster.
Diana began to panic, twisting her head from side to side as her dark,
sunken eyes stared in desperation at the pudding's approach. Then, with
a slight gasp from the amazon, Wonder Woman watched in terror as the
fluid reached her and disappeared inside.

Suddenly, Diana began to surge and roll her hips around slowly. The
pudding just kept coming. The pump pushed more and more of the brown
goo inside her but where was it going? Diana then felt herself getting
cold. The pudding had been refrigerated and it was send incredibly odd
chills through her from inside.

"My, you're deep." teased Victoria as both women emptied more and more
of the pudding packets into the pump. After two minutes of slow
pumping, a small flood of warm, brown goo poured like a river in slow
motion from around the tube.

"My God....That was 8 tubs. Enough servings for an entire family."
sarcastically teased Victoria as she watched Diana ooze out onto the
bed. "Now what?"

"Milk! Milk goes great with pudding." Nic said getting up and racing
for the kitchen. She returned with a gallon of Vitamin D. Diana stared
at the jug and shook her head violently "NO!". Nic started to poor the

                          * * *

The sound of zippers being pulled shut echoed through the cabin as
Catwoman finished pulling up the last large ring on Batgirl's new suit.
Batgirl was zipped into a huge, black vinyl body glove. The suit hugged
her like a super tight second skin and she resembled a black statue on
top of a trophy, the kind with the legs and arms molded together into
one curvaceous, female mass. Her arms were well clamped to her sides
and her breasts made noticeable mountains with tiny, nipple peaks in
the suit. It completely covered her, including her head, face and hair.
The only hole was a small slit for her nose so she could breathe, which
she was now doing quite heavily. Her mouth was securely gagged under
the suit with a wide swath of duct tape.

The three now dressed henchmen picked up the lifeless heroine and
carried her to the middle of the floor. The furniture and rugs had been
moved to one side and a green, plastic tarp had been rolled out on the
floor. It nearly covered the floor and was absolutely soaked with dish
detergent. They tossed the avenger on the tarp letting her body slide
about in the soap. Batgirl moaned deeply and slowly as she began to
twist around.

"I see you're not dead yet." chortled Catwoman as she sat on the corner
of a table, crossed her legs and filed her nails. "Well that's good
because I've got something extra special for you. This is so sick, I
haven't even tried this." she smiled as she blew off the nail debris
and looked down at the mass of heroine on the floor.

"If you haven't noticed by now, and I seriously doubt you haven't
noticed, I've inserted a special vibrator in your pussy. It's like any
other vibrator, seeing how it runs on electricity but, oh dear, there
are no batteries." Catwoman said sarcastically as she shook her head
and made a "nt nt nt nt" sound.

"Instead, your new suit, which I must say fits you quite well, is lined
with a net of tiny wires sewn inside. Through induction they will power
your new companion. Now, where might the electricity come from?"
Catwoman asked as she rolled her eyes around in an over acting motion
and shrugged her shoulders. "Could it be from hmmm... maybe... hmmmm...
THESE POWER CORDS FROM A WALL OUTLET!" she barked in her best church
lady imitation.

Barbara Gordon began to scream under her gag as she heard Catwoman. No
sooner did she start panicking than Catwoman dropped the exposed ends
of a stripped power cord onto the mat and into the soapy water
solution. Sparks and tiny bolts of electricity shot about on the mat as
Batgirl screamed in horrific pain. Her now lively body bucked and
flopped around like a fresh fish on a hot beach as she was riddled with
electric shocks. The electricity crackled and sizzled as it sent
sporadic bolts through her suit and into the vibrator. The toy's super
charged motor would start up and shut down over and over again in a
diabolic rhythm sending blasting sexual waves through Barbara's
electrocuted body.

The pain and sexual sensation were already too much. Coupled with the
nearly eight hours of horrific sexual torture, Barbara couldn't even
think about who she was, where she was, why she was there or how to get
free. She was now a mindless, sexual vegetable simply responding to
stimuli like an ameba under a bright light. Her conscious mind had
completely shut down and all her subconscious knew was the agony and
ecstasy forced upon her by the mysterious cat figure that dominated her
dark, nightmarish dreams.

"Oh, YES! SQUIRM BITCH SQUIRM! You sanctimonious, self righteous, goody
two shoes whore. You're just as bad as the rest of us. Just as dirty
and oh what a little slut!" Catwoman's taunts rained down on the
fettered heroine as she rolled around on the mat. The woman's words
echoed through her sending her even deeper into utter humiliation.

More pain, more sensation, the blackness encompassed her. Her heart
seized, her breathe grew short. She was dying, her body and mind
seperating as her heart stopped and she began to shut down. Falling
deeper and deeper, Batgirl plummeted toward a sexually agonizing death.
Her vision faded, her mind turned to black. The end would come from her
final climax. Tighter and tighter. Closer and closer. Her back arched,
her muscles shuttered. She was coming....

Suddenly, the whole cabin went black. "What the...!" Catwoman barked.

"Must have been the fuses Catwoman." said Morris as he flipped on a
flashlight. "I guess we popped more than Batbimbo's cherry." he laughed
as the four stood over the now moaning Batgirl.

"I've got an idea. It'll be light in 20 minutes. Pick her up and follow
me." ordered Catwoman as she slinked out of the cabin into the early
morning air.

                          * * *




Diana had stopped moving after the 30th or so blow. It had been two
hours since Victoria and Nic had started their food escapade. Empty
containers of soda, milk, salad dressing, soap, cake frosting, orange
juice, pudding, ice cream, oatmeal, lotion and any other available
liquidy substances littered the cabin floor. Diana was now tied facing
one of the support posts, with her hand over her head and her mouth
gagged with a ball and leather straps. A rainbow of disgusting fluids
streamed down between her long, muscular legs, staining her hips and
legs with streaks of mustard, orange juice, pudding, milk and anything
else that had poured out of her. Her lasso hung loosely around her
waste and was the only thing compelling her to stand. The women had
also forced the amazon to wear a really high pair of black stiletto
heels as they ordered her to remain standing in "a nice and slutty

She hung like the lifeless catch of the day from her arms as Victoria
let loose with another crack of her cat-o-nine-tails. All the women had
enjoyed a round of "whip-the-heroine" and Diana was pelted and red with
welts across her sagging rear and loose back.




On and on the beating continued.

After a bit, Tarra Rogers walked up totting a bottle of tequila and
grabbed Diana by the chin. Diana's eyes were heavy and dull as she
stared like a zombie toward the ceiling. "Ain't no use spankin' 'er"
Tarra said with a slur. "She's wouldn't feel it anyway BUUURRPPP."

"'ere, 'ave a drinky pooh." she babbled pouring the liquor over Diana's
gag and down her chest. "OOPs! My you just can't hold your booze can
ya, BITCH!" Tarra scoffed. Then, with a heft kick, she sent her knee
hard into Diana's crotch, doubling the heroine over and sending her
straight to the floor. Wonder Woman lay curled up on the floor,
unconscious, beaten, gang raped and totally humiliated.

"What are we going to do with jug queen." asked Yumi as she prodded
Diana's lifeless body with her high-heel.

"Our little heroine is going to have a big-ol-accident." stammered
Tarra as she grabbed Diana by her hair and shook her head like a little
girl tearing at a doll.

Part 7

Barbara Gordon's vision was still immensely foggy as she felt a rope
being pulled tight around her chest. She moaned slowly but her body
wouldn't respond. Even without being tied, she probably couldn't move
anyway. Then, she recoiled like a beaten animal as the sight of her
tormentor's face loomed over her. With a loud whacking slap across the
face, Catwoman shook Batgirl awake. "So nice of you to join us sweet
cheeks. I see you're still alive. Good."

Batgirl slowly raised her sore head and neck, and looked around at her
predicament. She was tied on her back to a huge log which was about
twice as thick as she was. Her arms were tied over her head and her
legs were tied very wide apart and to the sides of the log. Several
coils of rope pinned her legs, waist and arms to the log basically
making her a permanent part of it. She was so sore and tired, her head
simply dropped like a rock as she lay back down. She was completely
stripped and lay naked to the world and spread across the coarse, hard
tree trunk.

"Its just like one of those "Puuurrrrerils of Pauline" serials."
Catwoman gasped clapping her hands together. "The poor bound and gagged
heroine is tied to the log and sent slowly down the conveyor toward the
buzz saw. The huge blade whirs and zings, cutting the log as the young
damsel struggles for freedom. The only puuurrrroblem is, there's no
mountie to save you." she said with a giggle as she leaned over Barbara
and slowly ran her clawed fingertip down Batgirl's nose. "I've got all
the mounties. TOMMY!"

The henchman threw the breakers and the monstrous cutter started up.
The huge, circular blade began spinning at high speed as it sat like a
chomping pacman waiting for Batgirl's log to chew on. Batgirl looked
down her body, between her legs and at the saw and began to scream. It
was lined up perfectly with her crotch. Tears of terror streamed down
her face as the log began moving toward the steel blade of death.

"Tata Batgirl. Just like you, we have to "SPLIT"." Catwoman laughed as
she put her arms around her goons and skipped out of the mill. "By the
way, we found the next clue." she bragged taping a manila envelope with
her Cat nails. "Too bad you won't live to see it. BWAHAHAHAHAHA"
Batgirl lay twisting and struggling against her ropes as death came
closer and closer. "It can't end like this... NOT THIS!"

                          * * *

The cold chill of the lake water shot through Wonder Woman's bare body
like thousands of tiny daggers as the bucket of water brought her
violently to consciousness. Immediately, Diana began to feel
disoriented and dizzy as what she was laying on began to rock and roll
about. Wonder Woman lay curled up in a small, two man, inflatable raft.
The women had completely cocooned her in duct tap. Her amazon body lay
like a fly tied in a spiders web, her arms taped behind her back and
her legs bound tightly together. Tape ran everywhere, around her legs,
arms, chest, shoulders, stomach, knees, ankles, almost any part of her
that could move was securely taped. Her hands were the worst part. The
women had used an entire roll of tape to bundle her hands into one mass
of gray, sticky tape securing the ends of her arms into one huge glob
of plastic. Several coils of tape were wrapped around her mouth and
over and around her head. Her hair was a snarled, sticky mess under the
tape and the only part of her head exposed was her eyes, nose and
cheeks which bulged out and over the tape around her mouth.

"Wakey wakey." screamed Tarra as she flung the tequila bottle sending
it bouncing off Wonder Woman's taped chest and into the water. "We
decided you needed a nice, relaxing boat ride." Tarra laughed as she
stood arrogantly on the dock.

"Yeah, a ONE WAY boat ride." screamed Victoria as she untied the little
boat and gave it a kick with her shoe. "Have a nice trip... see ya next
FALL!" she joked and with that all the women began to laugh at the
bound up heroine as her boat caught the current and started down

"You think she'll stand a chance?" asked Victoria as they watched the
boat head down stream.

"Nah, those falls are hundreds of fee.. hundreds of fee... really high.
She go SPPPPPLLLLAAAAATTTTT like a heroic pancake." replied Tarra as
she staggered off the dock with her to cohorts and headed back toward
the cabin.

Wonder Woman twisted and pulled at the tape as the boat began to pick
up speed. Far off the roar of Glouster falls grew closer as the heroine
raced toward certain DOOM. "Only minutes... must get free...dear
Hera... Its HOPELESS!"

Part 8

"Damn this water is COLD!" Wonder Woman thought as her tiny raft
bounded and plunged in and out of the river's frothy, ice cold currents
like a leaf in a garden hose stream flowing toward a drain. This drain,
however, was several hundred feet high and she was one hell of a tiny
leaf. The amazing amazon's ever renewing body was slowly recuperating
from its sexual ordeal and she began to struggle and pull harder
against the duct tape as she grew closer to the edge.

"Hera! This stuff... so tight... this can't be the END!" she screamed
under her gag as she tried frantically to pull at least one hand loose.

What was worse, the little boat was filling fast with water. The sides
were still inflated but the interior was hip deep in ice cold water.

"Wait! The water! The tape is..... softening."

Sure enough, as the voluptuous brunette rolled about in the half filled
boat, the water began soaking into the duct tape making it weaker by
the second.

"Too SLOW!... Got to do something to buy time!" she thought as she saw
the misty spray of water ahead that marked the edge of the great falls.
"I've got no CHOICE!"

Closing her eyes and taking one last deep breathe through her nose, the
amazon rolled her bound body over the edge of the boat and into the
fiercely flowing rapids. For several seconds she remained immersed
under the white foam as the little boat continued toward the edge. The
boat then sailed straight over the falls and flittered down into the
misty whiteness below.

For a long moment, only the roar of the falls echoed through the early
morning haze. Then, a long, female arm burst from the depths and Wonder
Woman groped and grasped for the nearest rock. Only her right arm was
free, but, with spirit and determination rivaled by no other, she
pushed and reached until she pulled herself up against the slimy stone
savior. A few moments later, her other arm came free, then her legs.
With shear, female determination, she plodded through the currents like
a buxom juggernaut until she found herself plopped down on the shore of
the river, bruised, half drowned and totally exhausted.

                          * * *

Barbara kept blowing away wood chips from her nose as the spray of pulp
from the saw blade started pilling on top of her. The log was about
halfway through and she could see the huge blade growing nearer and

"CATWOMAN!" she screamed under her gag. "NO!"

The noise of the mill was so deafening that she couldn't even hear
herself think let alone make a sound. She stared down her naked body,
which was now totally covered in wood chips, and watched in horror as
the bladed reached the bottom of her feet.

Suddenly, a new wave of hope sprang from the plucky avenger. "My God!
She tied my feet apart!" thought Barbara as she felt the blade cut the
rope that ran between her ankles and which bound her legs to the log.
With a twang, her legs slipped to either side of the log, free of their

"Thank the stars I've been practicing this..." she thought as she
lifted her long legs up and curled them over her body so her feet were
touching her hands. Laying on her back, with her ass up in the air,
Barbara went to work untying the knots on her wrists with her toes.

"Never thought... this would... ever come in... handy...." she thought
remembering the time she had accidentally dropped the keys to her
bondage cuffs and had to use her toes to pick the lock.

Her break was short lived however as she felt the huge blade growing
nearer to her arched rear. "Just a few more... THERE!"

Her hands were free but it was too late. The blade was too close to
give her time to remove the ropes from around her chest. Suddenly,
however, she noticed the log had left its cradle and her end was
suspended in mid air.

"If I can just..." with several thrusts and yanks, she began lurching
herself to one side, causing her body to slip around to the side of the
log. It was close, very close. The breeze from the blade passed so
close that she pissed all over the log as she felt it pass within
millimeters of her back and head. Then, with a sudden snap, the last
rope was cut and she fell flat on her stomach on the floor in a puddle
of her own urine and soaked saw dust. The room went black as she

                          * * *

Yumi screamed wildly under her gag as Victoria plunged her mounted
dildo deep inside the tied Asian. Victoria's dark tan body pushed and
surged between Yumi's tightly bound legs as the blonde violently raped
the poor girl. Then, with one last surge of sexual sensation, Yumi
screamed uncontrollably and collapsed from another horrid climax.

Both Nic and Nac were enjoying Tasha as one entered her ass from behind
with a mounted dildo while the other forced the already beaten girl to
blow her. As the short hared girl's gang bang continued, the satisfied
Victoria got up and walked over to Tarra Rogers who was stripped,
gagged and totally bound to one of the posts in the cabin.

"You ladies were good FUCKS!" hissed Victoria as she grabbed Tarra's
reddened breast and squeezed it hard. "Not as good as Wonder Whore but
entertaining none the less. I've always wanted to rape a lawyer."

Tarra's face was slightly swollen and bruised and she turned away and
whined as the blonde slammed a steamy kiss on the beaten woman's cheek.

"Too bad you bitches were too drunk to pull off your little double
cross. We made sure we didn't drink like cows like you three did cause
we were planning the same thing for you." Victoria laughed as she
pushed her two fingers into Tarra's pussy and began rubbing the poor
woman wildly.

Tarra, Tasha and Yumi had been the victims of their own, poorly planned
double cross. They were going to jump Victoria and the Noc sisters and
leave them all bound up so Lord Easystreet's androids would pick them
up. Sadly, however, too much liquor and too little brains make for a
poor attack and the three ladies found themselves being victimized just
like Wonder Woman. Brutally beaten, gang banged and demoralized for
hours by the three psychotic lesbians, the three girls now lay totally
spent at the mercy of their captors.


Tasha spasmed and convulsed as her last climaxed sent her hard and
broken to the floor.

"What are we gonna do with them?" asked Nic as she got dressed.

Victoria pondered the situation for a long moment. Then, with a wicked
gleam she slapped Nic on the back. "Have I got an idea! You're gonna
love it!" cried Victoria as she headed for the door. "Get our little
love sluts dressed in some nice bikinis and some high heel pumps.
They've got some work to do."

                          * * *


Wonder Woman slowly stirred as her body began to regain its strength.
After a few minutes of rubbing her head in agony, she slowly got to her
knees and then her feet. With great care, she pulled the rest of the
duct tape off her freezing body and tossed the scraps to the ground in

"I don't believe this. Look at ME!" Wonder Woman gasped as she looked
down at herself. "Anyone could drive a Mack truck up my.. er, me, from
either direction and I'd hardly notice! I-I-I'm RUINED!"

Her ass had been dildoed so many times that it was still extremely wide
and hollow. Her breasts still had their plump form but were covered in
grope and whip marks making it very obvious that someone had a
tremendous field day with her. The worst yet was her vagina, which had
been plunged so many times that it was now permanently widened from the
six women dildo fucking her continuously.

The most damaged part of her, however, was her will and self esteem.
She had been totally demoralized by her enemy and her arrogance had
cost her a huge price. The great queen, the world's greatest super
heroine and America's darling idol was now nothing more than an over
climaxed, sexually defeated, super-pushover.

"I've got to redeem myself. Got to get those women back for what they
did. I must bring them to justice." she cursed nobly as she staggered
up the bank and over the hill toward the mansion.

                          * * *

"Oh Catwoman! Damn YOU!" screamed Barbara as she too staggered out of
the mill and into the mid morning sun. Her totally raped body plodded
along as she slowly regained her strength. Just like in her apartment,
things went too far. She couldn't handle the sexual excitement and the
experience had totally destroyed her will. Catwoman had broke her.
Defeated her. And now she was nothing but a heroine stripped of her
dignity and image.

As she neared the main road, Barbara heard the noise of a horse drawn
carriage coming her way. Quickly, she dove into some nearby bushes and

"Dear God!" she gasped as she watched the wagon move slowly by. Tarra,
Tasha and Yumi were fettered and muzzled with riding bits and were
strapped at the front of the wagon in a triangular formation. Under all
the horse's rains and leather straps, the three women were wearing some
pretty snazzy bikinis and some really high heel shoes. Victoria and Nic
and Nac were laughing away on top of the wagon as they sent whip after
cracking whip blows down on the three whaling and screaming women. The
two wheeled monstrosity of female suffrage rattled by Batgirl and
headed slowly along toward the mansion.

"Well, at least they're not moving too fast. If I hurry, I can get to
the mansion before they do." Barbara thought as she got out of the
bush. Suddenly, a cool morning breeze quickly reminded the plucky
heroine that a birthday suit was not an effective costume. "SHIT! I've
got to find some clothes."

                          * * *

Diana pulled hard on the zipper and let out a breathe as she pulled the
ring to the top of the outfit.

"I can't believe THIS! They had all sorts of stuff here when they were
having me... well, you know... but now all I can find is this!" Diana
cursed as she twirled about in the full length mirror, eyeballing the
outfit. She had circled back to the cabin where her little "party" took
place and had bust in hoping to find the six women, or at least her
costume. Instead, all six were gone and the only clothes she could find

"A French Maid's OUTFIT! If this isn't the most sexist thing I have
ever seen!" she hissed as she stared at her huge Amazon body crammed
into the tight black outfit. Her legs were covered in a set of fishnet
stockings that ran from the outfit's six inch, black, stiletto heels to
a tiny, micro skirt. They were held up by an extremely obvious garter
belt/waist belt arrangement and her privates were covered by a very
sheer pair of black, lace panties.

"Damn skirt won't even cover the garters!" she whined as she pulled and
tugged on the micro mini skirt in hopes of stretching it down.

The top was actually very similar to her costume; a busttier. But this
top was black, lacy and extremely tight. Her huge breasts looked like
two enormous scoops of tan ice cream sitting in two extremely small
serving dishes. It was all she could do to keep her nipples inside the
bra cups. She couldn't even see her pumps over her cleavage as the
outfit pushed her breasts up and outward as though it were offering
them to anyone who would care to take them. She had decided that she
would wear her hair up and held by the outfit's little bow tie

"At least no one should recognize me in this." she sighed as she headed
out and toward the mansion.

                          * * *

Batgirl made her way slowly through the grounds, slipping easily past
the estate's huge recreation center.

"Well, jean shorts and a tee shirt are better than nothing I guess."
Babs thought as she grabbed some clothes that were sitting on a beach
chair next to the pool. As she dressed, she quickly noticed something,
or the lack there of. The entire estate was absolutely quiet. Only the
sounds of nature could be heard where as before, the shouts and screams
of dozens of models, actresses, business women and starlets beating the
living day lights out of each other rocked the estate grounds.

"Hmmm, maybe they're all inside..." Babs thought. Suddenly, she took a
quick dive behind a nearby cabana as she heard footsteps. "OOHHH!!
Catwoman!" Batgirl cringed as she saw her female nemesis. "I ccccuuhh
cuhhhh can't go through ttthhhuuu thhhat again.." Barbara shuddered as
she tried to be a mouse; quiet and hidden.

The feline felon made her way arrogantly around the pool and toward the
estate's huge mazeorium. She was incredible and absolutely
intimidating, especially to Batgirl who had just gotten her poor ass
broken and defeated. The she-cat sauntered along in a pair of super
high, stiletto heels and she wore a black, French cut bikini with
garters, black silk arm gloves and her cat mask and ears. Her three
incredible hunk henchmen were close behind, each decked out in their
skin tight kitten boy outfits.

"OK Boys, split up. That third clue has got to be around here
somewhere." Selena ordered as she held up the paper and looked about
the garden. The three kittens moved off in separate directions as they
also started searching the grounds. Batgirl slipped along behind the
bushes and stalked the she-vixen.

"Well, well, if it ain't Cat-SLUT!" said a voice from another entrance
to the great shrubbery maze. Victoria stepped out wearing a tight
thigh- high one piece dress and twirling a baseball bat in her hand.
Nic and Nac were just behind her carrying some implements of their own;
namely a tire iron and a 2x4.

"Looks like its my day for banging the shit out of bitches in costume."
she said coyly as she held up the bat nice and erect. "And I bet this
would probably fit with some room to spare." she added, caressing and
licking it as she stared coldly at the shocked feline.

"HSSSSSSSS" growled catwoman as she raised her clawed glove and
crouched in a threatening, cat-like stance.

"OOOOOO.... WE'RE SOOOOOOO SCARED....." all three women responded in a
big mocking chorus with Nic and Nac twiddling their fingers in pretend
fear at the bikini clad vixen.

Suddenly, Tommy, Tabby and Morris stepped out of the bushes on either
side of Catwoman and quickly swooped in to form a wall of muscle
between the she cat and the three now shocked lesbians. The three women
crouched into fighting stances and stepped back as they cowered from
the sight of these three impressive slabs of meat.

"Well now. Who's going to bang whom?" smiled Catwoman as she arrogantly
leaned against Tommy and put her hands on her hips. "Get 'em boys!
Bring me the blonde chic!" she barked giving Tommy a smack on his
muscle tight rear.

The three women began backing up slowly as the men started approaching.
Tabby was the first to reach the girls as he loomed over Nac like the
incredible hulk. He raised his fist and let fly a massive blow. Nac
thought she was dead meat until she saw how absolutely uncoordinated
his attack was.





With three expert round kicks to Tabby's muscular stomach, Nac sent the
behemoth straight to the ground in a crouching ball of pain.

"HEY! That hhhuuuuuurrrrttt!!!" The huge man stammered as he began to
cry. Nic, seeing this, immediately swung for Tommy's head.

"NOT THE FACE! NOT THE FACE!" screamed the hunk as he covered his face
and ran away from Nic. Nic began chasing the scared rabbit out of the
garden and back toward the pool, laughing and making horsy "Yee Haa"
sounds as she grabbed for his rear.

Morris, seeing his two buddies turned into sheep, stepped back behind
Catwoman. "Hey bitch, I ain't paid to be beat up." he declared all
white eyed as she ran past the shocked feline and into the maze.

Barbara Gordon watched in amazement and then slapped her hand across
her own face. "DOH! I could have kicked the crap out of those three
anytime and only had to deal with Catwoman." she sighed in her best
Homer Simpson impression.

"Get back here you... you... COWARD!" screamed Catwoman as she shook
her fist at the deserter. "Now I know why I never hire pretty boys."


Catwoman turned to face a now smiling Victoria. Somehow the bat had
disappear and, in its place, Victoria was holding up a huge, white
dildo. In the background, Nac continued to pummel and beat Tabby, who
was now crying like a huge baby and laying useless in a fetal ball on
the ground.

"Now its your turn. We neutered your kittens, now its time to spade the
cat." Victoria said as she moved toward Selena.

Catwoman has never been a push over and Victoria quickly found this out
as the super villianess's cat claws lashed out at the blonde's model
face. The two women continued circling each other, hissing and scream
insults as they each tried to deal a defeating blow against the other.

Nac, however, decided that two against one was a much fairer fight and
came at Selena with her 2x4 swinging. Like the true cat she was, Selena
easily avoided the charging she-bitch and dispensed a round kick in
return. As Nac went staggering into a bush, Victoria saw her chance and
lunged at the villianess only to be met with a series of rapid punches
to the face and stomach.

"Hmph! Amateurs! Did you honestly think you could... HMMMMMBBLLM!!!"

Just as Catwoman was about to make the usual superior, ego tripping
speech that all evil people seemed to make when they have the upper
hand, a hand holding a handkerchief came clamping down hard over the
she-cat's grinning mouth.

Nic pulled the struggling woman back hard and off her feet as she
wrapped her muscular arm around Selena's waist in a vice like grip.
Seeing another chance, Victoria lunged forward and grabbed Catwoman's
bare legs, pinning them as the two women swept the villianess off
balance and to the ground. Nac did a football dive on the pile of
wrestling babes and all three woman fought to keep the she bitch pinned
and helpless.

Catwoman hissed and screamed under the ether soaked rag as she tried to
kick, claw and punch away her attackers. Batgirl watched for several
long moments as Catwoman put up a valiant but futile struggle. Soon the
violent screams turned to moans and then muffled sighs as the bikini
clad vixen finally fell.

"I think its time for a bitch taming party." smiled Victoria as she
stood over Catwoman's unconscious body planting her high heel deep into
the villianess's cheek.

As the three women went to work stripping and tying Catwoman, a long
arm reached out of a nearby bush and grabbed the crumpled piece of
paper that Catwoman had dropped.

"I almost feel sorry for her." sighed Batgirl as she made her way into
the maze watching the women behind her. "Nah..."

                          * * *

Diana Prince moved stealthily up a drive and toward a huge set of gates
that surrounded the main complex.

"Great Hera! These shoes are murder!" she complained as the high heels
made her sway and saunter like a street whore.

The gate was apparently left open and the ex-super heroine slipped
easily inside. Most of the grounds in this area were huge, neatly mowed
lawns. "Figures he's got his own golf course." Wonder Woman sighed as
she moved over the low, wide hills.

Then, Diana quickly dropped to the ground and hid as a noise rang out
from her right. Crouching and moving like a true amazon, Diana moved up
the hill and toward the sound.

"By the GODS!"

On the other side of the hill, Diana spied three women tied, gagged and
staked out on the grounds in a spread eagle formation. A whole squad of
androids were busy "dealing" with the three ladies in Lord Easystreet's
preferred fashion. Each girl was being mounted by a huge, polyurethane
automaton who appeared to be banging the living will out of them.

"Those must be the same androids that got Batgirl in the mansion."
Diana whispered as she watched the gang rape helplessly.

"Great Hera! That's Tarra Rogers!" she gasped as she saw the blonde
woman turn her way. Sure enough, Victoria had kept her word about
leaving them for the androids to collect. The three women were now
being brutally gang banged and mercilessly climaxed at the hands of a
bunch of tireless mechanical rapists.

After a series of agonizing screams of climatic exctasy. The androids
dispensed with the last girl and stood over the moaning, dazed
prisoners. Then, an android placed a hand over each girl's mouth and a
pinkish gas began to spew out of their palms. The women surged and
fought one last time but they finally slipped unconscious from the gas.
Untying the sleeping vixens, the androids carted their drugged bodies
off and into the back of a nearby van. The doors slammed shut and the
truck took off across the greens.

"Looks like someone got a major double cross." grinned Wonder Woman as
she started after the van. "I guess there IS no honor among thieves."

                          * * *




Catwoman thrashed about, kicking and screaming, as Victoria's naked
body slid back and forth on top of her own naked, bound and gagged
form. The dildo was huge and perverted, studded with raised knobs of
plastic and curved wickedly upward in a super strong, relentless
erection. The wild cat was true to her name, twisting and bucking,
hissing and screaming like a bitch cat in heat getting plugged by a
huge Tom. Catwoman surged and thrashed her hips about frantically as
Victoria taught the she-cat a sorely needed lesson.

"Whhaaaa... Whhhaaattt aaaa FUUUCCKCKKK!!!" Victoria screamed as she
too began to explode from the woman's ever gyrating hips. "Yooouuu...
You'rreee going down you BITCH!..."

Catwoman didn't seem to be cooperating however, even though Victoria
had now stepped up the villianess's violent, brutal, dildo rape. Fire
burned like the beam from a light house from the vixen's enraged eyes
as the vibrator plunged in and out and in and out of her. Both women,
however, were locked in mortal combat, neither giving an inch and
neither allowing themselves to climax. To do so meant utter defeat and
both ladies were so intent on winning that they both endured wave after
sexually agonizing wave of stimulation, hoping the other would break.
Hips slammed, asses clenched, Victoria's hands groped and squeezed
Catwoman all over, teaching the she-cat a new level of breast teasing

While the two cats fought on the ground, Nic and Nac had rounded up the
three studs and summarily strip and tied them; hands behind there
backs, their feet together and their mouths gagged.

"I've never raped a man before." giggled Nic as she spread her legs
over Tom and began riding him.

"God! These guys are HUNG!" gasped Nac as she began stroking Tabby's
already enlarged penis. Enthrallment turned to passion and soon Nac's
mouth engulfed the huge erection and the lesbian was busy sucking away
at the frightened porn star's forced erection.

Nic was busy as well. Her hips slipped down over Tom's raised cock and
she quaffed it inside her, sliding it slowly and steadily between her
lips as she slid her hips down on top of it. Panting and moaning she
began to rock away, building pressure and sensation in both herself and
her bound victim.

As Nic and Nac took advantage of her three henchmen, the she-
villianess was having problems of her own. The panting and screaming
grew quicker and quicker. The thrusts; faster and faster. The fight was
a valiant one but the winner would no doubt be the one in control. The
three men watched in horror as their unbeatable, undominable mistress
screamed and yelled in one last death throw of resistance.


The cat nearly threw her rapist off her as she swelled so high that
every bone in her body cracked from the strain. Victoria hung on,
however, panting and crying out "YOU BITCH! I'VE BEATEN YOU! YOU'RE
MINE!!! YOU'RE FUCKING MINE!!!!" as she slammed the dildo in and out of
Catwoman at even a faster rate hoping for....


...another climax


...and another


...and still another

Horrificly and without and ounce of mercy, Victoria laid waste to
Catwoman's entire body, stripping her of her will and pulling her down
off her high horse of arrogance. Victoria collapsed in a pile of sweat,
panting and weezing as she tried to catch her breathe. Catwoman moaned
in defeat, rolling about slowly as her raped body soaked up the last of
the sexual experience.

"That'll teach ya..." Victoria whispered as she slowly got back up.

For several moments, Victoria sat next to the semi-conscious villianess
and watched Nic and Nac enjoy their prize.

"WAIT!" screamed the blonde as she saw both girls nearing a climax.
"I've got an idea. Quick, help me with Cat-whore here." she ordered as
she untied Catwoman's arms and legs from the croquet spikes in the
lawn. Both women got up and helped the blonde tie the aurborned hared
vixen's hands behind her back and tie her gag even tighter. Then, like
paramedics, they lifted the she-bitch by her free legs and ass and
carried her in a chair like grip toward Tom. They then placed Catwoman
on Tom's lap, just above his swollen cock.

"I think Cat-slut needs a good fuck from her men." Victoria teased as
she grabbed the henchman's penis and stroked it long and hard. At that
moment, Catwoman began to come back around and began twisting slowly as
she saw her predicament.   "I don't think so..." Nac smiled as she
grabbed the struggling Catwoman by her hips and started pulling her
backward. "Try this on for size."


Tom's monster cock slid slowly into Selena as the villianess was slowly
pushed down onto the man's erection. Inch by inch his member pushed
deeper past his boss's defiant vaginal muscles as she was helplessly
forced upon him. He watched as the only woman who had ever dominated
him and tamed him was now being brutally raped and forced to have
intercourse WITH HIM. Her beautiful, unmasked face tensed and cringed
in sexual agony as he entered deeper causing her to flail her head and
hair about like a mad storm of passion. Soon, however, nothing could
stop her engulfing the last of his erection as the three women forced
her down the last inch onto the muscle bound stud.

"Take a look pretty boy!" screamed Victoria as she violently pushed
Catwoman forward and pressed her face close to his. "I bet you've been
dreamin' about doin' this to your boss lady! Well start FUCKIN' or
we'll snip the whole thing OFF!" she barked as she pulled out a knife
and touched the blade to his testicles just enough to let him know that
he could be the next John Wayne Bobbit. His hips slowly started
thrusting in fear as Catwoman was held in place by the three sluts.

Catwoman stared into Tom's eyes and, for once, he saw fear, fear and
weakness. This was the first time he had ever seen his mistress as the
victim and he began to loose all hope as more fear and panic began to
fill her eyes.

"YAH! MULE!" Nic screamed as she smacked Tabby on the ass and pushed
him toward the two on the ground.

"OOO! Look at that plump ASS!" teased Victoria as she ran her hand over
Catwoman's full, round, hunched over rear. She then ran her fingers
ominously down the she-cat's crack. "I bet this needs a little fucking


Catwoman cringed and tightened as Victoria pushed her middle finger
hard into Selena's anus. The villianess ass began to wiggle about
frantically as the blonde began thrusting her finger in and out of her
opponent without mercy. After a few moments of torture, Victoria
removed her finger and walked up to Tabby who was gagged and bound with
his hands tied behind his back.

"You know what to do." the blonde smiled as she looked down at Selena's
bent over rear. Tabby could feel the knife blade slide slowly up his
hard erection and he immediately nodded. "... and make her suffer."
Victoria added as she pushed him down behind Selena.

The huge body builder got to his knees and inched his way forward. Nic
reached out and grabbed his cock and guided it like a torpedo being
loaded into a tube. As he pressed the tip of his cock against her anus,
Selena began to wildly twist her head about in some desperate attempt
at seeing what was happening. The man's enormous penis quickly let her
know exactly what was going on.


The going was incredibly tough, seeing how he had never plugged his
boss in the rear before. In the industry, he was considered too large
for most porn star's vaginas. Doing a woman's ass was completely out of
the question... until now. Selena was bucking and squealing like a
trapped pig now as both men entered her fore and aft. The pain was
unbearable and it was all she could do to just breathe from the
sensation. Suddenly, she felt her gag come loose.


The she-bitch's cries of revenge were cut short as Morris's cock was
pushed fast into her gapping mouth. All Selena could now do was pant
and moan uncontrollably as every part of her was brutally violated BY

Part 9

Diana made her way over a hill that marked the Southern most tip of the
main estate and hid behind a bush as she saw the van next to a small
white building. It very small, about the size of two phone booths, with
a pair of white double doors.

"Hmmm. Seems interesting. I doubt they're all crammed in there." she
thought as she slowly approached the doors. Her doubts were verified as
she opened one of the doors to reveal an elevator door with a single
button. She quickly darted behind the building after she pressed the
button but, to her relief, no one or no-thing was on the elevator as it
reached the top.

She stood in the elevator and was left with one glaring choice. The
softly glowing button radiated out from a burnished steel panel on the
wall and Diana bit her lower lip slightly as she pressed it. Half
expecting the elevator to start shooting downward like in that goofy
Star Trek episode, she was relieved to find the ride smooth and
graceful. How far down had she gone? She had no idea but she took off
one of her French Maid's shoes and raised the heel ready to bash the
crap out of anything on the other side of the now opening door.

"Nobody home. Good!" she muttered as she put her shoe back on and
clicked her way down a long, hospital white corridor. There were steel
bulkhead style doors to her left and right but, since they had no
handles or any other signs of entry, she walked past them to the end of
the hall. The end was dominated by a pair of large, white bulkheads
with a sophisticated touch tone pad lock on the doors.

"Great! Pick a number!" she mumbled curling her upper lip and bending
over to fiddle with the buttons. Unknown to the amazing amazon, a
camera, hidden behind a wall panel, spied her raised rear as she slowly
swayed it back and forth as she tinkered with the lock.

"GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!! What a SET!!!" slobbered Lord Easystreet in
his best Benny Hill impersonation as he zoomed the camera in on her
exposed ass and the thin strip of silk panties that covered the
heroine's crotch.

As he watched the unsuspecting amazon, he turned to another monitor
that was playing Wonder Woman's brutal gang-bang from the night before.

"Shit, I couldn't have paid women to do that!" he gasped as he watched
Wonder Woman being banged again and again by the six berserking she-
sluts. "What a show!"

As Diana's little peep show continued to play out, another monitor
displayed Batgirl's horrific night of sexual terror. "I definitely
couldn't have planned this. Batgirl and Wonder Woman, stripped, tied
and totally fucked. And not only do I get to watch the whole thing but,
I know who they really are and their weaknesses."

The little pervert turned back to Diana's screen and he continued to
watch her plump rear sliding back and forth as she tried to pick the
lock. "Let's just see how resourceful you are bubble butt.." the kid
snickered as he picked up a 2 litter bottle of Dr. Pepper and watched
the heroine.

"Code, code... what would I be if I were a code?!" Diana said as she
stood upright, placed her hands on her hips and pouting.

"Wait a minute...!" She grabbed the little French Maid's purse hanging
over her shoulder. It came with the costume and she really didn't want
to break up a complete ensemble, no matter how tasteless.

"YES!" she grinned as she pulled out the item that she was hoping
would be in there; a compact. Opening it, she bent back over and blew
across the top of it so a thin stream of dust would shoot out and cover
the keypad. Then, with a few more blows from her cherry red lips, she
whisked away the excess off the keys.

"Now, the keys that are pressed the most should have the most finger
oil on them. The dust should stick to those and not the unimportant
ones." she explained out loud like one of those comic book characters
explaining their actions because the artist couldn't draw the scene
well enough.

Sure enough, the numbers 2,3,5 and 8 were covered in dust. "Hmmm... the
letters "abc","def","jkl" and "tuv" maybe its a four letter wor...."
Suddenly her perplexed expression turned into one of "Oh, how juvenile"
as she reached out and typed in f.u.c.k.

Her educated guess was rewarded with a satisfying clunk. The massive
doors slowly opened with the help of some kind of hydraulic mechanism.
They slid apart and she carefully entered shaking her head at the
vulgar password.

The room was dark, except for lights coming from several, high-tech,
pieces of equipment. Rows of computer consoles, lab tables and control
panels echoed blinks, blips and pulses like some miniature city at
night. She walked toward the back of the room and toward a large, black
curtain that stretched across the back wall. As she approached it, a
series of neon blue lights came on and the curtain slid open.

"Great HERA!" gasped Diana as she stepped back and covered herself
slightly in instinctive shock.

The row of plexiglass tubes were filled with women. Each woman was
bound, with her hands behind her back and her legs together. Over their
faces, some kind of oxygen mask covering their nose and mouth and it
appeared to be keeping them quite asleep. The most horrific thing,
however, was that they were all stripped naked like laboratory animals.

"What happened..." Diana gasped as she slowly walked from tube to tube
checking out each girl. "So this is what happened to all the party
guests." she said staring in shock and in awe. The women were, without
a doubt, beautiful as they lay nude and bound in their tubes. Each
girl's young, nubile body gleamed and glistened from the soft blue glow
of the neon lights as Diana stared at each gorgeous female specimen,
being slightly turned on herself by the concept. "...not a bad little

"Aphrodite!" she gasped again as she neared the end. There, standing
bound and anesthetized like perfect female statues, were Tarra Rogers
and her two cohorts Yumi and Tasha.

"I thought they were the ones behind all this. Even they weren't
immune. It looks like anyone with a set of breasts and a pretty face is
a target." Diana thought as she stood staring at the three women, who,
not 12 hours earlier, nearly tortured her to death.

Suddenly, the lights to the room started coming on in waves of
flickering fluorescent flashes. Quickly, Diana swung around and slipped
behind the curtain that was now all bunched up at the corner of the

"Let me GO! I demand to be RELEASED!" screamed a young, female voice as
a group of three androids carried a spunky, silver haired blonde
teenager into the room. "My daddy will sue you into the ground for
this!!! So help me I'll... HEY What are you doing!!"

The young girl began to scream and kick some more as the androids
easily lifted her onto a conveyor belt that fed into a long,
rectangular machine that stretch the entire length of one side of the
room. It looked kind of like some strange manufacturing machine with
arrays of pistons, gears, wheels, pulleys and belts. Diana watched
helplessly as the androids fed the girl's lower body in first and held
her screaming body down as she slowly disappeared into the mouth of the
odd machine.

The whole machine sprang to life as it began "processing" the young
female. Diana could hear spuratic bangs, clangs and screams as the girl
apparently pounded away at the inside of the machines. The sounds went
through the first section but then stopped and settled down to just
screams. Through a clear section, Diana could see the girl tied down,
with her legs slightly apart and her hands clamped down to the conveyor
belt over her head. Her twisting body passed by the narrow, open gap
and into the second section.

The second section started to make noises like a giant washing machine.
The sounds of pumping and sloshing and spraying poured out of the huge
mechanical beast as the girl's screams were muffled under waves of
water and soap. Through a narrow, green lit, window, Diana could see
huge brushes, similar to the ones in a giant car wash, soaping up the
nubile young teen's perfect body. Then an array of mechanical hands
began wiping, squeezing and cleaning the girl making her snarl and
scream as she was very obviously being groped with utter abandonment.

Her gleaming and shining body emerged from the end of the second
section and proceed into the third, her mouth cursing and spitting soap
like a cat getting a much needed but unwanted bath. Then a horrific
scream rang out as a series of pistons started to move. The girl was
then silenced and only the lonely sounds of the machine filled the
room. Huge pistons began pushing themselves inward toward the center of
the machine like a giant plastics injector. Steam and gas billowed out
of release valves as the machine compressed itself inward like a
football fan crushing a beer can. Then, with an explosion of hissing,
the pistons quickly expanded and the conveyor belt started back up.

"By the GODS!" Diana gasped softly as a plastic tube containing a
perfectly posed, spotlessly clean, beautiful teenager emerged.

The silver haired brat was now like the others, set in a pristine pose
of erotic bondage and sleeping like an angel. A mechanical arm picked
up the tube and swung it into place with all the others. At that point,
the three androids turned and left the room, turning off the lights and
leaving Diana dumbfounded and a little bit nervous.

                          * * *

"Boy, I'm glad I'm not Catwoman right now." sighed Barbara as she
slipped through the shrubbery and into the garden maze. From behind
her, she could hear the sounds of gagged hissing and snarling and she
knew her ex-lover was definitely not having a good time. "Or maybe she
is.." Barbara thought sprouting a slight grin knowing that bitch is
getting what she deserves.

Barbara Gordon slinked along gracefully from corner to corner, slipping
through the maze like a stealthy cat. "First two rights, then a left,
then right, left, right... At least that's what the usual layout of
these things are." she thought as she moved about cautiously. The maze
twisted about and Barbara found herself traveling for about 20 minutes
until she came across a huge stone statue against the wall of the large

"God! What an ugly Gargoyle." she scoffed as she pranced about it,
examining it for any clues. Looking for several minutes, Batgirl formed
her usual Batgirl stance and stood pouting in front of the monolith.

"What the hell does this clue say!" she grumbled as she shook the sheet
and read it again.

- Wind about and all around
- Follow me all over the grounds
- Find my watcher and stand eye to eye
- His gaze will surprise you if you try

"Hmmm, obviously I just did the winding part..." Batgirl thought as she
stared back through the maze. "The watcher is obviously Mel Gibson
here..." she pondered some more looking the statue over again.

Then, she suddenly realized that the Gargoyle's gaze was straight
ahead, at least 3 feet above her head and toward her back. Turning
about she looked at the brush wall behind her and noticed a small stone
bench sitting innocently in a small knook.

"Ah HA!" she proclaimed as she strutted confidently toward the bench
and limberly jumped on it assuming her Batgirl stance. "What a simple
puzzle!" she beamed as she let out her little girl giggle and stared
eye to eye at the gargoyle. Squinting, she looked about, first in
disappointment but then her excitement grew as she could see a pin
point of light being emitted from one for the eyes.

"Oh, I get it, its a light sen... AAAAUUUGGHHHH!!!"

Before the over confident heroine could act however, the bench tilted
backward like a dump truck and spilled its shapely contents down a hole
that opened up in the vine covered wall behind Batgirl.

Tumbling like a large Barbi doll, Barbara Gordon slammed and slide from
side to side down the super-slick chute and into the mysterious
darkness below.

Then, like an upside down jack in the box, the spirited crime fightress
burst from a set of ceiling doors and landed good and hard on her plump

"YEEEOCH!!!" she screamed as she sat on the floor rubbing her sore
butt. "Watch that first step..."

The young girl sat for a moment and looked about. The room she was in
was very small, about the size of a small bedroom. The floor was
covered with a thick mat, kind of like the tumbling mats found in high
schools. The walls and ceiling were also covered with the same blue mat
material. Barbara was relieved the floor wasn't concrete but, she began
to panic when she noticed the lack of any door.

"What is this!" she shouted as she stood up and pressed against the
walls hoping to find a door. "I thought I was winning!"

"You are my dear... you are..." chuckled a young boys voice from an
unknown source.

"OK, what the heck is this? I'm getting pretty fed up with this
nonsense. You've got a lot of explaining to do Mr. Easystreet or
whoever the hell you are!" blared Batgirl as she spread her legs and
assumed her patented, bitchy Batgirl stance once more.

"My, my Miss Gordon. We do have a mouth don't we?" teased the voice.

"That's Ms. to you JUNIOR and besides women have a right to speak our
minds. Maybe a good lesson in female rights would straighten you out!"
she grinned shooting the ceiling a gloating stare of utter superiority.

the voice in a very childish, patronizing tone. "Maybe its you that
needs to be taught a good lesson."

"Hmph! I'd like to see you try. What's wrong, afraid to face me alone
sport." Batgirl replied quickly.

"If I can goad this kid into a one on one, maybe I can bag him and get
myself and Diana out of here." she thought biting down slightly on her
lower lip in anticipation. The silence was long. Just as she was about
to back down and say something more, the loudspeaker came back on.

"OK, You've got yourself a deal. You and me, one on one." he

"Uh-uh-uh... Not so fast." Batgirl replied with a bargaining tone that
only women knew how to wield. "What do I get if I win."

A long silence passed.

"What do you want?"

"Well," she started, curling her eyes upward in thought like a
preschooler sitting on Santa's lap. "I want ONE: the diamond, TWO: Mine
and Diana Prince's release and THREE: all the other women released as
well." she demanded crossing her arms across her chest.

Lord Easystreet sat in his chair and rocked back and forth like a
cowboy on a mechanical bull. He was choking his chicken so much from
the thought of wrestling Batgirl that he could barely contain his
excitement. His eyes glanced over her perky, tight body and he drooled
slightly as his camera panned and zoomed in along her silky thighs and
up to the heroines perfectly formed crotch. His other monitor showed a
fantastic zoom in of her perfectly spherical buttocks as her tightened
muscles caused them to nearly stand up on their own.

"Oooo ooooo oooKKK. Um,.... Yes, yes... OK I agree but under three
conditions." he replied.

Batgirl shifted her hips to one side and rolled her eyes.


"ONE: We fight with my rules. TWO: You have to wear whatever I tell you
to and THREE: If I win, YOU'RE ASS IS MINE!" he stated.

A slight shiver went up Batgirl's spine as she heard the last
condition. "You're ass is mine! My God what a little pervert. Well, I
can probably handle the other two and, if he wins, which I doubt, I can
always escape, or at least play like I have a headache. Just as long as
I don't give him my word." she thought as she sprouted a small,
arrogant grin.

"OK, agreed." she replied.

"Oh, and one more thing. I want you to give me your word you'll obey
the conditions." he added.

"My WORD!" gasped Batgirl. She was a crime fightress, a super heroine.
Her word was her bond, her symbol of right and justice. Breaking it
would be an incredible blasphemy of everything she stood for.


"......ok....." she mumbled under her breathe.

"What was that?!"

"I said I give my word YOU SHIT!" she screamed clenching her fists in

"Ah... music to my ears." Lord Easystreet replied. "Now, follow the
corridor to the end."

With that, a panel slid away and Batgirl slowly started down the dark

                          * * *

She confidently made her way back to the elevator but then stopped
cold. "What! No button!" she gasped in shock. Looking about all she
could see was the sterile white door and its frame. No sensor, button
or switch could be found. After a few futile attempts at pulling the
doors apart, she guffed and crossed her arms in frustration.

Looking back down the hall, she made her way along the rows of doors
until one caught her eye. "Hmm.. this one wasn't open before." she
thought suspiciously as she crept up to the open sliding door and
peered inside.

The room was sterile white, similar to the hallway, but more dimly lit.
Rows of soft, white, fluorescent lights lined the edge of the octagonal
shaped ceiling casting dull hilights on the slick, smooth walls. The
room reminded Wonder Woman of a museum except no statue, picture or
sculptures decorated the eight paneled room. The floor was an odd
surface composed of a semi-soft matted material, similar to gym mats
only white in color. Across the room, however, was the thing that
caught her eye and made her tingle with excitement.

"My belt!" she whispered softly as she bit her lower lip and moved
slowly into the room like a cat sneaking up on an unsuspecting mouse.
The magnificent sash of power sat like the heavy weight champion belt
on a onyx stand in a small, lighted alcove at the far end of the
octagonal room. Her costume sat draped over the glass case that housed
the belt and Wonder Woman immediately set out stripping down to get
into her star spangled "work" clothes.

"At least I don't have to wear this sexist French maid's outfit
anymore. Ah to be back in something sensible." the amazon stopped for a
moment and peered outward in puzzlement at her last thought. "nah...
this isn't sexist." she finally said as she spun it about in her hands
in admiration and gave it a once over.

Was it the change in lighting. Was it the warming of the room. Whatever
it was Wonder Woman suddenly turned and stared in shock at the
entrance, which was now sealed shut as though it had never existed.
Suddenly, the great heroine froze in a building wave of adrenaline as
she stood staring about at the super quiet room in nothing but high
heels and her birthday suit.

"ooooohhhhh shhhhiii....."


The two panels on opposite sides of the room slid open faster than
those funky doors on Star Trek and the butt naked super heroine jumped
back against the Onyx case as two immense, super-androids stepped out
of their hiding places and into full view. Immediately, the fem-
fightress dropped her skivvies and began trying to get the glass cover
off the case.  


The two androids took a step toward her and she turned and stared in
shock at them. Her gaze then exploded into a bulging gape as she saw
the two biggest members a woman could ever dream of laying eyes on
slowly grow erect and begin dribbling with creamy white ooze.

Her fists went wild banging away on the case. "DAMN! SON OF A BITCH!
OPEN!" Hair flying, feet kicking, hips shifting and pushing, fists
landing blow after blow on an ungiving class case. Her belt just sat
there taunting her with "nah nah na na nah..." as the two replicants
moved in on either side of her.


The mamazon's mighty leg sent out a massive side kick that nearly bent
the android's head clean off and into its back. The mechanical
adversary staggered backward from the well placed blow, but, as she
when to kick its head clean off, the other polystyrene protagonist
calmly wrapped its massively muscular arms around her firm waist and
picked her clean off the floor. Like tossing a a scrap of paper, Wonder
Woman went sailing across the room and into the opposing wall. If she
were a Warner Brother's cartoon character, she would have been a
flattened spot on the wall. As is, her firm body slid down the wall
like a big drop of spit.

The android that had thrown her walked briskly toward the avenger and
reached out to grab her hair. "Not today ROBOT!" she screamed as she
flew into the automaton with all her strength and pile drived it into
the matted floor.   With automatic reflexes matched only by a super
being, the android reciprocated by using its massive legs to push
Wonder Woman over itself and back toward the other wall.


This time the buxom mamazon bounced off the slick surface like some big
chested replica of a rubber ball. She landed nearly three feet from the
wall. "Luckily... huhh... I had my face to... break the fall..." she
gasped as she tried to regain the wind that was so rudely forced out of


The first android's grip nearly pulled her brunette trusses straight
from their roots as she was lifted hair first off the floor. She
dangled and kicked about like a cat being picked up by the scruff of
its neck as the android held her a few inches off the floor. A brutal
five knuckle sandwich to the solarplexis quickly slowed the amazing
amazon however, as the android pummeled her hard in the gut. Another
blow to her face sent her staggering back and into the arms of the
second awaiting roid.

The automaton grabbed her limp arms and pulled them behind her back as
it arched back and pulled her up and over its frame to keep her off her
feet. Wonder Woman swayed and rolled her head groggily as she rested
her crotch on its knee. Looking down, however, she gasped in horror
when she realized that its knee was really its....


Slithering and kicking, the amazon flailed about as she tried to get
her body off the android's enormous cock. The member was so long she
could actually see two inches of it sticking out from between her legs
as her hips rested on it. Too, distracted by her current "vaginal"
predicament, Wonder Woman paid no attention as the android pulled her
wrist together behind her back and secreted some kind of white, epoxy
resin around them. The substance quickly hardened into a make shift
pair of semi-elastic handcuffs that kept the mamazon's hands well under

"I demand to be set FREE! By the GODS do you hear ME! RAPE... Rape
is... illegal! YOU CANNOT DO THIS!" the brunette spitfire spouted into
thin air, hoping whomever was running this freak show would "stop the
insanity". Sadly Susan Powder was nowhere to be found and her rhetoric
was cut rudely short as the android's huge hands came up from around
either side of her chest and roughly grabbed each of her mountainous


Wonder Woman let out an animalistic cry of defiance as the automaton's
hands began molesting, massaging and thoroughly taking advantage of her
massive mammories. Like a kid playing with two huge water balloons, the
robot groped and squeezed, forming the avenger's enormous glands into
erotic sculptures of jiggling, sloshing works of fantastic mammary art.

"Howw....! HOW DARE... YOU!! UUUGHH!!!" she spat as her endowments were
so blatantly molested. All she could do was stare in panic and horror
as she watched those pale white, plastic hands mash and kneed her like
she was a big doll. Then, while clamping her back with its left hand
over her left breast as though it were some melon sized handle, the
android grabbed her right nipple and began pulling outward on it,
stretching her right tit this way and that, almost in mockery of her
huge breasts. Out and in, side to side, up and down, the resilient sack
of mam-meat wobbled like a huge hunk of jello.

The android then pulled her back farther, nearly bending parallel to
the floor and slid its free hand down her back and over her ass. Wonder
Woman then went wild with panic as she saw it grasp its organ and hold
it pointed straight at her crotch.

"NO!... NO!... This is RAPE! You can't...... UUGHHH!!!!!!!"

That declaration of resistance was cut short as the android titled
forward and forced Wonder Woman down on its ripe penis. The enormous,
plastic cock burst her lips wide open and plunged into her vaginal hole
like a battering ram crashing the drawbridge of a castle.

Painful... slightly. Pleasurable... maybe. Overwhelming.... MOST
DEFINITELY! The defiant heroine's hips bucked and gyrated as the
android forced more and more of the ooze dripping penis farther into
the amazon's helpless and overly sensitive vagina. Hissing, grunt and
spitting, the fem-fightress could only twist in horrid, sexual agony as
she was forced to methodically engulf the over sized bitch tamer.




"not...  uugh!... not supposed.. to happen... to me... I..I'm ...
Wonder Wo.... AAYYYYYYUUGHHH!!!"

Her hips put on the most erotic display of struggling defiance anyone
could have hoped to witness as the impalement of her virtue violently


"AAGHH!! NO! ... WHAT!... NOOO..UGHH!!!!"

The android's hand found its target as Wonder Woman's bare, exposed
clitoris was mindlessly assaulted by the robot's relentlessly tireless
fingers, Like a piano player using three finger to play the same three
keys over and over again, the android's fingers oscillated across her
dripping slit and over her ripe clit sending the avenger into a frantic
wave of screaming, wiggling and bucking. No two strokes were the same.
No two motions repeated. First smooth, then brisk, then rough, then
teasingly soft. Its fingers were the perfect masterbaters as her sexual
will was barraged with irresistible stimulation.

"NNYYYUU!!!! Can't... cannn'tt let... it climaxx.... No one... takes...
Wonder Woman... No.... uughh... ughhhh!" Futile words. The amazing
amazon's fight was valiant, determined and feverish but, like a stag
cornered by dogs, it was only a matter of time before the prey would
fall to the predators.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of firm hands grasp the sides of her hair
tossed head. Her eyes opened and she gaped in terror at the second
android who had walked up in front of her. Her gaze moved slowly down
in building horror at the automaton's lower half. Like a one eyed
serpent, its cock starred her straight in the eye as it dripped its
synthetic "cum".


Her head went down like a felled tree. Nearly gagging, Wonder Woman
screamed and moaned as her head was forced down and her red lips were
parted. Her mouth engulfed the dripping member sending her into another
frenzy of twisting and writhing in sexual humiliation. The great Wonder
Woman giving head! Unthinkable, unbelievable... un- fucking-real! Under
all those moans, grunts and cries she may have been biting the hell out
of that cock but, from every other vantage point, America's premiere
super heroine was bobbing and twisting in shear, exquisitely erotic
defiance. Wonder Woman was getting tamed from both ends and she was
powerless to stop it.


Wonder Woman's tear stained, blood shot eyes bulged in panic at the
familiar sound. Rolling her eyes to either side her screams became
violent whines and her pinned, double fucked body went into a hyper
wave of hip wiggling, leg thrashing, chest twisting and butt slamming
as she saw two more androids reaching for her.

Part 10

Batgirl sauntered slowly out of the narrow passage and into a large,
richly tiled sauna. The walls were covered with what appeared to be
hand painted, Italian tile work depicting various Mediterranean scenes.
The whole room was absolutely gorgeous and she had to shake her head
and bring herself back to reality after staring at a fortune in tiling.
The room was the size of a two car garage and was dominated by an oval
shaped pool. The pool was not filled with water but what looked like
soft, smooth, brown mud.

"Hee hee hheee... now... heehee... behind the changing curtain.... put
it ... heehhee on." stammered Lord Easystreet's obviously excited
voice. Batgirl looked about and then walked over to a hand painted
changing curtain that stood at one corner of the room. She looked down
behind the curtain and then put her hands on her hips and curled her
mouth in  her typical "how typical" smile.

"You have got to be kidding!" Batgirl sighed as she picked up the black
string bikini and held it up between her fingers. "There's more string
on this than cloth!"

"Heehheee.... ya... ya... I know.... Hee hehehe..... but... butt... you
PROMISED!!!" the boy screamed.

"Fine" she said calmly rolling her eyes in disgust. The perky avenger
slipped behind the curtain and began changing. From his monitor room,
Lord Easystreet watched Batgirl's silhouette as she slowly stripped and
twisted about, pulling the bikini on.

"Man! What a BOD! I'm gonna enjoy this." he snickered and drooled.

The female freedom fighter stepped back out from behind the curtain and
planted herself in her patent pending Batgirl stance. The string bikini
was indeed skimpy to say the least. "Good thing I get a bikini wax
twice a month." she thought as she looked the cloth depleted swimsuit
over. The only thing more humiliating than standing nearly butt naked
like some Hollywood bimbo was having to stand in 4 inch, black stiletto

"This geek as got a major libido problem." Batgirl whispered out of the
corner of her mouth as she stood waiting.

"Noww... noww... heehhehe... step into the mud...." stammered the boy
over the microphone.

"Whatever." Batgirl moaned as she walked slowly up to the edge of the
pool and removed the shoes. "A lot of good these did." she thought as
she stepped into the mud with her bare feet. The mud was very cool and
also very viscous. It was more like pudding than mud and it felt good
as her feet sank to her ankle in the muck. She walked cautiously to the
center of the pool and assumed her usual hands on the hips stance.


A low grinding noise, like stone rolling on stone, shook the room as a
panel slid slowly away and Lord Easystreet stepped out. Batgirl nearly
dropped her knees laughing as she held her hand over her mouth to stop
her humor stricken reaction.

Easystreet was dressed like some absurd beach go-er from the 1920s. His
outfit consisted of a pair of spandex, black and white, horizontal
stripped long johns and shirt. Over his eyes he wore an absurd pair of
thick framed safety glasses, around his waist he sported a yellow
inflated kiddies wading duck and his feet were adorned with enormous
swim fins.

"Hey baby! Here I AMMMMM!!!!" he declared holding his arms out toward
the under-whelmed avengeress.

"Great Erckle with a woody." she said under her breath as she rolled
her eyes.

"So... like.... we're supposed to mud wrestle." she said coldly staring
him straight down and flicking a chunk of mud at him with her bare

"OOOHHHH Yeah sweet cheeks.... come ta popa!" he yelled as he plodded
toward the heroine, swim fins and all.

His approach was clumsy, uncalculated and totally retarded yet, Batgirl
didn't budge. He closed, she stared. He drooled, she sighed. His eyes
focused on only two things, the great Bat-breasts that he had been
dreaming of. His hands extended in a kind of gripping motion toward her


Front kick? What front kick? Where the hell did that come from. All the
hyper-active teen knew was some force slammed into his solar plexis and
sent him sailing straight up in the air like a punted soccer ball.


Sprawled out like a crashed cartoon character, the kid smacked face
first into the mud and slowly listed like a torpedoed tanker. Then the
life fled from his arms and legs and he collapsed.

"Waaaaa!!!!! Youu.... Youuu.... you.... hurt meeeee......." he balled
like a three year old. Batgirl, at first, stood beaming in superiority
over the insolent geek but now, her stern face began to melt.

"Oh... I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

"UUUGHH!! My stomach! It hurts...." he cried.

Being the heroine she was, Batgirl couldn't refuse such a whimpering
soul and knelt down in the mud in front of him. "There there... Its
OK... I didn't mean to hurt you." she said softly as she stroked his
arms with her hands.

"uh uh uh all I ever wanted was... snif snif... some fun... dats
all.... just fun... You don't know what its like to be the world's
richest kid..." he babbled as he crouched and cried.

"Aw poor baby." Batgirl said pleasingly. She then grabbed him and
pulled his head to her bosom and held him motheringly.

"Its.. its just... snif... women just don't respect me, you know..."

"I know."

"They try and take advantage of me snif..."

"I know"

"I'm.. snif... always alone..."

"I know"

"And I bet you like being fucked by farm animals..."

"I know."

. . .


. . .


The kid plowed face first into the unsuspecting heroine and slammed her
hard to her back in the mud. He then immediately pounced on her breasts
with both hands and began squeezing and groping them like they were
melons at the market. He was almost as heavy as she was and a bit
taller and he managed to slip his body between her legs and keep her
down as he mashed her perky breasts.

"You fucking....." Batgirl rolled about in the mud trying to knock the
little creep off. She was an expert fighter but, having trained later
in life, Batgirl's fighting reactions were to first "fight like a
girl". Her hands slapped and hammered on his back and her legs kicked
about as she fought to excise the hormone pumped teenager.

Then, regaining her fighting senses, she grabbed the kid by the shirt
collar, propped him up and over her and gave him a very memorable,
Dirty Harry, knuckle sandwich straight in the mouth. He didn't stagger.
He didn't fall over. He launched like an MX straight into the air and
down onto his back with a loud FWAP!

"You little.... OOOOOO!!!!!!!" she got up and ran toward the stunned
and bleeding teenager, her body now completely coated in soft brown,
glistening mud and piled drived a punter's kick straight into his
crotch. With an unholy motion that would have made an entire audience
of men cringe in their seats, the kid's body lifted a foot out of the
mud and landed like a prone ball on the concrete edge.

Mad. Damn she was mad. First plucked in an open window, then tied up,
then drugged, kidnapped, gang banged by Catwoman and her three kittens,
beaten, humiliated and nearly cut in half by a rusty mill saw, she
gritted her teeth and panted like a raging bull. Then, with super
heroine strength she picked up the soundless, gasping geek over her
head by his neck and pelvis and slammed his body into the mud as hard
as she possibly could. Like a cat, she sprang into the air and piled
her muscular legs deep into his exposed stomach. She then straddled him
and grabbed him by the neck.

"Wrestling! WRESTLING! You want wrestling! I'll give you wrestling!"
Then with unheard of brutality, the she-avenger began slamming blow
after blow into the kids face like a pile driver slamming down a post.
Over and over again his body jerked with each punch.






                          * * *

She came. Not like a school girl. Not like a college girl. Not like a
wife. Not like a whore. She came like the red eye express. Each climax
slammed by like train cars through a station. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Her
body pounded and thrust in uncontrollable convulsions as she went
through her fifth forced multiple orgasm. Cum again exploded from her
mouth and Wonder Woman was forced to quaff another humiliating load of
the obviously demoralizing fluid.   "GUUGHH!!! Can't... take much
more.." she panted as the groping and molesting continued. "Just too
many of them.... NOO!!"   One of the androids forced her to her knees
and over the top of another. Then, both androids fed their members into
each of her respective orifices and Wonder Woman found herself being
doubly fucked in her ass and her pussy. Her pert anus was totally
decimated at this point and she was actually able to engulf at least
half of the 12 inch long polystyrene dildo as the android plunged down
her ass.

Gritting her teeth and thrashing her head in an erotic display of
spitting and hissing, the amazon started jerking and twisting her chest
as the android under her gabbed both of her breasts and began squeezing
them wildly. Then, pulling them straight down, it forced its mouth over
her nipple and began sucking her off like someone sucking the juice
from and orange.

"DA... DA.... DAMN YOU!.... I... AM WONDER WO.... HUGLLMMBLM!" A twelve
inch penis, no matter what its made of, always acts as a good gag,
which she quickly discovered when her gapping mouth was plugged by the
third android's member.

The four now became a synchronized, pulsating unit with Wonder Woman's
sole goal being to resist climaxing and the three android's to make her
come until she dropped dead. The building sexual tension, the erotic
moans, the dildo friction, the brutal rape, all of these indicated that
Wonder Woman was losing. Faster and faster the three pumped the one.
Over and over they pummeled her sexual will. Her pace became quicker,
her panting higher. Then, with and explosive squeal of definite female
sexual agony, the buxom mamazon screamed a cry of defeat as they took
yet another climax from the heroine.

No sooner had the first climax tore her down then the android raping
her ass pulled its dripping cock out and plunged it over the second
one's and deep into her brutally abused vagina. This sent Wonder Woman
into a new frenzy of sexual panic the likes of which she could only
dream about in some perverse sexually dominate nightmare.

This climax was bad. Very bad. Muscles clenched. Buttocks tightened.
Eyes squeezed shut like never before. Her body grew so tight that her
skin grew beet red from tension. Then, with one last futile surge of
her shapely hips, America's darling super heroine was smashed and
pulverized into totally sexual ruin and humiliation as her body
exploded in an uncontrollable convulsion of will sapping climaxes. The
spirit spent, the fire squelched, Wonder Woman collapsed in defeat.

Still not done humiliating the fem-fightress, the androids burst all
over the prone, moaning amazon, filling her vagina and covering her
with a thick stream of android cum. They then flung her lifeless body
to the floor and stood over her as they emptied themselves on her.

Groping and clawing at the mat, Wonder Woman looked up with tear
stained, blood shot eyes at the cabinet in front of her. "One... one...

With the last of her remaining strength, the buxom brunette lunged
forward and sprawled her abused body over the top of the case. No
sooner had she done this then the androids determined their victim
still had enough energy to fight and had to be put down again. The
marched slowly toward her. She let out a high kick and nailed the
closest one in the head. It staggered back but another came up over
her. It raised its fists, both of them, over its head and brought them
down to pile drive Wonder Woman to the center of the Earth.


Not only did the glass case break but the Onyx stand crumbled from the
android's massive blow. Her plan had worked and the now newly excited
avenger sat to the side of the case, where she had jumped to, just
before her stomach was going to be turned into hamburger meat.  Her
hand reached out and.....

Outside in the hall, the room was silent for a long moment. Then a low,
dull FOOMP preceeded one of the androids crashing straight through the
door and imbedding itself in the opposing wall. It sank down totally
shorted by the impact. More crashes and bangs and crunching sounds
followed and soon, the mighty Wonder Woman stepped out of the room,
mean, super charged and ready to kick some ASS!!!.

                          * * *

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" screamed Victoria as she was pushed along down the
corridor and toward the lab. The three she-bitches, Victoria, Nic and
Nac, had fallen into one of Lord Easystreets gas traps while searching
the maze for the next clue. They were now tied, with their hands behind
their backs, similar to the way Wonder Woman was tied, with three
androids accompanying them through the secret, underground facility.

Covered in white, creamy goo, all three were apparently host to the
android's rather persuasive hospitalities; they all got the living
daylights banged out of them. Now a little more "relaxed" the three
lesbians staggered along toward their fate.

The women stood in awe and shock as they saw the rows of tubes
containing the bound and anesthetized bodies of their adversaries.
"Holy SHIT! What kind of hell hole IS this!" Victoria screamed as she
tried to twist out of her bonds.

"Get your FUCKING hands off me!" the blonde screamed as two androids
picked her up and placed her on the conveyor belt. As Victoria started
to slide feet first into the machine, clamps came down over her legs,
holding them in place. At the same time, the rosin holding her hands
softened and released her wrists from their uncomfortable bonds.  

"NO! DEAR GOD! NO!..... I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU ALL!" she screamed as her
legs started inside the machine.


From the darkness, a gold barrette spun through the air like a ninja
star and struck the off switch on the machine. The androids and all
three women watched it hover back across the room and into the hands

"WONDER WOMAN!" the three screamed in shock.

"But we thought you were dead after we gang banged your..." started Nic
in a slow moronic voice.

"SSSHHHHHH!!!" hissed Victoria. "Now... now Wonder Woman.... we were
only joking... ha ha... joking... We really didn't mean to do those
things to you..." said Victoria in a sickly sweet voice as she sucked
up to the mamazon.

"Oh shut up!" blared Wonder Woman as she rushed the androids. The fight
was brutal, violent and utterly futile. In minutes the androids were
reduced to nothing more than scrap plastic at the feet of an arrogant,
self indulged super heroine. The amazon then sauntered slowly over to
Victoria, who was wriggling about on the conveyor belt.

"I should push the button..." Wonder Woman gleamed as she knelt over
the woman nearly touching lips with the blonde and smiling as she
rested her thumb on the start button.

"No... NO! Please... PLEASE!!!!" pleaded Victoria. The woman's cries
for pity turned to gush tears of desperate whining as she fell apart
and begged for mercy. This was all Wonder Woman wanted to see. Both
women knew Victoria had lost. She had broke and whimpered and that was
her moral demise.

"Say I'm the most beautiful super heroine in the world." smiled Wonder
Woman with absolute arrogance, tapping Victoria on the nose with an
affectionate finger.

"You... you... you're the most... beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing,
attractive, drop dead, knock out super heroine in the WHOLE FUCKING
WORLD!" screamed Victoria in a shower of desperate tears.

"Well, maybe not the most beautiful." replied a voice from the doorway.
Batgirl sauntered slowly into the room touting a superior smile with
Lord Easystreet all gagged and bound and in tow. She was covered with
semi dry mud but none the worse for wear.

"Batgirl!" smiled Wonder Woman. "I'm so gald you could join us."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." Batgirl replied giving Lord
Easystreet a little shove/kick with her foot to prod him next to Nic
and Nac. Wonder Woman walked over to Batgirl and put her hands on her
hips as she surveyed the situation. "The first thing we have to do is
get these women out of those tubes."

"I don't think so..." replied Batgirl.


Wonder Woman's strength was torn from her as Batgirl ripped the magical
belt from around her waist and stepped way back. As the amazon stood in
shock, Lord Easystreet began twisting and wiggling and his ropes merely
fell to the floor as though they were just draped on.

"SURPRISE WONDER BIMBO!" snorted Easy as he walked over to Batgirl, put
his arm around her back and grabbed a handful of heroine ass with a
shit-eating grin.

"Batgirl! How could you!" screamed Wonder Woman as she backed away in

"Oh Batgirl couldn't..." Lord Easystreet started to say. He then pulled
out a remote, similar to a TV remote and pressed a few buttons. Pushed
along by an escort of 5 androids, Batgirl staggered into the room and
slumped to her knees. She looked worse than Wonder Woman did after her
gang bang by the four androids in the octagonal room. The not so plucky
avenger was gagged and bound like a slave, with a ball gag, chains and
handcuffs. Her body was covered with layers of both mud and creamy,
white ooze and she looked thoroughly beaten.

"Bat-slut here put up a real good fight in our little mud wrestling
contest. Little did she know, however, that 1) she was fighting an
android duplicate of me and 2) the mud was laden with an anesthetic
that soaked through her skin. Sadly all she was wearing was that skimpy
string bikini. It was only a matter of time then WHAM! gang bang city!"
snickered and slobbered the perverted kid as he spanked the kneeling
Batgirl on her sore and much abused ass.

"This Batgirl is an android replica I designed for my own "amusement".
As you can see, this one doesn't have as much thigh cheese as the
original." said the boy smugly.

Batgirl steamed and whined and shot the kid a dirty look. If she had
heat vision like Supergirl, she could have cut a mountain in half with
that scorching stare.

"Now for you Wonder Boobies! Get HER!" the kid ordered as he yelled
into the remote. The amazon ex-super heroine rolled tumbled and fought
with all her might but there were too many opponents and they were way
too strong. In moments, the amazon was pinned and bound again with more
rosin securing her hands behind her back.

"Hmm... I wonder what I should do with you. I know, let see how many
blow jobs both of you can give my androids." he laughed as he started
to program the remote.

"You'll never get away with this!" screamed Wonder Woman. "I'll tear
you from limb to limb you little creep!"

"I think its time that mouth of yours got shut." replied the geek as
he pressed a button on the remote. One of the androids turned and
marched slowly towards a now kneeling and wiggling Wonder Woman.

Suddenly, out off the hallway, a shapely, female plowed into Lord
Easystreet from behind sending the kid face first into a wall of
computer banks. A torn gloved hand reached down and picked up the
remote and Catwoman held it in front of her.

"RRRRRARRR grab those two prrrecotious heroines!" she ordered in her
usual cat-talk. The androids immediately turned on the twisting
heroines and stood them up, holding them super tight.

"RRRARRRAAA!!!!" she cat meowed as she walked toward Victoria who was
absolutely hysterical with panic. Wonder Woman's wrath was one thing
but Catwoman... the desperate blonde reached out and pressed the button
turning the machine back on. Before Catwoman could reach her, Victoria
slipped into the machine and soon emerged bound, gassed and entombed in
a glass container.

Catwoman walked up to the glass container and stroked it with her half
broken clawed finger tips. She then spat on the glass and made a small
love heart over Victoria's sleeping face. "Prrrr..... sleep now. I
shall destroy you later... RRAAAARRRR!!!".

She then shot Nic and Nac a stare that could have killed a hundred
gutless men. Nic and Nac nearly clobbered each other trying to be the
first into the machine. Anything was better than the wrath of that she-
bitch even if both had to share the same tube. Sure enough, a few
minutes later, the two naked lesbians emerged in an awkward embrace of
tangled arms, tits, legs, hair and ass.

The torn and tattered feline vixen then sauntered back over and grabbed
Wonder Woman by the chin. "I've been wondering what kind of
entertainment you'd be like. Now I get to find out."


"Get your hands off ME you sick WOMAN! You need some serious HELP!"
Wonder Woman yelled as she spit in Catwoman's face.



Wonder Woman's head nearly left her neck as Catwoman backhanded her
face. "Gag the spitfire's tongue!" ordered Catwoman into the remote.
Wonder Woman thrashed her head about wildly as she fought to resist the
humiliation of being gagged in front of her enemy. The androids were
far stronger however and soon the fem-fightress was sporting a thick,
rubber ball gag like Batgirl's.

"Puuuuurrrrrfeccttt! Heroines just the way I like them; bound gagged
and.... well, two out of three ain't bad." she grinned as she lightly
ran her clawed finger tips down between Wonder Woman's legs and over
her  star spangled mound.

Then with a harsh yank, she grabbed Wonder Woman's lasso from the
"Barbi" Batgirl and strolled over to Lord Easystreet. He was crumpled
on the floor, nearly in tears from fear. The woman took the young boy's
head by his hair and pushed is shock face in between her full, round,
tan thighs. She then looped the magic lasso around his chest and pulled
his head back to force him to look up at her huge, full breasts and
evil grinning face.

"Rrrrrrrr.... you're going to tell me everything... EVERYTHING I want
to know.... I've got some major plans for you and your MONEY!" she said

"Yeeessss.... yess... oh mistress.." he babbled. Wonder Woman gasped
and twisted in angry against her bindings at how the great lasso was
being used. "How dare....!" Batgirl was more in fear of what Catwoman
would do if she got control of that much wealth. "She'll go on a
rampage!" Batgirl thought as she tried in futility to free herself.

"What is all this for." Catwoman asked waving her hand at the tubes and
the machinery. "Where's the diamond?"

"Well... its... itss... all a trick..." stammered Lord Easystreet.
"There never was a diamond... its just a lure... See, I've been doing
this for the last 4 years."

"Huh? I don't understand..." asked a puzzled Catwoman.

"It started out small, just a few nameless bikini models, starlets,
prostitutes, etc. I'd sucker them to the island for a party or
something, then bottle them up one by one and sell them into white
slavery. The foreign buyers I got were small time at first but, as the
quality and notoriety of the girls increased, the more prestige and
money I got and the better clientele I was able to deal with. Now I'm
one of the top White slavers in the world." the boy yammered.

"But you're a billionaire?" said Catowoman.

"Well... not really.... after my parents died, all I got was this
island and 10 or 20 million. The American Lung Association got the

"Rrrrrr... with money like that you'd think they would have found a
cure for cancer by now." Catwoman said under her breathe as she waved
her hand for him to continue.

"...anyway, I found out that, if I made the bait more inticing, better
quality women would show up. What added to the excitement was pitting
them against each other. That's what gave me the idea for the treasure
hunts. The women that showed up were all power hungry, self centered,
egotistical, narcissistic bitches, you know the professional types, the
models, the actresses, the lawyers, business women, the kind of women
that didn't need anyone and would win at any cost. They were so self
centered and competitive that they didn't even notice or care whether
their party mates were disappearing. To them it was a bonus, an
opportunity to take advantage of. They were so bent on being the
winner, they didn't know it was a trap till it was too late. The best
part is, since they are such rotten, competitive bitches, no one cared
if they were missing. I never once had the police out here checking up
on missing girls. Man, what a bunch of morons. They were so stupid. I
never saw a bunch of women that needed to be taught a lesson to in all

Catwoman raised one eye and stared down at the boy. Lord Easystreet
immediately realized that his large breasted captor was one of those
"morons" and sucked down a huge gulp.

"Is there anything else I need to know..." Catwoman said as she leaned
down face to face with the boy and ran a razor sharp talon under his

Frantically, Lord Easystreet panted and thought. "Yes Yess... Batgirl
is really Barbara Gordon, police Commissioner Gordon's daughter and
Wonder Woman is really Diana Prince from the IADC." he blurted out in
one long, winded sentence as he clenched his eyes shut.

Oh the obscenities those two struggling, furious, bound and gagged
heroines spouted out under their ball gags as both super women grew
beat red with angry. If they weren't gagged the comic book code of
approval would have melted right off all the back issues of Wonder
Woman and Batgirl from such horrific language.

"Purrrrfect.... simply purrrrfeeecccct!" cried Catwoman. "I couldn't
have asked for a better day... WAIT!... yes I could! Androids! Take
these two and escort them to the master bedroom of the main house."
ordered Catwoman into the mic. "All androids, report to the master
bedroom of the main house, I repeat, the master bedroom of the main
house." she ordered again, switching channels on the remote.

Laughing like an excited school girl, Catwoman smacked Wonder Woman's
passing rear. "Yah MULE! Its GANG BANG time!" she screamed. Wonder
Woman and Batgirl went into a hysterical tyraid of struggling and
kicking and both had to be carried to the main house.

Part 11

Wonder Woman's hips rolled upward again in desperation and horror as
yet another bloated, oversized android penis plunged itself, deep, hard
and brutally into the over sexed avenger. Pounding, pumping, gagging
and moaning, the brunette bombshell soared uncontrollably toward
another mind ripping climax as the mass of ten or so androids around
her climaxed again and again on, under, over and especially inside the
totally raped heroine. Under the two piles of undulating, pulsating
android bodies, an occasional grasping arm, clenching hand or twisting
foot surface in a desperate attempt at escape, only to be pulled back
down and back into the pool of violently raping automatons.

They wouldn't stop. Ruthless, cold, efficient and untiring the androids
continued their massive sexual barrage. Catwoman had no idea of the
time or how long Wonder Woman and Batgirl were being "entertained". She
was too busy reviewing Lord Easystreet's financial records and having
him sign over deeds, power of attorney and so forth to care about the
moaning and screaming coming from the master bedroom. All she knew was,
the last two or three episodes of Oprah were pretty lame.

The pile of androids across from Wonder Woman swelled and pumped more
feverishly now as the small whining voice underneath began wailing in
absolute desperation. Then with one last explosive surge. The pile
soared upward and then collapsed, its occupant stilled.

Wonder Woman's hand exploded from between muscular arms and strong
backs. Her hand groped the air in desperation as her screams grew more
intense. The pile of automatons intensified their onslaught until, with
one last death throw Wonder Woman's arm grew limp and the she-avenger
collapsed with a final moan.

                          * * *

Steve Trevor waltzed into the office as Trudy Sommers, the
receptionist, hung up the phone and turned back to her PC to battle yet
another weekend's worth of memos. "How's my favorite cutie today."
smiled Trevor with a small glint in his teeth.

"Hee heee... now Steve. You don't want me to sue you for sexual
harassment, now would you?" she giggled giving him a sassy look.

"My, we're sounding more and more like Diana everyday." he replied
shooting back a grin.

"Heaven forbid. Shoot me if I ever become a tree stump like that." she
said rolling her eyes. "So how was your weekend?" she asked.

"OK, got in a few rounds of golf. What worries me though is Diana never
checked in. Mighty strange for Mssss. Protocol." Steve said

"That's true. I bet she's just sun and funnin' it at that Lord
Easystreet thingy. Any minute she'll call in sick, just you watch."
Trudy replied giving Steve a ya' know wink.

"Are they here?" asked Trevor shaking his head toward the main
conference room door.

"mmm hmmm... and waiting eagerly for your monthly report." she said
stapling some sheets together to hand him. The monthly meeting was
always the same old boring, dull review the budget with the top brass
thing. Steve dreaded this part of the job more than any other when he
got his promotion.

"Diana gets all the cool assignments and I have to sit by the phone
like a wet blanket and suck up to those old stiffs." he thought as he
straightened his tie and walked into the room.

The room was dominated by a huge, oval shaped, oak desk. It had that
old boys look and feel and the twenty old boys sitting around the table
added to the stiff atmosphere. Steve moved to the front of the room,
made his usual tasteless icebreaker joke then proceeded with his

"As you can see on the big screen behind me, our budget has been going
through some bumps and grinds..." Steve started to say as he pressed
the remote and the big monitor came to life. The men then began to
bustle and mumble to each other in an unusual display of shock and

"Wow, they must really be impressed with that pie chart I did in
Lotus." Steve thought to himself proudly, knowing he was all thumbs
when it came to computers. He turned to view his handiwork and his jaw
nearly hit the floor.

The monitor was not of a pie chart but of Diana Prince's office down
the hall. A video camera showed Diana bound spread eagle to her desk
with a huge, penis dildo shoved into her mouth and held there by tape.
Her massive breasts were coiled with several loops of rope into two
large, sloshing bowling balls of jello-ey flesh and each nipple was
pierced and hung with a huge, gold ring. Leather straps were tied to
each ring and to the ceiling pulling her breasts up and taught.

Her ass was plugged with yet another, obvious, penis replica, held firm
by more tape. As her hips soared and rolled about, her butt would come
down on the table and on the dildo sending it plunging in and out of
her ass and sending her back up in torment.

The worst part was the two, yes two, oversized dildos forced firmly
into her ravaged vagina making her look like a man smoking two cigars.
They were humming and vibrating like the pump on a fish tank and they
were driving her insane with agony. She moaned and rolled about in
mindless sexual torture as she put on the most erotic display of female
suffrage Steve could ever hope of seeing, or pay for.

Her whole body was cum soaked, beaten, bruised, dildo fucked, toasted
with cigarettes, whipped, spanked, scratched and otherwise mangled to
the point that it was extremely obvious this woman had been severely
gang raped and sexually destroyed. Then Steve gasped in shock. "The red
boots, the tiara it can't be." Sure enough, Diana was wearing just
enough of Wonder Woman's outfit to give Steve the clue that Diana
Prince was really....




Said the note pinned through Diana's belly button. The wheels turned,
the buttons clicked and the registers rung up sale as all the men in
the room finally figured out what one plus one equaled.

                          * * *

The band played hail to the chief and the music sounded more like the
tootings of an amateur high school football band than a professional
arrangement due to the bustling and chit-chatting of the awaiting crowd
that drowned out their tune. The rows of old ladies, gentlemen, couples
and retired citizenry that had nothing better to do that day than to
come out to Gotham Park on a Monday morning began to clap as
Commissioner Gordon took the stage.

"Thank you people of Gotham. Its a proud day for our fine city. A day
that we will all remember. But first, let me introduce someone who
needs no introduction; Batman and Robin" he said with a proud grin as
he clapped to urge the dynamic duo onto the stage. The crowd, camera
men and newspaper reports hunkered closer to the stage as the crowd
applauded wildly the two humble crime fighters as they strolled up,
tipping their cowls and waving their hands at the cheering masses.  
"Thank you citizenry. Thank you. Your applause is gracious but
undeserved." Batman said humbly. "We are simply citizens like yourself
doing our part to make Gotham the fine city it is."

"That's right. And each and everyone of you can be a hero as well if
you obey the law and practice good government." added the boy wonder,
slamming his point home with his patented fist in the glove punch.

"Batman, today Gotham honors you and the boy wonder with a most
auspicious show of gratitude. Today we honor the cape crusader by
declaring today Batman day!" the Commissioner said proudly as he shook
Batman's hand and handed him a plaquared denoting the day's
establishment. The crowd went into another tyraid of cheers and
clapping as Batman accepted the award.

"And that's not all. To mark this day, Gotham city is proud to erect
this fine monument to the scourge of crime." Commissioner Gordon
announced as he waved his hand in a Vanna style pass at the huge object
behind the stage covered by a tarp.

"I present the Batman statue." he said as he pulled the line to drop
the tarp. The crowd burst into applause again, but, like a fart in an
elevator, the mood quickly turned somewhat distressing. Commissioner
Gordon and the Dynamic Duo turned and....


The statue was a ten foot replica of Batman standing proud and tall
with his hands on his hips and his cape (made of pewter and stone)
waving to one side with Robin standing action ready an waiting to
pounce on the cape side. The statue was ominous in itself but, what
really stood out was the screaming, bucking and wiggling female form
lashed to the front of it.

Batgirl was tied across Batman's chest like the Christ's crucifixion
only her legs were very much apart. Her gyrating hips were secured to
Batman's waist with coils of rope and she was slammed down onto a mock,
stone penis that was protruding from Batman's crotch and straight into
the plucky avenger's battered cunt. Her humiliating image was augmented
by the latex penis dildo secured in her mouth and the other one shoved
deep into her tight ass. Her plump breasts were nipple pierced with
huge gold rings and leather straps pulled them tight and down to the
base of the statue. Her body was covered with bruises, whip marks,
stained cum and scratches and she seemed almost delirious from sexual
torment and humiliation. All she was wearing was her mask, gloves and
shin boots with the rest exposed for hundreds of gasping onlookers and
millions of television watchers to view.

"Saint preserve us Commissioner its Batgirl!" Chief O'Hara exclaimed as
though he were the very last person on Earth to realize this obvious

"Batman LOOK!" Robin yelled pointing rudely and obviously at the naked

"Yes, YES... she's worried about something... her eyes.... see how
she's keeps staring in fear at the sides of her face." Batman explained
to the Boy Wonder as all the men stood there like zombies, none of them
getting the clue to CUT THE WOMAN DOWN!

Suddenly, Batgirl screamed wildly under her dildo gag as some cat twine
shimmied in the sunlight and grew taught. In one fell swoop, Batgirl's
mask, gloves and boots came zipping off and revealed....

"Hey! Isn't that Barbara Gordon, police Commissioner Gordon's
daughter?" cried out one of the reporters as he pointed at the now
hysterically panicked heroine.   "Yes, you're right! Batgirl IS Barbara
Gordon!" screamed another reporter who rushed with a group of other
news hounds to the nearest pay phone.

Commissioner Gordon stood and gasped in horror at his now totally nude,
dildo fucked little girl. "Barbara..."

Off in the distance, a fur covered Corvette with a long, black tail
slowly pulled away from the park as more and more people rushed to see
the spectacle.

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